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The Beast Warriors (獣戦士 Jūsenshi) are chimeric entities produced through the genetic manipulation of creatures, including Earth animals and various alien species abducted by Mess, by having their makeup spliced in a Bio Blend sequence before having an artificial heart installed. The Beast Warriors are created by Great Doctor Lie Köpflen through an instrument called the Gene Synthesizer (遺伝子シンセサイザー Idenshi Shinsesaizā). Aside from being abducted by Mess on their own, the group possesses a vast network of Alien Hunters lead by Sir Cowler to find new species throughout the universe for genetic manipulation for Mess' own purposes. The Beast Warriors are generally creatures that act like animals compared to the more advanced creations of Köpflen which end up working as Mess' generals.

Towards the end of Mess' campaign as the battle became more desperate and Cowler finally parted ways with the organization, Köpflen gained the permission from Great Emperor Lah Deus to use his own powerful "perfect genetics" for the creation of Deus Beast Warriors (デウス獣戦士 Deusu Jū Senshi): Beast Monsters whose creation involved a splicing of Lah Deus's DNA into their make up.Ep. 44: Deus Beast Warriors Appear

Mess likewise develops a creature known as Kuragen from the genetics of the Earth jellyfish for growing their creations after their initial defeat.

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