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The Barbaric Machine Beasts (蛮機獣, Bankijū) are monsters created to pollute the Earth. They are each separated into one of three types that are under the Pollution Ministers: Savage Ground (害地, Gaichi), Savage Sea (害水 Gaisui), and Savage Sky (害気 Gaiki).

The Barbaric Machine Beasts are infused with a special energy called Bikkurium (ビックリウム Bikkuriumu) that enlarges them in a process called Industrial Revolution (産業革命 Sangyō Kakumei), however this process can be activated while the Barbaric Machine Beast is still alive. Their naming scheme involves placing the suffix "Banki" (バンキ, Banki, Barbaric Machine) after the name of the object they are based on.

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