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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Turbo Rangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Turbo series page as well as the team page of the Turbo Rangers.

The following is a list of weapons, vehicles, zords, and other tools used by the Turbo Rangers.

Turbo Morpher

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"Shift into Turbo!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Turbo Morpher and key.

The Turbo Morphers are the Turbo Rangers' transformation devices. Like the Zeonizers the Morpher materializes when needed on the Rangers' wrists. After shouting "Shift into Turbo" the rangers insert their turbo keys, which were designed based on the wizard Lerigot's mystical key, into the Morpher which is based on a car key holder.

Similar to the later Engine Cell Chips of Power Rangers RPM, the Turbo Keys appear to be the actual source of power, and are used to activate a number of items as well as the morphers.


Turbo Weapons

Turbo Lightning Sword

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Turbo Lightning Sword

The Turbo Lightning Sword is the Red Ranger's own personal weapon. It is a long sword with a red hand shield. When it is fully charged it can unleash a devastating attack. It becomes the top of the Turbo R.A.M. cannon.

Turbo Hand Blasters

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Turbo Hand Blasters

The Turbo Hand Blasters are the Blue Ranger's own personal weapons. They are large, one-handed blue blasters. It can fire a powerful blast of energy. It becomes the upper sides of the Turbo R.A.M cannon.

Turbo Thunder Cannon

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Turbo Thunder Cannon

The Turbo Thunder Cannon is the Green Ranger's own personal weapon. It is a large, two-handed cannon. It can fire powerful blasts of energy at an enemy. It becomes the center of the Turbo R.A.M cannon.

Turbo Star Chargers

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Turbo Star Chargers

The Turbo Star Chargers are the Yellow Ranger's own personal weapon. They are devices held in each hand with a metallic pole on the outside. It can charge powerful amounts of electricity. It becomes the lower sides of the Turbo R.A.M cannon.

Turbo Wind Fire

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Turbo Wind Fire

The Turbo Wind Fire is the Pink Ranger's own personal weapon. It takes the form of a bow. It is a bow that fires pink energy bolts. It can fire multiple times. It becomes the top holder of the Turbo R.A.M. cannon.

Turbo R.A.M.

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The Turbo R.A.M (Robotic Arsenal Mobilizer) is the five Turbo Weapons put together into a race car mounted on a wheeled platform. When summoned, it races toward the battle whereupon it is either disassembled into the Turbo Rangers' personal weapons or reconfigured into the Turbo R.A.M. Cannon Mode. The Turbo R.A.M. was ultimately sacrificed to destroy Goldgoyle.

Turbine Laser

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Turbine Laser

The Turbine Laser is the team's second team blaster. and has an aerial and ground transportation modes  It can even be mounted on top of Storm Blaster.

Miscellaneous Weapons and Sidearms

Turbo Navigator

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Turbo Navigator

The Turbo Navigators were created by Zordon and Alpha 5 to aid the Power Rangers Turbo in tracking alien activity. The Turbo Navigators are sophisticated handheld computers with great scanning capabilities and have helped lead the Power Rangers to detecting many extraterrestrial objects and creatures. The Turbo Navigators were first used by Tommy and Kat to seek out the wizard Lerigot in central Africa but recently their main purpose has been to detect Divatox's detonators so the Power Rangers can disarm them. There are at least 5 Turbo Navigators which the Rangers often carry with them at all times. When not being carried by the Power Rangers, the Turbo Navigators are recharged at the Power Chamber. The Turbo Navigators can transform into "Defender Mode" a gun with a high tech scope capable of scanning targets for weaknesses and the ability to fire a long range homing laser. While in Defender Mode, the Turbo Navigator can combine with an Auto Blaster to form an Auto Blast Defender, a powerful double handled long range firearm.

Auto Blaster

Auto Blaster

The Auto Blasters are the Turbo Rangers' primary sidearm. By pulling back on the spoiler, the Turbo Rangers can convert them into Turbo Mode which uses an internal turbine to fire supercharged blasts.

An Auto Blaster can later be seen in Beast Morphers' "The Evox Snare" inside Grid Battleforce's vault

Turbo Blade

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Turbo Blade

The Turbo Blades are the Turbo Rangers' personal swords. The handle could be pulled back for an extra power boost.

Senturion Synergizer

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The Senturion Synergizer is the Blue Senturion's personal sidearm which has a blaster mode and a baton mode.

Auto Blast Defender

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The Auto Blast Defender is the combination of the Auto Blaster and the Turbo Navigator.

Phantom Laser

Phantom Laser

The Phantom Laser is the Phantom Ranger's personal black bat-shaped laser weapon which fires black energy beams.

Vehicles and other Miscellany

Power Boxes

Tommy & Katherine's Power Boxes

The five Power Boxes were created by Zordon and Alpha 5 for the Power Rangers to use in any situation. These backpacks act as survival packs for the Rangers and come with rations, water, and other useful tools. Among other features, the Power Boxes contain a life preserver, a canteen, and a pair of high tech binoculars.

Turbo Carts

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Turbo Carts

The Turbo Carts are quick and lightweight go-karts that have blasters mounted on them, perfect for chasing off monsters and they also integrate into the Turbo Zords to become their cockpits

Senturion Cycle

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Senturion Cycle

The Senturion Cycle is the Blue Senturion's personal transport.

Lightning Cruiser

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Lightning Cruiser

Lightning Cruiser is an extremely powerful car that is capable of driving at great speeds while still maintaining its amazing maneuverability. Aside from land-based operations, Lightning Cruiser can transform into Jet Cruiser Mode enabling it to fly through the air. This configuration also enables it to fire 4 of its assault guns located on the wings which are hidden while in car mode. In car mode, Lightning Cruiser has a fixed cannon mounted forward on the top of its structure which can fire devastating blasts. Though the most amazing feature of Lightning Cruiser is that it is a sentient living being capable of thinking independently and driving independently if it needs to do so. Lightning Cruiser, along with Storm Blaster, was lost for eons but was recently discovered by Divatox's forces within the core of an asteroid in deep space. Lightning Cruiser usually is piloted by the Red Turbo Ranger, whether it will allow another Ranger to drive it is unknown. Lightning Cruiser was captured along with Storm Blaster by Divatox's Piranhatrons in "Chase into Space: Part 2", although Storm Blaster later escaped and recruited the Space Rangers and the Blue Turbo Ranger to successfully rescue Lightning Crusier.

This was considered a Zord during the Megazord Madness event.

Storm Blaster

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Storm Blaster

Storm Blaster is a sentient car of extra-terrestrial origin. Lost for eons in the core of an asteroid along with Lightning Cruiser, it was recently rediscovered by Divatox's forces who tried to take control of the cars. The two cars were unwilling to join in Divatox's evil plans and decided to join forces with the Turbo Rangers instead. Storm Blaster is a rugged jeep that can operate on both paved roads as well as rougher terrain. Storm Blaster normally carries the Turbine Laser on top. Storm Blaster also has a winch with an extremely powerful cable that it can use to tow heavy loads or even itself. Storm Blaster was operated by Justin but has operated under the control of T.J. and Ashley. It was erroneously referred to as the Mountain Blaster in Trouble by the Slice. Storm Blaster and Lightning Cruiser were captured in Turbos "Chase into Space: Part 2", but in the Power Rangers In Space episode True Blue to the Rescue, Storm Blaster escaped and recruited Justin and the Space Rangers to succesfully rescue Lighting Cruiser (effectively providing a warm-up for the teaming up that would become the norm starting in the very next season). Storm Blaster also proved to have a spare Blue Turbo Morpher for Justin.

Ghost Galleon

Main article: Ghost Galleon

Power Ruby

The Power Ruby is the Phantom Ranger's Power Source.



Multi-Use Devices

Communication Devices


Individual Weapons and Team Blaster

Team Cannon


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