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The Red Space Ranger using the original battlizer

Within the Power Rangers continuity, a Battlizer is a special armored enhancement given exclusively to the Red Ranger, typically depicted as their most powerful and often final forms. However, since its initial conception, there have been several exceptions made to its "red-only" rule.


Although Battlizers are technically tools that allow the access of the armor enhancements, in recent years the term "Battlizer" has been used to solely refer to the armor themselves, as the tools in question could be used for other purposes. Battlizers typically allow the user to have extra armor and weaponry, including a new single-Ranger finishing move.

The concept was first introduced with Andros in Power Rangers in Space when he obtained the first "Battlizer" and began an annual tradition where every single succeeding Red Ranger would obtain such towards the latter half of the series. Specific episodes were completely dedicated to its obtaining and introduction, and used to defeat that episode's villain. These Battlizers were specifically made for Power Rangers and are not holdovers from Super Sentai. Trends began to break when Banban Akaza received his counterpart's Battlizer in Mahou Sentai Magiranger vs. Dekaranger; Casey Rhodes' obtained his Strike Rider armor relatively early into Power Rangers Jungle Fury; Scott Truman never once reveived an additional power-up in Power Rangers RPM; Devon Daniels obtained his Red Fury Mode in a vein similar to Casey's Strike Rider armor.

The would not be brought up again until Power Rangers Super Megaforce when it was uttered by Troy Burrows. The concept itself was later ported over to Super Sentai starting with Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, where Daigo Kiryu became the first Sentai Red to have a "final" power-up exclusive to his own color, with KyoryuRed Carnival. Since then, multiple Sentai Reds including Yamato Kazakiri, Lucky, and Koh have had Red-exclusive power-ups that fit the criteria akin to a traditional Battlizer. Inversely, Power Rangers Dino Super Charge and Power Rangers Dino Fury both featured their Red Rangers Tyler Navarro and Zayto receiving their counterparts' Daigo and Koh's final power-ups as Battlizers, making these two the first to receive Battlizers that were previously ported from Super Sentai.

Mega-Battle Armors

Within the Power Rangers continuity, Mega-Battle Armors are typically reserved Battlizer-like powerups that are given to the non-Red Ranger(s) of each series. They were first utilized in Lightspeed Rescue by Chad Lee and Joel Rawlings. Then by Eric Myers with his Quantum Mega Battle in Time Force, and later Hunter Bradley in Ninja Storm with his Glider Bike. Although in both cases they are considered extra Red Rangers.

This concept was first introduced in Kagaku Sentai Dynaman, where DynaBlack used the Battle Tector Armor, which was exclusive to him only. Later, the movie-exclusive Megatector in Megaranger vs Carranger, and the Acceltector from Boukenger which is called the Defender Vest in Operation Overdrive, were used far before Power Rangers. These, however, served as simple enhancement modes that could be used by all Rangers.

In Power Rangers Super Samurai, the Battlizer-like Shogun Mode was first used by the Red Samurai Ranger, which was based upon his ancestor's ranger-form. Later, the form was utilized by the other Rangers, with their appearance being based upon their respective ancestor's ranger forms. This form, now effectively relegated to a Mega-Battle Armor, was exclusively used in Megazord cockpits, until Jayden used it on ground during the final battle with Xandred.

In the same hindsight as Samurai's Shogun Mode, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger introduced Chozetsu, a battlizer-like form first used by AkaNinger, but later relegated to mega-battle status after the other Ninningers started using it. The same goes for Ressha Sentai ToQger's Hyper Mode.

List of Battlizers/Mega Battle Armors in Power Rangers/Super Sentai

In Space

Red Battlized Armor

Red Battlized Ranger

Red Battlized Ranger Flying Mode

The Red Battlized Armor is used by Andros (Red Space Ranger) to turn him into the Red Battlized Ranger. In Mission To Secret City, Andros was being held hostage with other citizens. When he tried to fight back against Vacsacker, he failed miserably. As he laid there, about to be defeated, Carlos' friend, Silvy, pressed the 03 button on the Battlizer device. Andros, now armed with the Battlizer, rescued the hostages. However, the Battlizer was easily defeated by both Ecliptor and Darkonda in the Season Finale. Andros later used the Battlizer to fly to Astronema's fortress.

  • Stats:
    • Muscular-featured torso armor
    • Winged backpack
    • Ability of flight
    • Missile launch attack.
    • Protection from damage by creating a force-field.
  • Activation:
    • Button 03 on the wrist-worn Battlizer device. "Red Battlized Ranger!"

Lost Galaxy

Red Armored Ranger

Armored Red Ranger

Laser Targeting Mode

The Red Armor is used by Leo Corbett (Red Galaxy Ranger) to turn him into the Red Armored Power Ranger. In Facing the Past, Leo and Karone traveled to a planet to free an old man encased in stone who held the key to restoring Leo's powers (stolen by Magnetox). Karone's lament from having turned the man into stone when she was Astronema freed him, and he gave Leo the key to return his powers; this restoration also resulted in gaining the Battlizer. It was destroyed in the final battle against Trakeena in a final point-blank blast that defeated her as well.

  • Stats:
    • Gray armored torso
    • Gray armored boots
    • Target sensors
    • Blasters
    • Grabbing claws
  • Activation:
    • Two halves of a galactic key. "Red...Armored...Power...Ranger!"

Lightspeed Rescue

Trans Armor Cycle Armor Mode

The Trans-Armor Cycle is used by Carter Grayson, the Red Lightspeed Ranger, which serves both as a supplement to the Red Lightspeed Cycle as well as personal armor. It debuted in Web War, where, after a series of unsuccessful experiments, it was used as a field test against the monster Arachnor, who had managed to abduct most of the Lightspeed personnel. Interestingly, the Trans-Armor Cycle was introduced after the Lightspeed Mega Battlers, used by fellow team members Chad Lee and Joel Rawlings. The armor is activated through the bike itself, from which the seats and tires become shoulder-mounted tire launchers and the rest of the bike becoming gauntlet blasters and the body armor.

  • Stats:
    • Lasers
    • Tire Attack
    • Ability to block a shot
  • Activation:
    • "Trans-Armor Cycle, Armor Mode. Complete Transformation."

Blue Lightspeed Megabattle Armor

Green Lightspeed Megabattle Armor

Lightspeed Megabattles (sometimes called the simply The ("Mighty") Megabattles) were created by Angela and Clark Fairweather; they were activated by dialing 8-6-1 on the Battle Booster.

  • The Blue Lightspeed Megabattle was featured in Lightspeed Rescue, used by Chad Lee (Blue Lightspeed Ranger). "Megabattle Blue!"
  • Stats:
    • Water/Ice Cannon, which can either spray away or freeze adversaries.
  • The Green Lightspeed Megabattle was featured in Lightspeed Rescue, used by Joel Rawlings (Green Lightspeed Ranger). "Megabattle Green!"
  • Stats:
    • Power Cutter Dual Saws, which can cut through thick metallic objects and can open up to create a wind blast.
  • Activation:
    • Dialing 861 "Megabattle Mode!"

Time Force

Red Battle Warrior

The Battle Warrior Armor is used by Wesley Collins (Red Time Force Ranger) to turn him into the Red Battle Warrior. In the episode Beware the Knight, the Time Force Rangers came face to face with a black knight who wanted to open a sealed box that held a power known as the Battle Fire. However, only one "pure of heart" could open it, so, when Wes managed to obtain the box from the dragon guarding it, he received the Battlizer armour and used it to destroy the Black Knight. He later used it to destroy Vypra during the teamup between the Lightspeed and Time Force Rangers. Using the Battlizer, he was the only one who managed to land any sort of serious hit on Ransik, though he was unable to defeat him.

  • Stats:
    • Medieval golden torso armor, greaves, gauntlets, and helmet
    • Fire-designed wings
    • Battle Fire Saber (golden sword, a flaming circle finishing move)
  • Activation:
    • A ball of flame. "Red Battle Warrior!"

Quantum Ranger Mega Battle Mode

Quantum Ranger Mega Battle Mode (Without Rollerblades)

Quantum Megabattle Armor (sometimes referred as the Quantum Ranger Mega Battle Mode) was featured in Power Rangers: Time Force, used by Eric Myers (The Quantum Ranger). Alex secretly informed Eric of the Megabattle's existence. The power is blasted from the Q-Rex and lands on the Quantum Ranger and causes the armor to form when summoned through the Quantum Morpher. It is believed that the Megabattle Armor was always part of the Quantum Ranger's arsenal.

  • Stats:
    • Torso armor, helmet visor, oversized rollerblades, wings (capable of flight, as well as detachment and use as blasters or blades)
    • Energy sword finishing attack that can even defeat giant mutants. Appears to work similar to the Time Force Megazord's Time Strike attack though the Megabattle version's attack is not given a name.
  • Activation:
    • The push on the Morpher's Buttons. "Megabattle, Activate! Battle Ready!"

Wild Force

Red Savage Warrior

Red Savage Warrior

Red Savage Warrior Falcon Shield

The Animarium Armor is used by Cole Evans, the Red Lion Ranger. When armored, Cole is known as the Red Savage Warrior. The Animarium Armor was obtained in the episode The Wings of Animaria, during which Cole defended Turtle Cove against the Orgs while the other four Rangers were trapped in a dark dimension controlled by Animus, only able to free themselves if they could solve a puzzle. When the puzzle was solved, Cole obtained the Animarium Armor and the Falcon Summoner, which was used to summon the Red Falconzord (the Falconzord and the Animarium Armor are very similar in design)

After defeating Super Nayzor with the Falcon Summoner, Cole faced Toxica and Jindrax. With the Animarium Buckle, he called upon the Falcon's power to endow himself with the Animarium Armor, which transformed him into the Red Savage Warrior. As the Red Savage Warrior, Cole can fly, fold his wings over to form the Falcon Shield, and shoot energy blasts.

It was destroyed by Master Org in the final battle in The End of the Power Rangers.

  • Stats:
    • Wings that can also function as a shield
    • Ability to Fly
    • Armor on the hands
    • Red gem on the armor
    • Can fire energy blasts
  • Activation:
    • Animarium Buckle and the Falcon Summoner "Animarium Armor! Red Savage Warrior! Power Up!"

Ninja Storm

Tri-Battlized Armor

The Tri-Battlized Armor is used by Shane Clarke (Red Wind Ranger). In Shane's Karma, Shane encountered an alien being named Skyla, who he saved when he was younger. Skyla insisted that she give Shane something in return for his deed; the Battlizer he received resulted in the defeat of Vexacus. It was destroyed by Lothor in the final battle in Storm Before the Calm, but Shane eventually regained it in Thunder Storm.

Battlizer Ground Mode

  • Stats:
    • Torso armor w/Hawk symbol, complete arm and leg armor, increased power and speed
  • Activation:
    • Lightning Morpher. "Battlizer Mode"

Battlizer Flight Mode

  • Stats:
    • Ability of super flying speed w/Hawk Symbol, sword and bracer, finishing move is called "Ultra Laser" (an energy blast that is shot from an energy-formed hawk)
  • Activation:
    • "Battlizer Flight Mode!"

Dino Thunder

Triassic Battlizer

Triassic Battlizer

The Triassic Battlizer is used by Conner McKnight (Red Tyranno/Triassic Ranger). In the episode The Passion of Connor, Conner was doubting his abilities as a Ranger until Tommy encouraged him to break free from such negative thoughts. His newly gained confidence resulted in him activating his Battlizer with only his sheer will power. Conner used the Battlizer for the last time against Mesogog in the final battle in Thunder Struck, but used it one last time in Wormhole.

  • Stats:
    • Torso Armor w/ Mezodon bracers and shin armor
    • Super-stretch arms and legs
    • Two cannons that serves as a finishing move called "Battle Blast"
  • Activation:
    • The Mezodon plate on his chest summons the golden-colored Triassic Morpher granted to Conner in Triassic form. "Battlizer, energize! Fire Kick! Super Fire Power!"


The S.P.D. Battlizer was designed by Kat Manx, based off the technology of the Omega Morpher, and can only be used by the Red Ranger. Kat installed the Battlizer technology into R.I.C.'s system. It was first used by Jack Landors (the original S.P.D. Red Ranger), and then by Sky Tate. Jack originally tested it out, succeeding in destroying Slate and his clones. Jack let Sky use it to avenge his father by defeating Mirloc.

SPD Battlizer Cyber Mode

  • To activate, The Red Ranger says "S.P.D Battlizer!". R.I.C comes running, giving Red the Magna Morpher. The Red Ranger catches the morpher in a stance, presses the red button while saying "Cyber Mode Activate!", gaining a Energy Sword, Metallic Gauntlets and Metallic Greaves. The Battlizer increases the Red Ranger's power and agility.

Cyber Mode Sword

SPD Battlizer Sonic Mode

Sonic Mode Sword

  • R.I.C. is used as armor (torso and shins, jet pack, siren blasters). To activate, The Red Ranger must put his sword away. Then, he breaks some hand moves and says "Battlizer, Sonic Mode." The Red Ranger runs with R.I.C. The Energy Sword disappears before they fly in mid air. R.I.C transforms into battlizer armor and attaches to the Red Ranger. The Red Ranger gains foot armor; RIC's outer body turns into armor, and RIC's head and spine become a sword. The Red Ranger then says "Battlizer, Mode 2, Complete!" Sonic Mode comes with its own finishing move; The sword becomes a flaming sword, then the Red Ranger flies up in the air, and releases four streaks of fire from the sword (with the last one destroying the enemy or enemies). The finishing move can also be used to capture an enemy or enemies in a containment card.

DekaRed in Battlizer Mode

Battlizer armor was not featured in Super Sentai until 2005, when Jack Landors' Battlizer was used by Banban "Ban" Akaza, also known as DekaRed, in the team-up special Magiranger vs. Dekaranger. This was the second time Super Sentai adapted something from Power Rangers (the first time was when Mirai Sentai Timeranger used the word "Zord" for one of their enemies' mecha). In the team-up special it was called "DekaRed Battlizer Mode" (and Ban confirms it to be Fire Squad armor, confirming that the S.P.D. Battlizer is the rumored DekaFire). The transformation itself is quite different from the S.P.D. version. Ban summons Murphy K9, then uses the SP License and says "Battlizer Mode On" into it. Murphy separates and attaches to Ban (meaning that it has only Sonic Mode). The finisher itself is different from the attack Jack used in S.P.D. It is called "Fire Drive" and the weapon is used more like a rifle than a sword similar to TimeRobo ShadowBeta's "Pressure Gun" in Mirai Sentai Timeranger.

Mystic Force

Red Dragon Fire Ranger

Red Dragon Fire Ranger (wings retracted)

Red Dragon Fire Ranger (wings extended)

The Red Dragon Fire Ranger is the Battlized form of Nick Russell, the Red Mystic Ranger/Legend Warrior. In The Hunter, when Nick was facing Oculous to get his friends back, Fire Heart came to his aid, and the two merged together.

  • Stats:
    • Samurai-like body armor
    • Retractable Wings
    • Fierce Dragon Battle Staffs: one in Red with a Dragon's head and one in Blue that can cast spells, blast fire and energy bolts, and that returns to him when thrown, like a boomerang.
    • Flight, even when wing-less.
  • Activation:
    • Fierce Dragon Morpher, device similar to the Solar Cell Morpher. "Red Dragon Fire Ranger!"

Operation Overdrive

Red Sentinel Ranger

Red Sentinel Ranger

Sword Mode activated

The Red Sentinel Ranger is the Battlized form and combination of Mack Hartford, The Red Operation Overdrive Ranger, and Sentinel Knight. In Things Not Said, Rose designed this new superweapon, not designed for humans. She combined the power of the Sentinel Sword with some new robotics she designed to enhance the zords. Mack was able to use this Battlizer due to him originally being an android. This ability was lost in the Finale when Mack became a human. In Power Rangers HyperForce, Vesper Vasquez, also an android, transforms into the Sentinel Ranger using the power of the Sentinel Sword.

  • Stats:
    • Torso armor w/ the Sentinel Knight even able to talk via the chestplate.
    • Two swords stored on the back of the armor, and can fire large energy blasts with ease.
    • The super move involves jumping in the air and slashing multiple times creating the Operation Overdrive symbol under the enemy. The symbol explodes along with the enemy.
      • The finishing move involves trapping the enemy in a giant tornado, jumping in, and cross-slashing them and landing back on the ground
      • Mack only used the super and finishing move together in "Crown and Punishment" during the battle with Flurious.
  • Activation:
    • Mack holds up the Sentinal Sword and says "Red Sentinel Ranger, Activate!" In the transformation scene, Mack presses the Sentinal Morpher (despite having a morpher on his wrist before) and throws the sword. The sword transforms into knight mode, breaks apart, and attaches all of its parts onto Mack.

Super Samurai

Shogun Mode

"Shogun Mode! Power of the Ancestors!"
―Catchphrase upon successful transformation

The Samurai Ancestors

Shogun Mode, named after The Grand Shogun and alternatively dubbed Power of the Ancestors, appeared in the Super Samurai episode The BullZord. The Shogun Mode is an indication that the Rangers have attained the highest mastery of their symbol power. In the case of the red ranger, the kanji on the crown, combined with the kanji on the helmet represent the symbol for "flame". While it grants a lot of power during use, it also requires a lot of power to activate. Because of this, its primary activation is through the Shogun Buckle, which only appears in the Super or Shark Attack Mega Modes.

Red Shogun Mode on battle ground.

While all of the rangers gained access to the Shogun Mode, only three of them used it in the series. Shogun Mode saw the most usage in the Megazord cockpits. The Black Box boosted Mega Modes provided ample power to activate it; and in turn, its use made the generally symbol power heavy Megazord finishers a non issue. In a more traditional Battlizer fashion, it was used on ground by the Red Ranger in Samurai Forever to end Master Xandred's first life. The finishing move is called ""Shogun Strike".

  • Stats:
    • Traditional samurai-like armoring
    • Huge shoulder pads in the shape of the "甲" (Ko, Armor) kanji.
    • Another "甲" Symbol is adorn on the torso.
    • A crest on top of the helmets in the form of the Ranger's elemental Samurai Symbol.
    • Silver trims on helmet turn into gold (Red Ranger only).
    • Only one Ranger can be in Shogun Mode at a time.
    • Can create the "Shogun Spear" by combining a Mega Blade with the Bullzooka.
  • Activation:
    • Inside the cockpit: Inserting the Shogun Disk into the Shogun Buckle. "Shogun Mode! Power of the Ancestors!"
    • Outside the cockpit: Placing the Shogun Disk on the Spin Sword, while just having activated the Shiba Fire Disk and then spinning it. "Shogun Mode! Power of the Ancestors!" The Spin Sword transforms into a Mega Blade.
  • While PLEX had Shogun mode designs for all six Rangers, only the core five had parts made for the TV show, and only the Red, Blue and Pink Rangers actually used it in the cockpit. The rest of the Shogun suits were used only by the ancestors, as shown and referenced in archived morph footage. Due to Samurai's close adaptation of Shinkenger, it was used strictly for finishers. Additionally, the Gold Ranger's show suit was never manufactured, and he remains a toy exclusive because of it. All six Rangers are featured in the gallery below:

Super Megaforce/Gokaiger

Super Megaforce Silver's Gold Mode.

Super Megaforce Gold is Orion's enhanced form, his personal Battlizer. It is from this form that he gains the strength of "The Power of Six" from the Sixth Rangers of the past. He transforms with the aid of a gold anchor key, fused from fifteen Sixth Ranger Keys.

After Orion somehow fused the keys of Ranger Silver and Ranger Gold, Jake would later suggest that he do the same with all 15 Sixth Ranger keys. After Orion pleaded for it, all 15 Sixth Rangers banded together to form the Super Megaforce Gold Key, a key shaped like an Anchor with the official 15 Sixth Rangers' faces on it. Orion normally uses his Ranger Keys by placing them inside his Legendary Silver Morpher and then scanning them, but the Gold Key is instead inserted in a slot in the bottom of the Legendary Silver Morpher.

When activated, it forms an armor similar to the key around his chest and the spikes of the "anchor" serve as thigh armor. His helmet is pushed down and the Super Silver Spear changes to Anchor Mode. In this form, he gains an increase in both speed and strength and is able to use a third variant of his "Super Mega Final Strike", called "Legendary Final Strike".

To do so, he begins by inserting the Super Megaforce Silver Key into and swinging the Super Mega Spear, which summons the heads of the official 15 Sixth Rangers with a flash of their personal symbols. First the Silver Space Ranger, the Lunar Wolf Ranger, the Solaris Knight, the Mercury Ranger, Ranger Gold, Ranger Silver and Robo Knight appear to use their weapons in gun mode (Solaris Knight's sole weapon in any case) to fire at the enemy to form the next line of Rangers. The blast forms into Mighty Morphin Green, the White Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, the Gold Zeo Ranger, the Quantum Ranger, the Green Samurai Ranger, the White Dino Ranger, the Omega Ranger and the Gold Samurai Ranger, and they slash at (or in the Omega Ranger's case punch) the enemy to finish it off, and Orion himself performs the final attack by slashing the enemy with the Super Silver Spear.

Although the Super Megaforce Red Ranger didn't use it, his counterpart did.

Gold Mode

In Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, Gai Ikari (Gokai Silver) uses Gold Mode (ゴールドモード Gōrudo Mōdo), which bears resemblance to a Battlizer: it gives Gokai Silver enchanced armor and weaponry, and it also acts as a finisher. It is shown in the Hyper Battle DVD, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: Let's Do This Goldenly! Roughly! 36 Round Gokai Change!!, and the arcade game, Super Sentai Battle: Dice-O, that the other Gokaigers can use Gold Mode, making it similar to the Shogun Mode of Power Rangers Super Samurai. However Gokai Silver's counter part, the Super Megaforce Silver Ranger also have this power-up.

Gokai Red Cross Armor Mode

Cross Armor Mode is an upgrade in Kaizoku Sentai: Ten Gokaiger. Activated by the Gokai Galleon Key, the enhancements manifest as weapons and armor for the core Gokaigers akin to their mecha while combined as GokaiOh.


Gokai Red Galleon Armor Mode

Galleon Armor Mode is an upgrade exclusive to Gokai Red in Kaizoku Sentai: Ten Gokaiger. This form is an extension of Cross Armor Mode, and grants Gokai Red the usage of all the weapons used by his teammates.

Dino Super Charge/Kyoruger

T-Rex Super Charge Red Ranger

By using the T-Rex Super Charger in the T-Rex Super Charge Blaster, Tyler Navarro can access T-Rex Super Charge Mode. This form turns Red Ranger into essentially a man-sized version of the Dino Charge Megazord, where the T-Rex Zord serves as the base with its face appearing in the middle of his chest.

  • Activation: To activate, Tyler activates throws the T-Rex Super Charger into the air for the T-Rex Zord, causing it to miniaturize into a handheld blaster. Tyler closes the jaw of the Blaster and shoots a blast into the air, and the blast will envelope over him shouting "T-Rex Supercharge Morpher, Activate!" and with a roll call after the transformation "T-Rex Supercharge, ready!".
  • Stats
    • T-Rex Zord armor design
    • Enhanced strength and power
    • T-Rex Super Charge Blaster
    • Mastery over all other Dino Charge Zords
  • Known Techniques
    • "T-Rex Super Charge Blast" - fires a beam of energy from the T-Rex Super Charge Blaster.
    • "T-Rex Super Charge Kick" - a side kick accompanied by energy released from the legs, allowing for increased range and power in kick.
    • "T-Rex Super Charge Chomp" - fires a holographic version of the T-Rex Zord from the center armor piece to attack the opponent.
    • "T-Rex Super Charge Morph Blaster: Final Strike" - By attaching the Dino Charge Morpher to the back of the Super Charge Blaster, Red Ranger can fire a highly concentrated blast of energy at the opponent.

For Tyler to use the T-Rex Super Change forms, he needs to tap the silver button on the left side of the Blaster, making it announce "T-Rex Super Charge: (x) Formation", then insert two Dino Chargers that make up any of Dino Charge Megazord's many Formations, and follows it with inserting a T-Rex Charger, finalizing the change.

Once that is done, Tyler yells "Activate!", and the Blaster fires Dino Charge Zord's head manifestations of the first two Dino Chargers he previously inserted fly to his arms to bite down on Dino Charge Red's arms.

Although Tyler never uses the powers of the Plesio Zord with T-rex Super Charge in the show, his Sentai counterpart uses the powers of Zyudenryu Plezuon with Carnival Mode.

Kyoryu Red Carnival

In Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, Daigo Kiryu (Kyoryu Red) gains access to a form called Kyoryu Red Carnival (キョウリュウレッドカーニバル Kyōryū Reddo Kānibaru). This form turns Kyoryu Red into essentially a man-sized version of the Kyoryugers' Robo, Kyoryuzin, where Kyoryu Red's Zyudenryu Gabutyra serves as the base while two other Zyudenryu combine with Gabutyra as the arms of Kyoryuzin, resulting in several different combos. Like Kyoryuzin, Gabutyra also serves as the base of Kyoryu Red Carnival, with its face appearing in the middle of his chest, and Kyoryu Red can also use Zyudenryu arm attachments. These various Biting Change (カミツキチェンジ Kamitsuki Chenji) combos have contributed to Kyoryu Red being the Ranger with the most forms in both Super Sentai and Power Rangers.

Super Ninja Steel/Ninninger

Ninja Steel Red in Lion Fire Mode

"Out of the fire, and into the fight! Lion Fire (color)!"
―Catchphrase upon successful transformation

By using the Lion Fire Morpher, Brody Romero can morph into Lion Fire Red, by saying "Lion Fire Ninja Spin!". This was first used in the episode "The Royal Rumble " when the Ninja Nexus Prism created the Lion Fire Armor Star to destroy Lord Drillion who was thrashing them,

  • Activation: To activate, Brody spins the Lion Fire Morpher on his wrist, causing Princess Viera's Lion Fire Armor to attach itself to Brody's Red Ranger form.
  • Stats
    • Lion Fire Zord armor design
    • Enhanced strength and power
    • Lion Fire Armor Star
    • Ninja Star Blade
  • Known Techniques
    • Lion Fire Sprint
    • ​Lion Fire Rapid Blast
    • ​Lion Fire Flame Strike Final Attack

AkaNinger Chozetsu

In Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, the Ninningers have access to a form known as Chozetsu (超絶 Chōzetsu, lit. "Transcendental"). This form gives the ranger that uses it enhanced armor and abilities and allows them to perform a powerful finisher. Function wise, this power-up is very similar to the Shogun Mode of Power Rangers Super Samurai in that the form can only be used by one ranger at a time, was used primarily by the red ranger of the team, was granted to the team by a spirit ally, and gives the team access to a one-piece zord/mech that is necessary for the teams' final combination. Within the TV show itself, Kasumi Momochi was the only Ninninger to never don the Chozetsu Armor (though Fuka Igasaki only donned it while in civilian form); she was, however, able to independently use the Chozetsu Brace to supplement a final attack against Mangetsu.


Pink Battlizer

By using the Pink Power Gem given by King Arthur and Lady Guinevere, Chloe Ashford can don her Battlizer Armor.

  • Stats
    • Ornate golden armor
    • Compound Hyperion Bow
    • +1 D6 to combat rolls

Beast Morphers

Red Fury Mode



Red Fury Mode is Devon Daniels' temporary Battlizer to use in battle against his enemies that he gained by having a Fury Cell attached to a bracelet around his arm. While powerful, the Fury Cell's power this form don't usually last long, and have a side effect of slowly turning Devon evil. It was first used in the episode "Sound and Fury" to defeat Tubatron 2.0 who had destroyed all of other Ranger weapons. Fury mode was disused since the following episode "Seeing Red" due to slowly making him evil. The accompanying Cheetah Claws remained as Devon's special weapon because they could indepedently operate on Morph-X alone. With Red Fury Mode being disused, this was replaced with the much safer mode, Beast-X Mode.

  • Stats
    • Heavy armor design
    • Enhanced strength and power
    • Cheetah Claws

Wielding Cheetah Claws

The finisher for this mode was the Cheetah Slash. He can charge up his claws with red energy and slash the Robotron with enough force to immediately obliterate them. This was able to destroy Tubatron 2.0.

Red Fury Mode has no counterpart in Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters

Dino Fury/Ryusoulger

Dino Knight Mode

Dino Knight Mode is Zayto's Battlizer accessed using the Dino Knight Morpher which he had used towards the end of the Great Sporix Wars.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Destination Dinohenge Sometime after the war, he lost the the morpher and it had gone into the possession of Tarrick in present day which he would use to morph into Void Knight. After helping the Rangers, Tarrick relinquished the morpher back to Zayto, allowing him access to this form once again to defeat Snageye. Javi would later access it against Void King.Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Copycat

Max Ryusoul Red

Max Ryusoul Red is the ultimate upgrade for Ryusoul Red, accessed via the Max Ryusoul Changer. In this form, the Max Ryusoul Changer can utilize the Max RyuSoul or other RyuSouls in a single supercharged attack.


Zyuoh Whale

Zyuoh Whale

In Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Zyouh Eagle gets access to the Zyuoh Whale form.


Shishi Red Orion

Shishi Red Orion

"Saikyo Kyutama! Super Seiza Change!"
―Transformation announcement via Seiza Blaster[src]

Shishi Red Orion (シシレッドオリオン Shishi Reddo Orion, lit. "Lion Red Orion"), titled the Miracle Star (ミラクルスター Mirakuru Sutā), is Shishi Red's ultimate form accessed through the use of the Saiko Kyutama, allowing him to combine the powers of all 12 Kyurangers along with the great power of the Orion System. In this form, not only can he freely open teleporting portals in combat, he can also summon any weapons owned by other Kyurangers. He can even summon giant Kyutama from Kyurangers who are not available, like Ryu Commander's and Oushi Black's, in order to form Kyutamajin.


Super Zenkaizer

Super Zenkaizer is an upgrade for Zenkaiger, accessed via the ZenKaiju Gear. This form grants Zenkaizer upgraded body armor based on the Guardian Beast Dragon Caesar and Gouryuuzin, and the Zenkai Tenlance polearm weapon, based on Gouryuzin's weapon the Might Dragon Spear Dragon Antler.

Super Twokaizer

Super Twokaizer is an upgrade for Twokaizer, accessed via the ZenKaiju Gear. This form grants Twokaizer armor based on V-Rex Robo. He can also enlarge and transform into Super Twokaizer SD.


  • Battlizers are typically shown sporadically in later episodes, causing some to criticize Battlizers as unnecessary and spurious, created only to boost merchandising sales. In one extreme case a Battlizer was made obsolete by the introduction of a sentai-derived team power-up a mere two episodes later.
  • Even though Battlizer technology is strictly for Red Rangers (as Kat Manx stated in Power Rangers: S.P.D.), Chad (Blue Lightspeed Ranger) and Joel (Green Lightspeed Ranger) were noted for having Battlizer-like equipment (Mega Battles) in their arsenal during Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue, starting with the episode "The Mighty Mega Battles". Technically speaking, the only non-Red Ranger to use an actual Battlizer was Sky Tate, in the S.P.D. episode "Reflections". However, he used the Red Ranger's morpher for that battle, and would later take on the Red Ranger role until his promotion to S.P.D. Commander of the Earth base.
  • Eric Myers (the Quantum Ranger) was the first Sixth Ranger to receive a Battlizer-like power-up (most likely due to him being similar to a Red Ranger as well). Interestingly, Eric was not technically given a Battlizer, but instead a variant dubbed "Mega Battle Armor".
  • Even though the Battlizers (armors and wrist-worn devices) were a completely American-made concept, the name was based off Denji Sentai Megaranger's counterpart to very first wrist-worn activater, the "Battle Riser."
  • Ever since the season Power Rangers: Time Force, whenever there was a team-up episode, any Ranger that had access to a Battlizer was activated by default in the main battle (not counting Forever Red), preferably at the last scene of a fight, defeating all the enemies by using each of the Battlizer's finishing moves simultaneously.
  • Jason Lee Scott's use of the Dragon Shield and Dragon Dagger after Tommy's departure is often (jokingly) referred to by fans as the inspiration for the Battlizer.
  • In several Power Rangers finales, the Battlizer Armor is destroyed or damaged beyond repair. Despite this, it's very rare that they're actually used to finish off the final foe; Trakeena (Lost Galaxy) and Flurious (Operation Overdrive) have the distinct honor of being final villains that were defeated by a Battlizer.

    Strike Rider Armor

  • Casey from Power Rangers Jungle Fury did not receive a Battlizer, as the funding that usually would have gone towards a Battlizer instead created the Spirit Rangers. The Strike Rider is considered a vehicle upgrade. The functionality of the Strike Rider as a red ranger finisher is, however, parallel to that of a Battlizer.
  • T-Rex Super Charge Red Ranger is the first Battlizer not to be a PR-exclusive, but rather adapted from Kyoryuger like any other form. This is followed by the Lion Fire Mode from Ninja Steel which was adapted from Ninninger, and the Dino Knight Mode from Ryusoulger.
  • In the toylines of some PR seasons, toy-exclusive Battlizer modes were made for several non-red Rangers.
  • In the extended edition of Legendary Battle, Samurai's Shark Attack Mode, Megaforce's Ultra Mode, Jungle Fury's Jungle Master Mode, SPD's SWAT Mode and Mystic Force's Legend Mode are all incorrectly referred to as "Legendary Battlizers"
  • In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 30, Lauren Shiba calls on her fellow Red Rangers to assume their respective Battlizers; however, she merely assumes Super Samurai Mode.
  • Devon Daniel's Red Fury Mode is the only Battilizer that was created from an evil force and as such, is the only battilizer to corrupt its user.

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