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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Mega Rangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Super Megaforce series page as well as the team page of the Mega Rangers.


Legendary Morpher

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The Legendary Morpher is the Mega Rangers' morpher which they use to morph into their Super Mega Modes & Legendary Modes in Super Megaforce.

The morphing command is "Super Mega Mode!" when morphing into Super Mega Mode and "Legendary Ranger Mode!" when morphing into past ranger forms.

Legendary Silver Morpher

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Super Mega Gold Mode

The Legendary Silver Morpher is the Orion's personal morpher to transform into the Silver Megaforce Ranger. He inserts a key, presses the corresponding button on his morpher to initiate the transformation.

To morph into his primary Ranger Mode he says "Super Mega Mode!". To morph into his Legendary Ranger Mode he says "Legendary Sixth Ranger Mode". To morph into Gold Mode he says "Super Mega Gold"

Multi-Use Devices

Ranger Keys

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The Ranger can use the Legendary Ranger Keys to morph into: 


The Super Mega Weapons are the sidearms of the Super Mega Rangers. When a Legendary Ranger Mode is initiated, the Super Mega Weapons are able to transform with the Super Mega Rangers into the weapons of whatever Ranger team they become. Without them, the Super Mega Rangers have to use Ranger that specialize in hand-to-hand combat.  When in their normal form, the Super Mega Weapons are able to initiate one of several finishing moves unique to the Super Mega Rangers called Final Strike which are triggered by pressing the Super Megaforce symbol to raise the weapons' cylinders out of their slot and inserting a ranger key into the cylinder.

Super Mega Blaster

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Super Mega Blaster

The Super Mega Blaster[1] (also known as The Super Blaster) is the sidearm blaster for the Mega Rangers when in Super Mode. It resembles a flintlock pistol that fires energy blasts. When the rangers press the button on the underbelly near the trigger guard, a key cylinder is raised up from the lock; allowing a Ranger Key to be inserted into it and the blaster hypercharges to perform their Final Strike attack called Super Mega Blast.

In battle, Super Megaforce Green and Super Megaforce Pink will typically trade their Sabers with Blue and Yellow in exchange for their Blasters when extra weapon power is needed.

Super Mega Saber

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Super Mega Saber

The Super Mega Saber[2], (also known as The Super Saber or The Mega Saber) is the sidearm sword for the Mega Rangers when in Super Mode. It resembles a cutlass with a built-in grappling hook and a key cylinder that allows them to insert their Ranger Keys with. Once they insert their keys, they can hypercharge their sabers to perform their Final Strike attack which is called Super Mega Saber Blast by firing an energy blade by swinging the sword.

In battle, Super Megaforce Blue and Super Megaforce Yellow usually trade their Blasters to Green and Pink in exchange for their Sabers.

Super Silver Spear

The Super Silver Spear is Super Megaforce Silver's personal weapon, able to change from its trident-like Spear Mode to the rifle-like Super Spear Blaster.

Team Blaster

Super Mega Cannon

Galeon Buster 1

Super Mega Cannon

The Super Mega Cannon is a double-barreled heavy cannon in the shape of the Super Mega Skyship. It is created by Noah after tinkering with the Super Mega Blasters to use more than one Ranger Key for added firepower. After a double-keyed Super Mega Blaster explodes on its second use prior to a full charge, Noah redesigns it into a five-key weapon. The Grass is Always Greener... or Bluer

In its default state, the "sail" lays flat against the "deck" and the key cylinders swivel to the side to resemble cannon ports.  If no Ranger Keys are inserted, the Super Mega Cannon can be used as a double barreled machine gun with greater firepower than all five Super Mega Blasters combined.  To access the finisher state, the black lever underneath is pulled back akin to a pump-action shotgun, deploying the sail and cylinders upward.  Once five Ranger Keys have been set into the cylinders, it is able to a fire an energy blast in the shape of the Super Mega Skyship's bow called Super Mega Blast that rams through the opponent.

Typically, the five main Super Megaforce keys are used to empower the weapon.  On occasions where one of the core five are absent, their place can be taken by Super Megaforce Silver; as when Orion took Super Megaforce Blue's place during a fight with the Kingsmen while Noah was fighting Argus. All Hail Prince Vekar



Multi-Use Devices


Team Blaster

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