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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Sun Vulcan (team). Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Sun Vulcan series page as well as the team page of the Sun Vulcan (team).

Transformation Devices

Vulcan Brace

Main article: Vulcan Brace

The Vulcan Braces are the team's transformation devices.


Vulcan Suits

Also known as Vul Strenghthening Outfit


Vulcan Sticks

Vulcan Stick

Vulcan Sticks (バルカンスティック Barukan Sutikku) - The standard-issue weapon for the Sun Vulcans. Takayuki Hiba's Vulcan Stick can also become a katana.

Each of the Vulcan Sticks likewise can fire an elemental attack:

  • VulEagle - Eagle Fire (emits a fire attack)
  • VulShark - Shark Washer (emits a foam that can cover an opponent)
  • VulPanther - Panther Galaxy (creates a crack in the ground that shakes and swallows opponents)

Sun Vulcan Whack-a-mole

A rubber mallet that was used to stun Armadillo Monger before defeating him with the Vulcan Ball. This was only used in episode 14.

Vulcan Ball

Vulcan Ball

The Vulcan Ball is a team weapon that can perform deadly finishing attacks. The style of the finisher changes throughout the season.

  • In its initial usage from episode 1, Vul Eagle tosses it up to be hit by Vul Panther and Vul Shark; when the ball becomes high enough, Vul Eagle leaps into a flying position, sliding within a bridge created by his two partners and rises high enough to spike the ball like a volleyball. Later, Vul Eagle merely leaps from a high enough position to spike the ball.
  • From episode 15, the ball is launched in a similar fashion, but now Vul Eagle leaps high enough and kicks the ball like a soccer ball towards the Monger.
  • From episode 39, the shooting of Vulcan Ball leads to an effect that defeats the Monger, similar to the evolution of Gorenger Storm, Gorenger Hurricane and Big Bomber.

New Vulcan Ball

New Vulcan Ball

After Inazuma Ginga defeats the Vulcan Ball, Sun Vulcan quickly creates the New Vulcan Ball in response to defeat him and the remaining Monger. The New Vulcan Ball starts as three rugby balls/footballs which are kicked by the three Sun Vulcan members, aligning and merging into a giant spiked ball that all three members hit to strike an opponent.Ep. 45: The Galaxy's Invincible Electric Man

During a culminating showdown with Inazuma Ginga, the outlaw shields himself from New Vulcan Ball protecting himself, forcing Sun Vulcan to develop a "delay attack" to keep their weapon in play until the shield finally goes down allowing for a direct hit.Ep. 47: The Machine Empire's Rebellion

Team Attacks

  • Solar Jump: A team jump, usually in front of the sun to blind an opponent
  • Solar Kick: All three members jump and kick an opponent one after another
  • Solar Shower: A light blinding attack using all three Vulcan Sticks
  • Triple Attack: The three main physical attacks (Eagle Diving, Shark Typhoon, Rolling Panther) are done one after another against an opponent

Vehicles and other Miscellany

Sun Vulcan Vehicles

Sand Vulcan

Sand Vulcan (サンドバルカン Rando Barukan) - VulEagle's Jeep

Shark Machine

Shark Machine (シャークマシーン Shaaku Mashiin) - VulShark's blue Suzuki GSX400 motorbike.

Panther Machine

Panther Machine (パンサーマシーン Pansaa Mashiin) - VulPanther's green Suzuki TS250 motorbike.


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Transformation Device


Team Weapons

  • Vulcan Ball
  • New Vulcan Ball


  • Land Vulcan (jeep)
  • Shark Machine (cycle)
  • Panther Machine (cycle)

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