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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Wild Force Rangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Wild Force series page as well as the team page of the Wild Force Rangers.


Growl Phone[]

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Lunar Caller[]

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Multi-Use Devices[]

Power Animal Crystals[]

See also: Gao Jewels

Power Animal Crystals & Gao Jewels

All Power Animal Crystals

The Animal Crystals are golf ball size spheres that are transparent and have a model of a Wildzord inside. To summon the Wildzord from the Animarium, the crystal would be placed in the Crystal Sabers and the Rangers would say, "Wildzords, descend." When Max, the Blue Ranger was chosen, the Shark Animal Crystal appeared in his pocket after Alyssa and Taylor saved him from an Org. Cole had his Animal Crystal since he was a baby but remained empty until he became the Red Ranger. Also, if the Wild Zord is destroyed, so is the crystal.


Crystal Saber[]

Crystal Saber

Crystal Saber

See also: Beast King Swords

Each Wild Force Ranger carries his or her own Crystal Saber. Power Animal Crystal orbs can be placed into the hilts of the Sabers to summon their respective Wild Zords with a tune, much like the Dragon Dagger once did. Also the Crystal Sabers have the ability to fire energy blasts when directed to.

Legend Ranger Devices[]




Each Ranger has claws on their gloves, for quick short range attacks in close combat. However, these are rarely used in favor of their other weapons.


Jungle Sword[]

PRWF-Jungle Sword

Jungle Sword

See also: Evil-Crushing Hundred-Beast Sword

The five Power Weapons can combine into the Jungle Sword which serves as the primary team-weapon. All of the Rangers' combined power goes into the enormous Savage Slash attack where they swing the blades around in a half circle before flinging the tip forward, extending the blade (now glowing yellow) to cleave down the monster's middle.

Legend Ranger Devices[]

Red Lion Fang[]

Red Lion Fang

Red Lion Fang

See also: Lion Fang

The Red Ranger's primary weapon. It is a stylised red lion gauntlet and can be separated into two halves (one for each hand). It forms the handgrip of the Jungle Sword. It's signature attack is the Blazing Fire where Cole charges up his Red Lion Fang with red energy and performs a devastating diagonal top right to bottom left slash.

Golden Eagle Sword[]

Lion Golden Eagle Sword

Golden Eagle Sword

See also: Eagle Sword

The Yellow Ranger's primary weapon. It is a yellow stylized-handled sword with a medium blade. It has Soaring Darts -feather shaped darts - contained within the hilt. It forms the upper blade of the Jungle Sword. Its main attack is the Soaring Slash where Taylor energizes it with gold-yellow energy and performs a powerful double slash across the screen.

Blue Shark Fighting Fins[]

Blue Shark Fighting Fins

Blue Shark Fighting Fins

See also: Shark Cutters

The Blue Ranger's primary weapon. It consists of two blue dagger like tonfas shaped like a shark's dorsal fins. They form the crossguard of the Jungle Sword. It's signature attack is the Surging Slice where Max charges up his Fighting Fins with blue energy and cross-slashes the monster.

Legend Ranger Devices[]

Black Bison Axe[]

Black Bison Axe

Black Bison Axe

See also: Bison Axe

The Black Ranger's primary weapon. It is a black stylized handaxe with two blades. It forms the lower blade of the Jungle Sword. Its signature attack is Bison Slash where Danny charges his Bison Axe up with purple energy and performs a devastating horizontal slash.

White Tiger Baton[]

White Tiger Baton

White Tiger Baton

See also: Tiger Baton

The White Ranger's primary weapon. It is a white baton with a White Tiger head. It forms the handle of the Jungle Sword. The White Tiger Baton's signature attack is It can also perform the Tiger Thrust where Alyssa charges it up with white-purple energy and energy slashes across the screen in a plus sign symbol.

Lion Blaster[]

Lion Blaster

Lion Blaster's Modes

See also: Gao Mane Buster

The Red Lion Wildzord gave the Red Lion Fang the ability to transform into the Lion Blaster, which has a Gatling Mode and a Cannon Mode. The Lion Blaster's cannon mode serves as a finisher, firing a devastating wave of red energy strong enough to defeat the Tombstone Org at normal size. The gatling mode was weaker but was still strong enough to cripplingly injure Freezer Org.

Lunar Cue[]

Lunar Cue

The Lunar Cue's Three Modes

See also: Gao Hustler Rod

The Lunar Wolf Ranger's personal weapon, capable of switching between Saber Mode, Sniper Mode and Break Mode. With it, Merrick can perform the Full Moon Slash where he charges it up with blue energy from a moon he generates behind him and slashes it into the monster to devastate opponents. Its finishing attack is the Laser Pool where he swings his Lunar Cue horrizontally, generating a massive green energy "pool table" that seals around the monster's waist and traps them in place, He would then place his Animal Crystals on the table and shove them forward with his Lunar Cue, slamming into the monster and obliterating them. This was strong enough to defeat the Quadra Org and the Toy Org with one hit. He could also use this technique to summon his Wildzords by shoving them into the sky to form the Wild Force symbol which would make them come to him..

Legendary Ranger Devices[]

Falcon Summoner[]

Falcon Summoner

Falcon Summoner Modes

See also: Falcon Summoner (Gaoranger)

Cole's weapon that can serve as a blaster or bow, and is also used to summon the Red Falcon Wildzord (when Cole's Crystal Saber is docked within it). Its final attack is when it switches into Archer Mode and fires a massive red energy wave reminiscent of the Giraffe Spear finishing move. It was strong enough to kill Super Nayzor with one hit.

Jungle Blaster[]

PRWF-Jungle Blaster

Jungle Blaster

A cannon made by combining the Rangers' secondary weapons (modeled after the set of Wildzords that form the Isis Megazord) that replaced the Jungle Sword in later episodes; it fired the Savage Blast finishing attack, a massive orange ball of energy. It should be noted that the Jungle Blaster and its parts are Power Ranger exclusive weapons.




Red Ranger's secondary weapon in the likeness of the Falcon Wildzord. It resembles a crossbow.

Armadillo Puck[]

Armadillo Puck

Yellow Ranger's secondary weapon in the likeness of the Armadillo Wildzord. It resembles a hockey puck.

Sword of Pardolis[]

Sword Of Pardolis

Blue Ranger's secondary weapon in the likeness of the Giraffe Wildzord. It resembles a gladius.

Rhino Shooter[]

Rhino Shooter

Rhino Shooter

Black Ranger's secondary weapon in the likeness of the Rhinoceros Wildzord. It resembles a rifle.

Deer Clutcher[]

Deer Clutcher

White Ranger's secondary weapon in the likeness of the Deer Wildzord. It resembles a grappler similar to the Navy Antler.


Animarium Buckle[]

Animarium Buckle

Animarium Buckle

Cole Evans, the Red Wild Force Ranger, can turn into the Red Savage Ranger by using his Animarium Buckle.

Animarium Armor[]

The Animarium Armor is used by Cole Evans, the Red Lion Ranger. When armored, Cole is known as the Red Savage Warrior. This is his personal Battlizer and its finishing move is the Falcon Blast, a massive blast of red energy from the wings capable of defeating Super Toxica and Super Jindrax. The Animarium Armor was obtained in the episode The Wings of Animaria, during which Cole defended Turtle Cove singlehandedly against the Orgs while the other four Rangers were trapped in a collective dream controlled by Animus, only able to free themselves if they could solve a puzzle. When the puzzle was solved, Cole obtained the Animarium Armor and the Falcon Summoner, which was used to summon the Red Falconzord (the Falconzord and the Animarium Armor are very similar in design).

Vehicles and other Miscellany[]

Savage Cycles[]

The Savage Cycles are motorcycles, which are given to the Wild Force Rangers by their Wild Zords. Only the one belonging to the Lunar Wolf Ranger has a Sentai counterpart, while the others are Power Rangers exclusives.

Wild Force Rider[]


Wild Force Rider

The Wild Force Rider is a motorcycle used by Cole. It was given to Cole as a gift from Animus (who was, at the time, disguised as a little boy named "Kite") for saving him which cost him his Savage Cycle.

Cole used the Wild Force Rider only twice in the series; once in Forever Red to destroy Serpentera, and once in Sealing the Nexus to patrol an area to find Princess Shayla. Like the Hovercraft, Hovertek, and Strata Cycles, it can transform to a flight mode. It resembles the Falcon Wildzord.



Multi-Use Devices[]


Individual Weapons and Team Sword[]




  • The five weapons that made up the Jungle Blaster (with the exception of the Falconator) were never used in their component forms, instead immediately being combined whenever they were used.
    • This is due to the fact they did not exist in Gaoranger.

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