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Transformation Devices

Transformation Cellphone Zyuoh Changer

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The Transformation Cellphone Zyuoh Changer (変身携帯ジュウオウチェンジャー Henshin Keitai Jūō Chenjā) is the Rubik's Cube-based transformation and summoning device of Zyuohgers. By twisting the upper section, the Zyuohgers are able to complete images on the Changer's faces, allowing them to perform different functions. Each function, when the Zyuoh Changer is opened, is shown in the top of the "screen" above the eagle's wings. The normal, unmatched form shows a green telephone reciever which enables the Zyuoh Cube to be used as a means of communication.

Three Beasts Awakening Zyuoh The Light

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The Three Beasts Awakening Zyuoh The Light (三獣覚醒ジュウオウザライト Sanjū Kakusei Jūō Za Raito, pun between triple (三重 Sanjū) and beast (獣 )) is the flashlight-based Transformation and summoning device of Zyuoh The World.

Transformation Gun Whale Change Gun

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The Transformation Gun Whale Change Gun (変身銃ホエールチェンジガン Henshin jū Hoēru Chenji Gan) is a cube/arm cannon which can transform its user into Zyuoh Whale. It has five modes: Transformation, Final Attack, Summon, Cube Transformation, and Final Combination

Transformation Cellphone Zyuoh Changer Final

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Instinct Awakened

Instinct Awakened (野性解放 Yasei Kaihō) is a special mode possessed by each of the Zyuohgers that associates each of them with the animal they represent, manifesting certain features from said animal upon their suit once this ability has been activated.

Great Instinct Awakened

Great Instinct Awakened (野性大解放 Yasei Dai Kaihō) is a greater Instinct Awakened mode accessed only by the two human Zyuohgers who were infused with Zyuman Power from three seperate Zyumans.

Individual Weapons



The EagRiser (イーグライザー Īguraizā) is Zyuoh Eagle's personal weapon, a sword with a pixelated design whose blade can extend into a whip for distance attacks, grappling, or defense where it can fend powerful attacks like Gunsbow's. Zyuoh Eagle can also use this weapon in his Zyuoh Gorilla form, swinging it like a vine. Its finishing move is Riser Spinning Slash (ライザースピニングスラッシュ Raizā Supiningu Surashhu) where Zyuoh Eagle wraps the extended blade around an opponent before pulling it back and slashing the opponent across their entire body.

Zyuoh Bird also wields this weapon which he can use for the Glide Feather Slash (グライドフェザースラッシュ Guraido Fezā Surasshu) finisher where Zyuoh Bird, in his Instinct Awakened, waves the EagRiser around in a circle and slashes the opponent two times.

Zyuoh Condor wields two purple-colored versions of this weapon.[1]


  • It is the first weapon with a whip motif since Dai Sentai Google V.

Zyuoh The GunRod

"Zyuoh The Fini~sh!"
―Slashing Attack announcement[src]

"Zyuoh The Bur~st!"
―Shooting Attack announcement[src]

Zyuoh The GunRod (ジュウオウザガンロッド Jūō Za Gan Roddo) is Zyuoh The World's personal weapon, which changes form depending on which form he's in. In his Rhinos Form, it becomes a fishing rod, its line functioning as a whip that can match the EagRiser's own whip mode in strength and durability. In his Wolf Form, it becomes a blaster to match his speed. The pump can be rotated rapidly for equally rapid laser bursts. In Crocodile Form, it becomes a spear/rod to take advantage of his increased strength. By winding it up three times, Zyuoh The World can charge up the Zyuoh The GunRod's energy to perform one of two finisher attacks:

  • Zyuoh The Finish (ジュウオウザフィニッシュ Jūō Za Finisshu): Used in Rod/Spear Mode. In Crocodile Form, Zyuoh The World delivers a powerful slash that takes the form of Cube Crocodile which bites the opponent.
  • Zyuoh The Burst (ジュウオウザバースト Jūō Za Bāsuto): Used in Gun Mode. In Wolf Form, Zyuoh The World shoots a powerful cubic blast that takes the form of Cube Wolf.


Zyuoh Buster

"Zyuoh Sla~sh!"
―sword finisher announcement[src]

"Zyuoh Shoo~t!"
―gun finisher anouncement[src]

​The Zyuoh Buster (ジュウオウバスター Jūō Basutā) is the primary sidearm of the Zyuohgers, consisting of two blocks mounted on a handle which the Zyuohgers can switch between Sword Mode (red block) and Gun Mode (blue block) by sliding out whichever block is in front and and then inserting it into the back to push the second block forward.  By holding down the trigger, the Zyuohgers can charge up the Zyuoh Busters' energy to perform one of two finisher attacks:

  • Zyuoh Slash (ジュウオウスラッシュ Jūō Surashhu): The finisher for Sword Mode.  When performed by all five members, the Zyuohgers assume the form of a giant paw with color-coded claws which slashes the opponent.  If performed by only two members, an aura resembling a beasts's jaws with color-coded fangs manifests around the opponent and chomps them as the two Zyuohgers first perform a jumping downward stab and then a lateral slash. Misao can perform this attack in place of Yamato if needed; while he does not need to use his Zyuoh The GunRod in place of a Zyuoh Buster to do so, he can still choose to use it if needed. Ep. 29: The Monarch of the Monarchs Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger vs. Ninninger: Message from the Future from Super Sentai
  • Zyuoh Shoot (ジュウオウシュート Jūō Shūto): The finisher for Gun Mode.  It fires a spinning cube shaped energy blast similar to the Zyuoh Buster's standard projectile but larger and more solid.


Transformation Devices

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