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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the S.P.D. Rangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the S.P.D. series page as well as the team page of the S.P.D. Rangers.


Delta Morphers[]

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Delta Morpher.

The Delta Morphers of B-Squad. This device contains 5 functions, separated by 3 different tabs:

  • Morph: The "Change" option on the Delta Morphers transforms the cadets into their ranger costumes. The activation call is "S.P.D. Emergency!"
  • S.W.A.T. Mode: When the Rangers activate the "Change" option while morphed and call for it, their S.W.A.T. armor appears.
  • Communicator: The "Phone" option serves as basic communication allowing the Rangers to contact each other or the Academy, as well as summon the Delta Runners. With the Omega Ranger in the timeline, they can contact him as well.
  • Judgment Scanner: The "Judge" option assesses the guilt or innocence of anyone the Rangers bring into custody. It measures pulse rate and electrical impulses before rendering a verdict, and, as Kat Manx states during her description of the Morpher's judgement function in Part 1 of Beginnings, "it never makes mistakes."
  • Containment/Confinement Mode: If a criminal is charged Guilty, this subsection of "Judge" will blast them with Anti-Matter Fusion, sealing them in a Containment Card and making transportation of the detainee a non-issue; one other benefit is that when a criminal is confined onto a card, it allows extra accomodation for future detainees. This mode will not activate if the final verdict of the criminal is innocent.

Patrol Morpher[]

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Patrol Morpher.

The Patrol Morpher is Commander Cruger's Morpher which allows him to become the Shadow Ranger. This Morpher looks exactly the same as the Delta Morphers and has the same functions, but is colored black with yellow stripe areas replacing the Delta Morpher's white stripes. It, however, does not seem to enable Commander Cruger access to S.W.A.T. Mode.

Omega Morpher[]

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Omega Morpher.

The Omega Morpher is the Omega Ranger's Morpher. The Morpher was also capable of using attack modes:

  • Electro Mode: Fires a lightning attack to the ground and it is Omega Morpher's main attack.
  • Blast Mode: Fires an energy attack to the ground.
  • Power Mode: Similar to Muscle Mode, Power Mode increases the Omega Ranger's strength.
  • Muscle Mode: Enhances the Omega Ranger's physical strength.
  • Hyper Mode: Allows the Omega Ranger to slow down time.
  • Light Beam Mode: Fires an highly-concentrated energy ball at the opponent.
  • Charged-Up Mode: Enhances the Omega Ranger's stats.

The Morpher also has a Judgement Scanner that grants Omega Ranger the ability to Judgement and use Containment Mode to detain alien suspects.

Magna Morpher[]

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PRSPD-Magna Morpher

Magna Morpher

The Magna Morpher was designed by Kat Manx to serve as the Red Ranger's Battlizer Morpher to summon the S.P.D. Battlizer. This Morpher is based off of the design and technology of the Omega Morpher. Red Ranger summons RIC so that RIC may launch the Morpher to him.

Kat Morpher[]

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Kat Morpher.

The Kat Morpher is the S.P.D. Kat Ranger's Morpher. Kat Manx only used it once; it had a time limit of 1 hour. It is designed similar in shape to the Delta and Shadow Morphers.


Nova Morpher[]

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Nova Morpher.

The Nova Morpher is the S.P.D Nova Ranger's morpher and it has the same futuristic technology and throttle as the Omega Morpher. Like the Omega Morpher, Nova Ranger's Morpher acted as her only weapon in combat and had an Electro Mode. However, unlike the Omega Morpher, the Nova Morpher appeared to have better time traveling capabilities (and presumably the power to restore the Omega Ranger to human form).



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R.I.C. (Robotic Interactive Canine) 2.0 is a robotic dog with multiple special features. R.I.C. was scheduled for retirement before being severely damaged while on a mission with Sydney. In an effort to prevent R.I.C. from being discarded, Sydney turns to Bridge for help. With assistance from Boom, he re-invents R.I.C., dubbing him "R.I.C. 2.0". In his upgraded form, R.I.C is able to transform into a weapon for the Rangers called the Canine Cannon when the bone-shaped key is placed in his mouth. R.I.C. was later upgraded to be used in the Red Ranger's Battlizer system, forming the Battlizer's Sonic Mode armor.

Canine Cannon[]

K-9 Cannon

Canine Cannon

The Canine Cannon is R.I.C.'s two-barrel cannon form that fires a powerful energy blast to take down and imprison criminals in the containment cards instantly.



R.I.C. Motorcycle

When Boom lied to his parents saying he was the Orange Ranger, at some point he made a modification to R.I.C. to become a motorcycle to help Bridge, Z and Syd against a Blue-Head Krybot.

Deltamax Strikers[]

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The Deltamax Strikers are highly versatile weapons that can be used for both short and long range attacks. This common weapon resides at the side and inside its holster when in laser mode. Each ranger (except Red) have a Deltamax Knuckle, while their "blades" vary in size.

The Red Ranger is equipped with a variation of a Deltamax Striker while in his Battlizer's Cyber Mode.

Legend Ranger Devices[]

Delta Blasters[]

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Delta Blasters

The Delta Blasters are twin sidearms specific for the Red Ranger. They can be used to fire intense laser blasts.

Once combined, they form the Delta Blaster Combo Mode, which resembles the design of Delta Runner 1. The Red Ranger can fire a highly concentrated blast which has enough power to confine or, in the case of expendable enemies such as Krybots, destroy the enemy.

Shadow Saber[]

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TSD-DSword Vega

Shadow Saber

Shadow Saber is the personal sword of the Shadow Ranger. With it, Shadow Ranger can perform the Containment Strike: Shadow Ranger charges at an enemy and slashes them into a Containment Card. Icthior has a similar weapon, called the Ocean Saber.

S.P.D. Battlizer[]

The S.P.D. Battlizer is used by Jack Landors (S.P.D. B-Squad Red Ranger), and once by Sky Tate. In Reflection, Kat Manx completed the technology in R.I.C.'s system. The Battlizer has two modes, a regular one used for ground-based light-weight combat, and one using R.I.C.'s body that also is used for the finishing move that grants the Battlizer's user flying power. Jack originally tested it out in Part One and succeeded by destroying Slate's split apart impersonations of several detained villains and imprison Slate. In Part Two, Jack lets Sky use it to avenge his father by defeating Mirloc.

S.W.A.T. Mode[]


B-Squad Rangers donning their new S.W.A.T. Mode in S.W.A.T. Part 2.

S.W.A.T. (Special Weapons And Tactics) Mode was created by Dr. Manx for B-Squad to give them extra power only if the team can work together. It was first used in S.W.A.T. Part 2 to battle Stench and Thresher, who stole S.P.D.'s top-secret technology.

S.W.A.T. Mode includes vests with Morpher holders, body and leg armor and head-equipped sensors and communicators. It has many other valuable functions, including night and thermal visions. The Rangers summon this gear via their Morphers ("S.P.D., S.W.A.T. Mode!" is the call). They are also equipped with Delta Enforcers. This mode is based on the S.W.A.T. team in actual law enforcement agencies. S.W.A.T. Mode seems to be equivalent of the A-Squad's standard gear. Unlike with the Lights of Orion, the main five S.P.D Rangers do not all need to be present to use it.

Delta Enforcers[]

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Delta Enforcer

The Delta Enforcer is the standard laser-firing weapon of the B-Squad Rangers' S.W.A.T. Mode.

The Enforcer comes with three cards, each with a different purpose. To activate each one at a time, the user must open the hatch on top of the blaster via pulling a special tab built onto the Enforcer's back, which reveals a card holder. Then, they must slide the card on the side of the Enforcer to reveal a special flip-out card slot hidden under the hatch and load the card into the Enforcer. This blaster was also used by Ravi in Beast Morphers Season 2 Evox Unleashed.

Legend Ranger Devices[]

Vehicles and other Miscellany[]

Delta Cruiser[]

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Delta Cruiser

The Delta Cruiser is the standard patrol vehicle of the B-Squad Rangers.

Delta Patrol Cycles[]

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Blue Delta Patrol Cycle

The Delta Patrol Cycles are the Red, Blue and Green Rangers' personal vehicles. Created by Kat, these cycles are very fast and have lasers at their disposal. The Red and Green Patrol Cycles are sleek and powerful, while the Blue Ranger's Patrol Cycle is a slightly bulky older model.


Red Delta Patrol Cycle


Green Delta Patrol Cycle

Delta ATV[]


Delta ATV

The Delta ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) is the Shadow Ranger's personal vehicle. It is equipped with powerful blasters. The ATV was created by Kat when Cruger was relieved of his status as Commander by S.P.D.'s Supreme Commander.

Uniforce Cycle[]

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The Uniforce Cycle is the Omega Ranger's personal vehicle. He uses it to patrol the streets near Space Patrol Delta and return to the base. It is designed as only having one single wheel as its name indicates ("uni" is the prefix term for "one").

S.W.A.T. Truck[]


S.W.A.T. Truck

The S.W.A.T. Truck is an armored truck used by the B-Squad Rangers. It can be driven from the front or the top. During the final battle with the Troobian Empire, Sergeant Silverback arrives with another one.

S.P.D. Ship[]


S.P.D. Transportation Ship[]


Other Devices[]

S.P.D. Enforcers[]


S.P.D. Enforcer

The S.P.D. Enforcers are A-Squad's primary weapons are large laser blasters.

S.P.D. Shovel[]


S.P.D. Controller[]


S.P.D. Sword[]


S.P.D. Sword

A katana-like sword. It was used by Jack Landors in sword-practice against Anubis "Doggie" Cruger and his Shadow Saber.Tvicon TV STORY-Samurai

S.P.D. Remote[]

A remote owned by Sergeant Silverback which was able to forcefully demorph B-Squad after demoting them back to D-Squad for their inability to work together.





Team Blaster and Power-Ups[]



Dino Charge Morpher (Beast Morphers Season 2)

The Delta Enforcer in the Ranger Vault

PRBM-Delta Enforcer

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