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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Shinkengers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Shinkenger series page as well as the team page of the Shinkengers.

Transformation Devices

Transformation Handheld ShodoPhone

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The ShodoPhone is the Shinkengers' transformation device.

Transformation Cellphone Sushi Changer

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The Sushi Changer is a homemade changer that Genta Umemori uses to transform into Shinken Gold.

Secret Analysis Case Inromaru

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The Inromaru allows a single Shinkenger to harness and combine the powers of the whole team and enter Super Shinkenger mode.


Shinken Suits

Multi-Use Devices

Secret Disks

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The Shinkenger's Secret Discs are 'animation' discs that store mojikara (character power) for use with their various arsenal and mecha.

Sidearms and Individual Weapons

Secret Playback Katana Shinkenmaru


The Secret Playback Katana Shinkenmaru (秘伝再生刀シンケンマル Hiden Saiseitō Shinkenmaru) is the sole sidearm for the core Shinkengers. is first activated by taking any of the Secret Disks (秘伝ディスク Hiden Disuku) from the buckle on the Shinkengers' belts and attaching it to the hilt to become the guard. By spinning that Secret Disk, the Shinkenmaru acts as a praxinoscope and it powers up depending on the disk itself. By spinning the Common Secret Disks fast enough, the Shinkenmaru transforms into the Shinkengers' signature weapon.

The Shinkenmaru is most commonly used as its design implies, but is also used to control the Origami, and summon several of them. The sword's handle is sized to allow a Hiden Disc to be attached at the hilt, allowing for a multitude of possibilities, from elemental attacks by using an Origami Disc to controlling ShinkenOh using the Hiden Shield Disc. Using a personal Secret Disk allows a Shinkenger to execute a Spiral Sword (螺旋之太刀 Rasen no Tachi) attack depending on the element that the disk represents. The five Spiral Sword elemental attacks can be used in the Quintuple Sword (五重之太刀 Gojū no Tachi) and the Five-Colored Dance (五色之舞 Goshiki no Mai, In OST vol.1) attack. The four Spiral Sword elemental attacks can be used in the Four Continual Slash (四連斬り Yonren Giri) and the Quadruple Sword (四重之太刀 Yonjū no Tachi) attack. With Skinken Gold, the can execute the Six Continual Slash (六連斬り Rokuren Giri) and the Six Elements Slash (六界斬り Rokukai Giri).

Two-Mode Transforming Rekka Daizantou

Rekka Daizantou

The Two-Mode Transforming Rekka Daizantou (2モード変形 烈火大斬刀 Tsū Mōdo Henkei Rekka Daizantō, Raging Fire Great Slicing Sword) Shinken Red's personal weapon, shaped like an armored zanbato. Its immense size also allows for use a shield against some attacks, and its power has (on at least one occasion) been shown to be enough to cut through one of its own blast-attacks sent back at it.

In its default zanbato-like Daizantou Mode (大斬刀モード Daizantō Mōdo) by using the Shishi Disc, Shinken Red can perform the Many Fires Profusion (百火繚乱 Hyakka Ryōran) attack.

Rekka Daizantou - Ozutsu Mode

By inserting an alternate disk, the Rekka Daizanto can assume a gun-like Ōzutsu Mode (大筒モード Ōzutsu Mōdo), where the Shinkengers would load their personal Origami Discs into the Rekka Daizantou for the Rings Bullet finisher, the name changing for what Origami Disc they are using and how many Discs are loaded into the Rekka Daizantou.

Using the Kabuto Disc, the Shinkengers can perform the Kabuto Five Rings Bullet (兜五輪弾 Kabuto Gorindan), where it shoots out a orange energy blast that resembles the head of the Kabuto; the Kajiki Five Rings Bullet (舵木五輪弾 Kajiki Gorindan) with the Kajiki Disk where it shoots a blue energy blast that resembles the head of the Kajiki; the Tora Five Rings Bullet (虎五輪弾 Tora Gorindan) with the Tora Disk where it shoots a white energy blast that resembles the head of the Tora; and the Ika Five Rings Bullet (烏賊五輪弾 Ika Gorindan) with the Ika Disk where it shoots a purple energy blast that resembles the head of the Ika.

During the events of the second Shinkenger V-Cimena, the Shinkengers performed the Ebi Six Rings Bullet (海老六輪弾 Ebi Rokurindan), using the Ebi Disk and with the Ika Disk loaded with the other Shinkenger's personal Disks to destroy the Ayakashi Demebakuto.

Two others beyond Shinken Red have used the Rekka Daizantou. The first person was Kamen Rider Decade, who traded up his Kamen Rider Blade Final Form Ride - Blade Blade, with Shinken Red to perform the Double Many Fires Profusion. The other were the Gokaigers, who use this weapon in their Shinken GokaiOh mode, which the size has been translated to possibly twice (even three times) the height Shinken GokaiOh is.

Water Arrow

Water Arrow

Shinken Blue's Shinkenmaru becomes the Water Arrow (ウォーターアロー Wōtā Arō) after activating the Common Disc, becoming a weapon that resembles a yumi, the Japanese longbow.

With the Water Arrow, Shinken Blue can perform the Clear and Serene (明鏡止水 Meikyō Shisui) attack and the Samurai Flash Wave (侍閃光波 Samurai Senkōha) with Shinken Pink, Shinken Green, Shinken Yellow and Shinken Gold. With the Kajiki Disc, it can heal injuries and cure supernatural poison.

Heaven Fan

Heaven Fan

Shinken Pink's Shinkenmaru becomes the Heaven Fan (ヘブンファン Hebun Fan) after activating the Common Disc, her personal weapon which resembles a Japanese war fan.

With the Heaven Fan, Shinken Pink can perform her Whole Sky Impact (迫力満天 Hakuryoku Manten) attack and the Samurai Flash Wave (侍閃光波 Samurai Senkōha) with Shinken Blue, Shinken Green, Shinken Yellow and Shinken Gold.

Wood Spear

Wood Spear

Shinken Green's Shinkenmaru becomes the Wood Spear (ウッドスピア Uddo Supia) after activating the Common Disc, becoming a weapon that resembles a yari, or a Japanese spear. The blade is hidden within the shaft of the kanji molded onto the end, releasing only when a Hiden Disc is locked onto the back of the kanji. The Wood Spear's shaft also has the ability to grow to incredible lengths.

With the Wood Spear, Shinken Green can perform the Large Treed Late Bloomer (大木晩成 Taiki Bansei), Foliage Concealment (木の葉隠し Konoha Kakushi) where Shinken Green began to spin the Wood Spear summoning a tornado that has leaves surrounding it and the Samurai Flash Wave (侍閃光波 Samurai Senkōha) attacks with Shinken Blue, Shinken Pink, Shinken Yellow and Shinken Gold.

Land Slicer

Land Slicer

Shinken Yellow's Shinkenmaru becomes the Land Slicer (ランドスライサー (Rando Suraisā) after activating the Common Disc, her personal weapon that resembles a large three-bladed shuriken. It can be gripped with one hand for close-combat, or thrown like a boomerang (including return) for long-range attacks.

With the Land Slicer, Shinken Yellow can perform the All Out Earth Power (奮闘土力 Funtō Doryoku) attack and the Samurai Flash Wave (侍閃光波 Samurai Senkōha) with Shinken Blue, Shinken Pink, Shinken Green and Shinken Gold.



The Kyoryumaru (キョウリュウマル Kyōryūmaru) is a Shinkenmaru-like weapon used by the first Shinken Red, as well as anyone in Hyper Mode. However, Takeru is the most common user of the Kyoryumaru. Activating the Kyoryu Disc on a Shinkenmaru transforms it into this weapon, which can also be used from within the ShinkenOh to summon and combine with the Kyoryu Origami. The Kyoryumaru's blade is capable extending over long distances in both sizes.

In the special DVD, Hyper Shinken Gold executes the Golden Flash (黄金一閃 Ōgon Issen) attack. In Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs. Shinkenger: Epic on Ginmaku, Hyper Shinken Red executes the Heaven and Earth Flash (天地一閃 Tenchi Issen) attack and the True Sextuple Sword (真六重之太刀 Shin Rokujū no Tachi) attack with Super Shinken Blue, Super Shinken Pink, Super Shinken Green, Super Shinken Yellow and Super Shinken Gold.

Utilizing the Kyoryumaru, the Origami containing the power of the first Shinken Red, Takeru Shiba is able to transform into Hyper Shinken Red. The form is similar to the Super Shinkenger powerup in that it consists of a long cloak, but the Hyper cloak is predominantly red rather than white. It allows Takeru to use the Kyoryumaru in battle in place of his Shinkenmaru, granting unparalleled reach and striking power. Outside of its appearance in the Shinkenger movie The Fateful War, it is extremely rarely used during the show. However, Shinken Red is not the only one who can access this form.

In Samurai Sentai Shinkenger: The Light Samurai's Surprise Transformation, Shinken Gold used the form to defeat the Super Nanashi. Shinken Green used it alongside Super Shinken Blue in Act 48 in an attempt to hold off Dokoku while Kaoru completed the sealing kanji.

In Samurai Sentai Shinkenger vs. Go-Onger: GinmakuBang!!, in order to defeat Batcheed, Shinken Red gives the Kyoryu Disk to Go-On Red which then transformed into a Kyoryu Soul, allowing him to become Hyper Go-On Red as Shinken Red became Super Shinken Red.

Laceration Calculating Sword Sakanamaru

Laceration Calculating Sword Sakanamaru

The Laceration Calculating Sword Sakanamaru (斬撃勘定刀サカナマル Zangeki Kanjōtō Sakanamaru) is Shinken Gold's personal weapon in the form of a tantou sword, it used in place of a Shinkenmaru. When sheathed, it resembles a fish. Hiden Discs can be placed at the end of the handle, giving the Sakanamaru a closer resemblance to a traditional samurai sword.

He accomplishes this by using Iaido, a sword technique that involves quickly sheathing the blade after each attack. Genta combines this with his own style that he taught himself, a backhanded forward slash style. Using the Sushi Disk allows Shinken Gold to execute the Hundred Fillets (百枚おろし Hyakumai Oroshi) attack where he did a hundred slash attacks with precision that can easily cut an enemy in pieces and can sent out mutliple golden energy slashes, the Current Hundred Fillets (水流百枚おろし Suiryū Hyakumai Oroshi) attack with Shinken Blue, the Thousand Fillets (千枚おろし Senmai Oroshi) attack and the Samurai Flash Wave (侍閃光波 Samurai Senkōha) with Shinken Blue, Shinken Pink, Shinken Green and Shinken Yellow.

The first part of the sword's name, sakana, is a Japanese term referring to any food eaten as an accompaniment to alcohol. Because fish, especially dried fish, was a popular choice for these dishes, over the years the term sakana also became the pronunciation for the kanji for fish.

Team Blaster

Secret Loading Gun Mougyu Bazooka

Secret Loading Gun Mougyu Bazooka

The Secret Loading Gun Mogyuu Bazooka (秘伝装填銃モウギュウバズーカ Hiden Sōtenjū Mōgyū Bazūka) is an Ushi Origami-shaped weapon developed by Hiro. It is powered by the Final Mysterious Disc (最終奥義ディスク Saishū Ōgi Disuku).

Super Mougyu Bazooka

It can be combined with the Super Shinkenmaru to form the Super Mougyu Bazooka (スーパーモウギュウバズーカ Sūpā Mōgyū Bazūka), allowing to execute the Heretic Ruination (外道覆滅 Gedō Fukumetsu) finishing attack where it fired an energy orb that resembles the Ushi Origami's head, hitting the opponent blowing them up. It can be enlarged with the kanji for "big" to use it as a weapon for MouGyuuDaiOh. Normally, Either, Shinken Red uses it in their super mode. However, in Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle, The male Red's clone used it without super mode. Super Shinken Yellow has also used the Super Mougyu Bazooka. She also the only one of the retainers to do so.


Transformation Devices

Multi-Use Devices

Sidearms and Individual Weapons

Team Blaster

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