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The Black Mighty Morphin Ranger Army was a temporary team consisting of Black Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from across time and space, including alternate realities and timelines. These Rangers were summoned and formed into a team via distress call and teleportation by an Adam Park from an apocalyptic future alternate timeline where Rita Repulsa had destroyed most of the Power Rangers with a powerful monster.

Team History

While being pursued by the Crystal Cryptid, Adam was sent on a mission by Alpha 5 to a hidden chamber to connect his Power Crystal to a special transmitter and teleporter directly connected to their world's Morphin' Grid. Adam uses the crystal to activate a distress beacon to find and teleport any Ranger across space and time to his world that wielded the Black Ranger powers. Adam explained his situation via the SOS call during their transit to his world and the Black Rangers morphed and aided Adam. Using their combined powers, they destroyed the Crystal Cryptid and recovered the lost Power Crystals of Adam's fallen comrades inside its body. After a brief talk with each other and Adam reminding them about knowing too much about timelines and thanking them, the multiple Zacks and Adams (and one female version of Zack) parted ways. Before leaving, Zack from the main Boom! timeline thanked Adam for renewing his confidence that good can prevail even in the most hopeless of situations. Adam watched him leave as he planned to rebuild his world.


Team Members

Black Ranger Adam Park (Alternate "bad future" Timeline) - Leader
Black Ranger Adam Park - Operation Overdrive time period
Black Ranger Adam Park - Power Rangers In Space time period (cameo)
Wild West Black Ranger Abraham
Black Ninja Ranger Adam Park (movie)
Black Ranger Zack Taylor (2016 comic)
All-New Black Ranger Zack Taylor (MMPR Pink timeline)
Black Ninja Ranger Zack Taylor (Alternate timeline)
Armored Black Ranger Zack Taylor (Alternate timeline)
"Super" Black Ranger ??? (Superhero alternate universe)
Black Ranger ??? (Unknown "inverted colors" alternate universe)
"Mecha" Black Ranger Zack Taylor (Exosuit alternate universe)
Black Ranger ♀ "Ms. Taylor" (Opposite Gender alternate universe)
Black Knight Ranger "Sir Zachary" (Medieval alternate reality)
Black Ranger ??? (Unknown futuristic or high-tech timeline/universe)
Black Ranger Zack Taylor (MMPR series Timeline)


  • The all Black Ranger Team is a Mighty Morphin version of the famous Forever Red team up.
  • Despite being touted as an all Black Ranger Mighty Morphin team, the team also consisted of a White Ranger version of the Black Ranger. Though it is possible that in this Black Ranger's universe, all the Power Rangers have costumes with inverted colors, so he still counts as a Black Ranger as the Black spectrum of the Morphin Grid is his power source.
  • The genderbent version of Zack is the first female Black Ranger in Power Rangers, excluding the Super Megaforce morphs of the female members of that team changing into a past Ranger using the Legendary Ranger Keys.
    • This is also the case with Super Sentai, Gokai Changes using the MammothRanger Ranger Key could allow Gokai Yellow or Gokai Pink the ability to become a female version of the Ranger. Still, no official female Black Ranger has ever been part of a Sentai Team at this time.

Behind the Scenes

  • The alternate reality and timeline Black Rangers of this team were created by Jamal Campbell.



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