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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Samurai Rangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Samurai series page as well as the team page of the Samurai Rangers.


The Samuraizers are the Ranger's morphers and also devices to channel symbol power.

  • Samuraizer - the five core rangers' morphing devices, it allows them to draw kanji in their respective colors
  • Samurai Morpher - Gold Ranger's "homemade" redecoed 'texting Samuraizer
  • Ji's Samuraizer - a gold/brown 'writing' symbol power channeler.

Spin Swords

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The Spin Sword is the Rangers' sole sidearm which morphs into multiple functional weapon forms. It can transform into

  • Each ranger's individual weapon:
    • Fire Smasher - Red Ranger's zanbato
    • Hydro Bow - Blue Ranger's bow
    • Forest Spear - Green Ranger's spear
    • Earth Slicer - Yellow Ranger's fuuma shuriken
    • Sky Fan - Pink Ranger's war fan
  • Mega Blade - control device for the zords
  • Shark Sword - power-up weapon and auxiliary Zord.


  • Blazing Strike: Jayden's signature attack that envelope his sword in flames, he can either swing with the sword enveloped or fire a wave of flames at the enemy. When Jayden used his signature attack in The Team Unites, he said "Spin Sword! Fire Smasher!" even though his main weapon is called Fire Smasher.
  • Dragon Splash: Kevin's signature attack that envelops his sword in water and releases a large wave of water.
  • Forest Vortex: Mike's signature attack that envelops his sword in leaves and releases a wave of green energy at the enemy or sets him up for his Tree Symbol Strike attack.
    • Tree Symbol Strike: Mike's secondary attack. He swings his Spin Sword while in the Forest Vortex, drawing the Forest Symbol for four powerful slashes and strikes.
    • Leaf Storm: Mike's third attack. Can be performed with the Spin Sword and Bear Disk.
  • Seismic Swing: Emily's signature attack the envelops her sword in a cyclone of earth and releases a wave of yellow energy or causes a small earthquake around the enemy.
    • Earth Symbol Strike: Emily's secondary attack. She swings her Spin Sword drawing the Earth symbol in the air for a powerful strike.
    • Primate Cyclone: Emily's third attack. She spins rapidly slashing the enemy with her Spin Sword.
  • Airway: Mia's signature attack the envelops her sword in wind that can send enemies flying with a pinkish sparkling wave containing powerful winds.

Barracuda Blade

Barracuda Blade

The Barracuda Blade is the Gold Ranger's personal weapon, a Tantō that he uses in his high speed slash attacks. The Barracuda Blade its capable of being used for the Sheath Slash technique, which is impossible. His final strike is the Barracuda Bite, which slashes the Nighlok enemy multiple times with energy strikes.

The Barracuda Blade is sheathed and kept away when Gold Ranger is in Mega Mode.


  • Barracuda Bite: Antonio's high speed slash attack, which attacks the enemy multiple times with energy strikes or multiple slashes.

Power Discs

Common Disc

A Power Disc is taken from the Samurai Ranger’s Disc Buckle and is attached to the hilt of the Spin Sword to power it up with their signature attacks or summon their Samurai weapons.

Disc Buckle

Disc Buckle

The Disc Buckle generates whatever Power Disc is needed for any particular purpose. It doesn't appear to store all the discs at once but provides them one at a time that the one samurai ranger wants. The design resembles a portable CD player, except attached to a belt strip.



Samurai SUV

The Samurai Rangers utilize an SUV for long distance travel. It is a modified Cadillac Escalade with the Shiba House emblem on its door. Kevin once used it to go catch the Swordfish Zord. It was also used in Origins: Part 1 to go pick Mia up from the Orphanage where she worked. It's unknown if it was Ji who drove it or if it drives itself, or both.

War Horses

War Horses

Red Ranger's War Horse

The rangers can use their symbol power to summon theses horses to ride in battle. Red Ranger's horse first appeared in Origins Part 1 and the rest of them appeared in Clash of the Red Rangers - The Movie. Whether or not Antonio has one is unknown.

Samurai Power Charger

The Samurai Power Charger was a wrist weapon created by Antonio, designed to briefly paralyse the Nighloks. Samurai Power



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