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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Time Force Rangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Time Force series page as well as the team page of the Time Force Rangers. The following is a list of weapons, Zords, and other tools used by the Time Force Rangers.

Transformation Devices

Chrono Morpher

See also: Chrono Changers

Chrono Morpher.

The Chrono Morphers were created by the crime fighting unit of the future, Time Force. They lock on to a user's DNA so that only they, or one who's DNA matches closely enough to be related to the wearer, can use it to morph into a Time Force Ranger. The Chrono Morpher can also display holographic images, such as when communicating with a fellow Ranger. The Chrono Morphers could only be activated individually once the Red Chrono Morpher was activated.

Quantum Morpher

See also: V Commander

Quantum Morpher.

The Quantum Morpher was used by Eric Myers to become the Quantum Ranger. It usually only responds to the voice commands of the one who operates it, though in an emergency the usual user can give a voice command to shut off the voice-recognition system. This allows someone else to use the Quantum Ranger's powers and weapons.


Time Force Badge

See also: Time Emblem

The Time Badge was used by Time Force and Time Force Rangers in Season 9. Not only was it a form of identification for each Ranger, but it could cryogenically freeze monsters in time until they were put on trial. Jen Scotts left her own Time Force Badge in the hands of her lover, Wes, the Red Time Force Ranger. He has kept it to this day.

Chrono Blasters

Chrono Blaster

Chrono Blasters were the standard weapon of all Time Force officers, Ranger or not. The Rangers' Chronoblasters (typically) fire Ranger-colorcoded beams. Like the rest of the Time Force Rangers' arsenal, these are stored within the morphers when not in use.

Visual Scanners

Visual Scanners are optical devices used by the Time Force Rangers. Visual Scanners were usually worn as a kind of earpiece, but when activated become sunglasses in appearance. They could track the DNA of different people, and were color specific to each Ranger upon activation. For example, Jen Scotts was the Pink Time Force Ranger, so her scanner's lens' appeared pink. Trip, the Green Time Force Ranger's appeared green.

Vector Weapons

The vector weapons are massive blasters that require two hands to hold. Each Ranger has one, and they all fire bolts of energy the same color as the Ranger using it. Wes Collins uses V1, Lucas Kendall uses V2, Trip uses V3, Katie Walker uses V4, and Jen Scotts uses V5. V1 Weapon, forms the barrel of the Vortex Blaster, V2 forms the trigger and base of the Vortex Blaster, V3 forms the left frame of the Vortex Blaster, V4 forms the right frame of the Vortex Blaster, and V5 forms the underside of the Vortex Blaster.

Vortex Blaster

See also: Voltech Bazooka

Combination of weapons V1-V5. Uses a clock-like crosshair, it fires incredibly strong energy bolts. Two shots from the blaster is often used as a finishing move for small enemies, normally causing them to subsequently grow.

Chrono Sabers

See also: Double Vectors

Double-ended swords used by the Time Force Rangers that are stored in their Chrono Morphers. The Sabers can be wielded as two seperate blades or used in a connected double bladed form. The Chrono Sabers can release blasts of energy when swung. The Sabers can also be charged with energy by the Ranger sliding their fingers along the blade. The energy color will correspond to the Ranger.

Time Strike

An attack commonly used by the Time Force Rangers, excluding Lucas and Katie. The attack consists of the Ranger forming a circle shape with their Chrono Sabers while in the air, which will cause an image of a clock to appear behind them before swinging their Sabers for a devastating attack.

When used by Jen her swords are held at 6:00 before swinging, Trip 9:00, and Wes will usually hold his swords at 3:00, but in one case (Episode 12: "Worlds Apart") held them at 12:00.

Electro Booster

See also: Assault Mobile, Assault Vector

Developed by Trip, the Electro Booster combines with the Chrono Saber and fires powerful energy shots. It was first used in Uniquely Trip to defeat a monster that could absorb energy. It has a mode where the energy can be inverted, so normal energy absorption would not work. Even though it can be used by any of the Core Time Force Rangers, it's mostly used by Wes, sometimes by Trip. It's notable as being the only piece of the Rangers' arsenal to be confirmed as destroyed towards the end of the series.

Quantum Defender

See also: DV Defender

This is the personal weapon of the Quantum Ranger. It has a blaster mode, and a blade mode. The Quantum Ranger uses the blade to deliver the Freeze Strike finishing move. Wes Collins, while possessing the Quantum Morpher, was able to use this weapon as the Red Ranger to destroy Cyclobots and to neutralize the Q-Rex's power crystal.

Quantum Mega Battle

Mega Battle Armor

Quantum Mega Battle Armor (sometimes referred as the Quantum Ranger Mega Battle Mode) was featured in Power Rangers: Time Force, used by Eric Myers (The Quantum Ranger). Alex secretly informed Eric of the Megabattle's existence. The power is teleported from the Q-Rex and relayed to the Quantum Ranger when summoned through the Quantum Morpher. It is believed that the Megabattle Armor was always part of the Quantum Ranger's arsenal.

Red Battle Warrior

Red Battle Warrior

The Battle Warrior Armor is used by Wesley Collins (Red Time Force Ranger) to turn him into the Red Battle Warrior. In the episode "Beware the Knight", the Time Force Rangers came face to face with a black knight who wanted to open a sealed box that held the Battlizer's power. However, only one "pure of heart" could open it, so, when Wes managed to obtain the box from the dragon guarding it, he received the Battlizer.


Time Ship

See also: Chrono-Ship Yglieg

Since humans are unable to withstand the rigors of time travel, Time Force created time ships, the only type of vessel capable of safely transporting humans through time (apart from the vessels usable only by Time Force Power Rangers). There was only one time ship in existence at the season's start, and according to Katie it was untested; this ship was used by the Time Force Rangers to travel to 2001, and was destroyed shortly afterwards due to their poor piloting. This prevented Time Force from either recalling the Rangers or sending reinforcements to aid them, though any weapons meant for the Rangers that can travel through time on their own were still able to reach them.

It took half of the season for another one to be constructed, by which time the rangers had grown skilled enough that sending back reinforcements was considered unnecessary. Alex used this time ship to travel back and briefly regain control of the team, but ultimately relinquished his position to Wes and returned to the future. The time ship was sent back once more in the three-part season finale to allow the Time Force Rangers (minus Wes) to return home and avoid the predicted destruction in the final battle. Wes forced his four teammates to make the trip, but they soon returned using the Time Force Megazord to aid him against Ransik, Frax, and Doomtron. Upon capturing Ransik and Nadira, they returned to the future once more using the time ship, but allowed Wes and Eric to keep their morphers.

The time ship is seen once more in Reinforcements from the Future, Pt. 2, as the method used by the four rangers, Ransik, Nadira, and Circuit to come to the year 2002 and fight against the Mut-Orgs.

Time ships are launched through the time gate by the Transwarp Megazord.

Time Jet

See also: Time Flyer

The Time Jet is a glider-like aircraft that carries the Time Force Rangers to their Time Fliers. It can fire from front-mounted blasters and transform into an over-sized handgun. In its handgun mode, it is often used by the Time Force Megazord Mode Blue. In "The Time Shadow", the Time Jet, apparently flying on its own, manages to cryo freeze Izout with its regular lasers after the Time Force Megazord is taken down. In "Circuit Unsure," the Rangers use the Time Jet to attack the enlarged Serpicon in lieu of the Megazord after Circuit is damaged and cannot call for help. The Time Jet successfully disarms Serpicon, enabling the Quantasaurus Rex to freeze him.

Vector Cycles

The Vector Cycles were created by Trip, the Green Time Force Ranger. They allowed the Time Force Rangers to move far more quickly on and off-road, and were based off the standard Time Force motorcycles seen during the first episode. Each Ranger had their own Vector Cycle. Wes' bike was damaged during the final battle against Ransik.

TF Eagle

TF Eagle

The TF Eagle (The Time Force Eagle) was the Quantum Ranger's main vehicle for transportation. Like many vehicles seen in Time Force it had the ability to fly, and travel through time. It was used to travel into the past in "Clash for Control" to get the Quantasaurus Rex and later in "The End of Time" to escape the exploding Clock Tower.

Strata Cycle

The Strata Cycle first appeared in Undercover Rangers (Episode 31), when the Time Force Rangers fought against Frax and his custom-made monster Mr. Mechanau. Since Alex himself could not go, and in order to best protect Jen, he sent the Strata Cycle to Wes granting him enough power to defeat him. It was a strong hovercraft, with the ability to fire V-Weapon level lasers at enemies in addition to the ability of supersonic flight.


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  • The Electro Booster does not have an American toy counterpart.

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