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This article is about a/an set of rangers in the Power Rangers franchise.

For the individual solely referred to as the Blue Ranger, see Billy Cranston.

The Blue Ranger is a title given to a character in every Power Rangers series. While the original Blue Ranger was a serious team member and represented "the smart one", subsequent Blue Rangers have been pushed to the position of "comic relief." Blue Rangers are generally male, however recent seasons have had female Blue Rangers. So far, female Blue Rangers wear a lighter shade of blue than their male counterparts, although Cestro as the Blue Aquitian Ranger also wore a lighter shade of blue similar to that of the female Blue Rangers.

In Power Rangers ZeoPower Rangers in Space, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, Power Rangers S.P.D., and Power Rangers Samurai the Blue Ranger serves as second in command.

Also, it is one of the two colors to be present in every season alongside red, but the only main color to never change characters mid-season, aside from Bridge Carson becoming the SPD Blue Ranger at the end of Power Rangers SPD.

Main Blue Rangers

Secondary Blue Rangers

Historic/Alternate Rangers

Heroes with Debatable Ranger Status

Rangers Associated with Blue

These Rangers have no specific classified color but are commonly associated with Blue.

Unique Evil Rangers

Toy Exclusive Blue Rangers

Enhancement Modes

Blue Rangers who can assume Enhancement Modes and Battlizer forms.

Legendary Ranger Modes

Male Blue

Male versions of the Female Blue Rangers as seen in Super Megaforce. Costumes/Forms transformed by Super Megaforce Blue Ranger are equipped with tights.

Female Blue

Female versions of the Blue Rangers as seen in Super Megaforce. Costumes/Forms transformed by Super Megaforce Pink Ranger are equipped with skirts.

Additional Blue Modes

Blue Ranger costumes/forms never before seen in the franchise that appear on Super Megaforce.

Chronological List of Blue Rangers


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