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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Ranger Operators. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the RPM series page as well as the team page of the Ranger Operators.


Cell Shift Morpher

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Rev Morpher

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Sky Morpher

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Rail Blaster


Rail Blaster

See also: Kankan Mantan Gun

The Rail Blaster is formed when the rangers unite a Nitro Blaster and the Rail Saber. It usually uses the power of the Paleozord Engine Cell Chips.

Nitro Blaster

See also: Self-Changing Mantan Gun

Prrpm-ar-nitroblasters 3

Nitro Blaster

The Nitro Blaster is the basic weapon used by all five RPM Rangers. The weapon starts out as a blaster style weapon, but can be morphed into a saber mode. The blaster bares a superficial resemblance to a fuel pump.

Rail Saber


Rail Saber

See also: Double Engine Soul Kankanbar

The Rail Saber is a weapon that is similar to the Nitro Blaster. The two guns can combine to together. It was first used by Gem against Kilobyte using the power of two of the Paleozord Engine Cell Chips (Tyranno and Tricera to be exact).

Wheel Blaster


See also: Handle Blaster

Wheel Blasters are formed from the steering columns of the Zenith and SkyRev Megazords or the RPM Ultrazord (all of which use the same cockpit.) When a special Engine Cell is placed inside, it can be used to perform these formations' finishing attacks. On one occasion, they were used outside of the Zords as weapons in and of themselves.

Cloud Hatchet


Cloud Hatchets

See also: Switch Jet Sword Rocket Dagger

The Cloud Hatchet is the Ranger Operators Gold and Silver's primary weapon. With it, one can perform attacks such as to freeze, to fire lasers, create fire or fly. It can combine with the Sky Morpher to form the SkyShift Blazer.

Attacks are done by activating numbers using the switches. Pressing a single numbered switch activates an attack, while pressing two or three unleashes other attacks.

  • Slash Mode is activated by flipping switch #1. The hatchet emits fire.
  • Ice Mode is activated by flipping switch #2. The hatchet emits a mist which turns into ice.
  • Lightning Mode is activated by flipping switch #3. The hatchet emits a lightning attack.
  • Energy Mode is activated by flipping switches #1 and #3 (which add up into four). It is an attack where blasts are released from an arc when the hatchet is swung.
  • Laser Mode is activated by flipping switches #2 and #3 (which add up into five) The hatchet is able to emit lasers when activated.
  • Jet Mode is activated by flipping all three switches #1, #2 and #3 (which add into six). The hilt becomes a jet that allows for flight.

SkyShift Blazer


SkyShift Blazers

See also: Wing Booster

The SkyShift Blazer is a higher-level weapon for Ranger Operators Gold and Silver. It is dependent on Engine Cells. It is the combination of the Cloud Hatchet and the Sky Morpher. It can perform a finishing attack by putting in Engine Cells 7 or 8 or the Engine Cells for the finishing attacks for SkyRev Megazord and RPM Ultrazord.

Individual Weapons and Team Blasters

RPM Enforcer


RPM Enforcer

See also: Super Highway Buster

When the main three's Road Blaster is combined with the other two Rangers' Turbo Plasma Launcher, it creates the powerful RPM Enforcer, which is powered by Engine Cells.

Road Blaster


Road Blaster

See also: Highway Buster

The Road Blaster combines the Street Saber and Turbo Cannon to form a blaster that utilizes the Zip Charger as a projectile. Once an Engine Cell is inserted, the rangers can fire a blast in the shape of the cell's respective zord.

Street Saber

Street Saber

See also: Road Saber

The Street Saber is Ranger Operators Series Red's unique weapon. The inner part of the blade resembles a strip of road. It combines with the Turbo Cannon to form the Road Blaster, which uses the Zip Charger as its projectile. When in this mode, the screen identifies it as the Road Saber (reminiscent of its Japanese counterpart).

Turbo Cannon

Turbo Cannon

See also: Garage Launcher

The Turbo Cannon is Ranger Operators Series Blue's unique weapon. It combines with the Street Saber to form the Road Blaster, which uses the Zip Charger as its projectile. When in this mode, the weapon's screen identifies it as the Garage Launcher (reminiscent of its Japanese counterpart).

Zip Charger

Zip Charger

See also: Racing Bullet

The Zip Charger is Ranger Operator Series Yellow's unique weapon. She revs it on her arm and releases it to do attacks via remote. It is used as the projectile when Street Saber and Turbo Cannon combine form the Road Blaster. When in this mode, the weapon's screen identifies it as the Racing Bullet (reminiscent of its Japanese counterpart).

Turbo Plasma Launcher


Turbo Plasma Launcher

See also: Junction Rifle

The Turbo Plasma Launcher is the combination of the secondary Ranger Operators' weaponry: the Turbo Axe and the Rocket Blaster. When a Zord Engine Cell Chip is set in the weapon, it fires two beams that combine into the destructive plasma essence of the cell's respective Zord Attack Vehicle as it hits the target.

Turbo Axe

Turbo Axe

See also: Bridge Axe

The Turbo Axe is Ranger Operator Series Green's special weapon.

It can combine with the Rocket Blaster to form the Turbo Plasma Launcher.

Rocket Blaster

Rocket Blaster

See also: Cowl Laser

The Rocket Blaster is Ranger Operator Series Black's special weapon. It is a powerful projectile launcher.

It can combine with the Turbo Axe to form the Turbo Plasma Launcher.

Vehicles and other Miscellany

Ranger Prototype Series Covert Infantry Bio-Suit

Developed by Dr. K and her team, these are the ultimate results of the development of exo-skeleton robotic suits to amplify human strength and speed[1]. This was an attempt to harness the human body’s natural electrical output to prolong the suit’s battery life. The discovery of the universal bio-electrical field led to uncharted advancements in technology.

The material is a self-assembling nano-fiber formed with an inter-cellular sheet memory alloy. There are currently seven usable suits, but as the threat of Venjix has ended, there are currently none in use.

The Ranger-series bio-suits were kept in storage unless in use for battle. They are accessible by using the Cell Shift Morpher for the Red, Blue and Yellow series, Rev Morpher for the Green and Black series, and the SkyShift Morpher for the Gold and Silver series.

RPM Vehicles

Scott drives a Nissan Sylvia '94.
Flynn drives a Blue Hummer. Gem and Gemma rides with Flynn for battles.
Summer drives a Dirt Bike.
Dillon drives a black Pontiac GTO and Ziggy rides with him for battles.

Project GO-ONGER


Project GO-ONGER

Project GO-ONGER, or Ground Outdoor Operational Network General-Purpose Explorational Rover, is a multi-terrain attack and surveillance vehicle which allows the Rangers to explore the wasteland outside of Corinth. It holds communications equipment allowing the Rangers to keep in contact with Dr. K, and is also designed to allow the Rangers to use a fraction of their arsenal well outside the operational range of the dome, as their weapons and Zords, which typically cannot be utilized unless the Rangers are inside or at least near the city. Scott claimed that it was Colonel Mason Truman's "favourite possession in the entire world". It was manufactured in the Nevada Desert; presumably Area 51. [2]


  • The vehicle's name directly comes from the Japanese Super Sentai Series' Engine Sentai Go-onger
  • The exterior is based off of the Ginjiro from Go-onger, the series from which RPM is based.



Multi-Use Devices


Individual Weapons and Team Blasters



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