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The Back Dimension Dimensian Soldiers (裏次元ディメンシアンの戦士 Urajigen Dimenshia no Senshi) are the last three warriors of Dimensia, a realm destroyed by Vyram. The group consists of Ray, his lover Kanna, and the youthful Dan. They chased Vyram to Earth with the Bird Garuda. They appear in episode 23 and 24 of Choujin Sentai Jetman.

The Birdman's symbol

While Ray and Kanna worked with the Jetmen in their fight against Semimaru, Dan becomes romantically interested at Ako when they meet, causing him to express his feelings in a comical fashion. After Ray and Kanna are killed by Radiguet when he hijacks Jet Garuda, Dan transforms into his Birdman form and is mortally wounded taking the robot back from Radiguet. He dies soon after Ako expresses how she feels about him.

The Dimensian Soldiers are one of the two teams that did not fight in the Great Legend War. From a production standpoint, this is most likely because they were one-off heroes made to introduce the Jet Garuda to the show.

Team Members

Birdman Ray
Birdman Kanna
Birdman Dan


Power Source

  • Teleportaton Rainbow

Individual Weapons

  • Blue Blade


Jet Machines System


Behind the scenes



  • Kanna and Ray are the only Extra Heroes, or heroes in general, who have never transformed into their fighting forms in either episodes they are featured in; although an outline of their Birdman forms appeared when they first appeared.
  • Like the Neo-Jetmen, the Dimensian Soldiers do not have unique colored uniforms per hero, and they have very little differences between each suit.
  • The Back Dimension Soldiers are the first team of Extra Heroes, something that wouldn't appear again until the Confrontation Beast Fist Warriors, 16 years later in Juken Sentai Gekiranger.
    • Coincidentally, both teams have words that can be synonymous with "Sentai", the word used to define most groups of Sentai Rangers, with "soldiers" and "warriors" being similar to "squadron" or "task force", words that define the word sentai.
  • When the Bird Garuda first transforms into the Jet Garuda, the Jetman's symbol is shown behind it instead of the Dimesian Soldier's, despite them being the pilots at the time.


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