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Transformation Devices

Dino Bucklers

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The Dino Buckler (ダイノバックラー Daino Bakkurā) are the Zyurangers' transformation devices.


Strengthening Suits

Strengthening Suits (強化スーツ Kyōka Sūtsu): The powered suits worn by the Zyurangers after activating the Dino Buckler. The helmets are patterned after the Zyuranger's respective Guardian Beast, while the boots, gloves, and chest have a diamond pattern. The helmets are made of Zyu Metal (ジュウメタル Jū Metaru), while the rest of the suits are made of Zyu Metal Fiber (ジュウメタルファイバー Jū Metaru Faibā), which is obtained by fiberizing Zyu Metal. The suits can withstand 2000° of high heat and low temperatures of minus 180°. In addition, DragonRanger's suit, compared to the core five's suits, ennhances the user's strength enough to destroy a single tank with bare hands by hurling it. The gloves and boots have golden rings around them, while the red stone fitted on the helmet is made by the same material as the Dinocrystals and it can send instructions of the transformation and combining of Dragon Ceasar by the resonance of Zyusoken's sound.

Multi-Use Devices



The Dinocrystals were prisms, generated by the 5 Dinosaur Medals, that granted the Guardian Beasts immense power. Although the 5 Guardian Beasts could be summoned by the Zyurangers without them, the Dinocrystals were needed to form their combined forms, first Beast Tank DinoTanker and then Daizyujin. The Dinocrystals also have the power to teleport the Zyurangers to their location. Upon first obtaining the Dinocrystals, Geki used their power to bring the other four Zyurangers to his location, who had been magically trapped inside trees by Dora Sphinx, thus freeing them from imprisonment.

Burai's Dragon Medal could be used to form a green Dinocrystal as well. Although it was never seen being created, Geki used Burai's Dinocrystal to control Gouryuujin within its cockpit in place of his own.


Ranger Stick

Ranger Stick/Gun/Sword

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The Ranger Stick (レンジャースティック Renjā Sutikku) is the primary sidearm of the five core Zyurangers which can transform into either the Ranger Sword (レンジャーソード Renjā Sōdo) or the Ranger Gun (レンジャーガン Renjā Gan) laser pistol. In stick mode, the Ranger Sticks can be used to perform the Babel Attack (バベルアタック Baberu Atakku) where Tiger and PteraRanger stand on the shoulders of Tyranno, Tricera, and MammothRangers before bringing the tips of the Ranger Sticks together to form a pyramid shaped energy blast that is then fired at the opponent.

In the Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger video game, each Zyuranger begins his or her stage wielding the standard Ranger Gun.

Thunder Slinger

Thunder Slinger

Thunder Slinger (サンダースリンガー Sandā Suringā): During the battle with Dora Franke, Daizyujin found himself outmatched by the immense strength of a monster made from Dokita Clay, forcing Geki and Burai to go on a quest to find a weapon that could defeat him. After working together to get past King Brachion, Geki managed to seize the chest he was guarding which contained the Thunder Slingers. Modeled after a slingshot, the Thunder Slingers are fired by pulling back the rear trigger and releasing it, firing a blast from the top aperture that can damage Dokita monsters and incinerate Dokita Golems in one shot.

Ranger Slinger

Ranger Slinger

Ranger Slinger (レンジャースリンガー Renjā Suringā): By combining their Ranger Guns with the Thunder Slingers, the Zyurangers form the Ranger Slingers. When fired together in the "Final Shoot" team attack, their combined firepower can obliterate normal sized Dokita Dora Monsters and even damage enlarged Dokita Dora Monsters.

Individual Weapons

Legendary Weapons

Initial forms of the Legendary Weapons on the Continent of Despair

When it became apparent that the weapons stored in the temple were insufficient to face Bandora's monsters after breaking them all during practice, Goushi uncovered a story in the Dino Chronicles about five Legendary Weapons (伝説の武器 Densetsu no Buki) that were spawned from the slain body of a five headed dragon. Going in search of them on the Continent of Despair, the Zyurangers eventually found the ancient castle they were hidden in but were trapped when Bandora cast a spell on them that froze them in place. As the curse of the Continent began to turn the Zyurangers to stone, Geki appealed to the desire of the Legendary Weapons to see justice prevail at which point the weapons came to life and flew into their hands.

After the Zyurangers defeated Dora Minotauros and escaped the Continent before Bandora could destroy it, Geki vowed that the Legendary Weapons would be their trusted allies from that day forward.

Like their wielders, the Legendary weapons have both a civilian form and a powered form that they transform into alongside the Zyurangers.

In the Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger video game, each Zyuranger can replace their standard Ranger Gun with their corresponding Legendary Weapon by finding the entrance to Barza's room in his or her stage.

Ryugeki Sword

Ryuugeki Sword

The Ryugeki Sword (龍撃剣 Ryūgekiken, lit. "Dragon Fierce Sword") is the legendary weapon of TyrannoRanger Geki. It forms the targeting sight of the Howling Cannon and is able to fire energy blasts at an opponent when its wielder focuses their power into it.



The Mothbreaker (モスブレイカー Mosubureikā) axe is the Legendary weapon of MammothRanger Goushi. By sliding the butt of the axe blade down to the knob, Goushi is able to convert it into a blaster rifle. In this form it also serves as the handle and central barrel of the howling cannon.


Tricera Lance

The Trice-Lance (トリケランス Torikeransu) is Dan's legendary weapon which can be wielded as a double trident or a pair of short spears. When separated and shortened, they form the inner barrels of the Howling Cannon.

Saber Daggers

Saber Dagger

The Saber Daggers (サーベルダガー Sāberu Dagā) are Boi's legendary weapons which can be used in either melee combat or thrown as projectiles. They form the outer barrels of the Howling Cannon.

Ptera Arrow

Ptera Arrow

The Ptera Arrow (プテラアロー Putera Arō) is Mei's legendary weapon which has the ability to summon an infinite supply of arrows while the staves are equipped with blades, allowing Mei to use it as a melee weapon for close combat. It forms the cross bar of the Howling Cannon.

Even among the Legendary Weapons, the Ptera Arrows are notable as being supremely legendary for being able to break various curses, such as the legend of Lithia Tribe hero Lithiantheus using them to defeat the threat of the Golden Apple empowered Ladon.Ep. 13: Fire! The Golden Arrow

Howling Cannon

Howling Cannon

While strong by themselves in their transformed state, the Legendary Weapons can also be combined into a five barreled crossbow like weapon called the Howling Cannon (ハウリングキャノン Hauringu Kyanon) that's used to destroy human-sized Dora Monsters.

In Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters, the Howling Cannon is combined with the Kyoryugers' Kentrospiker and Zandar Thunder, and the Abarangers' Dino Bomber to form the Ultimate Howling Cannon.



The Zyusouken (獣奏剣 Jūsōken, lit. "Beast Play Sword") is a short sword that was given to Burai by Clotho, the spirit of Life, which became his signature weapon after his redemption caused the Sword Hellfriede to disintegrate. Unlike the other Legendary Weapons, the Zyusouken has no civillian form.

Following Burai's death, his younger brother Geki inherited it along with Dragon Ceasar and the Dragon Armor.

Zyusouken With Tyranno Ranger

In addition to combat, the Zyusouken can be played as a flute whose songs are used to command Dragon Ceasar, to activate extra protection from the Dragon Armor, or simply played recreationally. Burai could also use it to teleport himself back and forth between the Lapseless Room and wherever a battle was taking place. The Zyusouken could also fire a powerful energy blast by crossing the Zyusouken with either Hellfriede or the Ryuugekiken.

In episode 10 of Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Non-Pain Inducing Curse of Z ― Into a New Chapter Dragon Caser's summoning song can be heard after Hiroyo Hakase's brother Takuma Tsuzuki opened a box containing the artificial candles devised by CIA to track the energy usage of the Moe Moe Z-Cunes, in a parallel to Burai's life candle in the Lapseless Room.

Four songs have been played on it:

Defensive Armor

Dragon Armor

See Also: Dragon Shield

Dragon Ranger with Dragon Armor

The Dragon Armor (ドラゴンアーマー Doragon Āmā) is an ancient treasure of the Yamato Clan that was stolen by DragonRanger Burai to aid him in his quest for revenge against his younger brother Geki. Comprised of a golden collar and two golden armbands, the Dragon Armor can be powered up by playing a song on the Zyusouken, allowing it to reflect energy attacks as well as to heal and restore strength to its wearer. Upon his death, Burai passed the Dragon Armor and the Zyusouken to Geki, allowing him to transform into Armed TyrannoRanger.

Other Items

Dinosaur Eggs

Dinosaur Eggs

The last two dinosaur eggs in existence and therefore, the only hope for the dinosaurs to survive as a species. Because Daizyuzin's power stems directly from the survival of the dinosaurs, these eggs were a frequent target of Bandora and her plans. If she would succeed in destroying them, Daizyuzin would be rendered powerless against her evil powers.

The first few struggles for these eggs always resulted in both parties losing sight of them, only for the eggs to resurface later. When the Zyurangers finally got a hold of them, they placed the eggs inside King Brachion. Unfortunately, this made King Brachion a direct target in Bandora's final scheme. She managed to trap the Guardian Beast underground and, as a result of losing the eggs, rendered Daizyuzin powerless, sending him to the underground as well. Luckily, the rangers manages to free all Guardian Beasts and used them to stop Bandora's final scheme.

After Bandora and her gang are finally defeated, resealed and sent to the farthest reaches of the universe, the eggs finally hatch. The Zyurangers leave the dinosaur hatchlings in the care of young children before departing to heaven themselves.


Saurer Machines

Saurer Machines: The Zyurangers own three special motorcycles. Each uses a Suzuki GSX-R400R as the base model.

  • Roadsaurer 1 (ロードザウラー1, Rōdosaurā Wan): Geki/Tyrannoranger's motorcycle. It is equipped with a powerful machinegun in front, and can run up to 320 km/h.
  • Sidesaurer 2 (サイドザウラー2, Saidosaurā Tsū): Goushi/Mammothranger's motorcycle, with a sidecar for Boi/Tigerranger. It is equipped with two mini-cannons in front, and can run up to 280 km/h.
  • Sidesaurer 3 (サイドザウラー3, Saidosaurā Surī): Dan/Triceraranger's motorcycle, with a sidecar for Mei/Pteraranger. It is equipped with two mighty machineguns in front, and can run up to 300 km/h.


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Transformation Devices

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