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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Samurai Rangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Super Samurai series page as well as the team page of the Samurai Rangers.


Lauren's Samuraizer

The Samuraizers are the Ranger's morphers and also devices to channel symbol power.

  • Lauren's Samuraizer - Jayden and Lauren's father passed down this Samuraizer to Lauren, the next heir to the Red Ranger role. Lauren had been secretly training with it to master the Sealing Symbol. It folds vertically to go into brush mode.

Shark Sword

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Shark Sword

The Spin Sword can morph into the Shark Sword using the maroon-colored Shark Disc. The blade and hilt transforms into a stylized shark design scheme, while most parts retain the appearance of the Spin Sword.

The Shark Sword is able to extend to great lengths and acts like a whip sword. The tip of the Sword can also be used to bite into enemies. Its attack is the Shark Sword Strike. It can also be enlarged. The Shark Sword allows whomever's in Shark Attack Mode to summon the SharkZord (essentially an oversized version of itself), and while the Samurai Ranger is in Mega Shark Mode and can combine with the Samurai Megazord to form Samurai Shark Megazord.

The Shark Sword overrides the Red Ranger's need to use the Mega Blade in the cockpit. While in the cockpit, unlike the Mega Blades, it is not used in the console but held freely in its sword mode.

It should be noted that the Shark Disk was used once with a Nitro Sword in order to have the blade behave like the Shark Sword. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Clash of the Red Rangers - The Movie

The Shark Sword also was used by Troy, the Megaforce Red Ranger, in the final battle with Emperor Mavro. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Legendary Battle: Extended Edition

Shogun Buckle

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All of the Samurai Rangers in their Shogun modes

The Shogun Buckle[1] is part of the Super Mega Mode or Mega Shark Mode costume once any Ranger utilizes the Black Box or the Shark Disc. While it functions as no more than a Disk Buckle in Super and Mega Modes, once the Shogun Disk is inserted, the Samurai Rangers can access the Shogun Mode.



The Bullzooka[2] is a bazooka styled similarly to the Bull Megazord's zord mode. The Bullzooka is powered by its own disc that bursts out with a gigantic blow blast. Upon the Bullzooka's introduction, the Bull Megazord carries its own gigantic version to use along side its Rotating Blaster.

Super Bullzooka

Super Bullzooka

Super Mode Red Ranger with the Super Bullzooka.

Super Bullzooka is the combination of Bullzooka, Spin Sword, and Black Box.[3]With the Spin Sword being affixed to its top/back portion, the sword's tip forms a third 'edge', adding to the horns of the bull. The weapon can be wielded by any ranger in Super Mode, but primarily by the Red Ranger. When activated, the bull on the bazooka roars and energizes its blast.

Shogun Spear

Shogun Spear

The Bullzooka can also combine with the Mega Blade to form the Shogun Spear.[4]Its handle folds in to make it one long bar and the handle of the Mega Blade attaches on the other end to form a staff. It is used along side the Shogun Mode as the Megazords' finishing attack with it slashing upon the cockpit to activate the finishing attack. It was used only once in the whole series.

LightZord Lantern and Blade mode

LightZord Lantern and Blade

The LightZord is originally in the form of a lantern with a blade. It is usually used by Antonio. It can also used to generate certain discs like the Shark Disc. It can also be used as a lantern.

Samurai Rocket

The Samurai Rocket was invented by Antonio Garcia. He attempted to use it against Vullgore but it did not explode. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Deadly Skies



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