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Auxillary Zords are Zords used by the various teams of Power Rangers that, while not used in the basic formation of Megazords, can join with the Megazord to give it more weapons and combat abilities. They do this by either replacing parts of the Megazords, forming into weapons for them to wield, or attaching to the Megazord's body, becoming armor. Examples include the Elephant Wildzord, the Dimetrozord, and the Elephant Animal Spirit. On some occasions, the Auxillary Zords can join to become a Megazord. Some examples of this are the DualDrive Megazord and Isis Megazord.

Auxiliary Zords

List of Auxillary Zords

Wild Force

Dino Thunder

Operation Overdrive

Jungle Fury

(Super) Samurai

(Super) Megaforce

Dino (Super) Charge

(Super) Ninja Steel

Beast Morphers

Dino Fury

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