The following is a list of weapons, and other tools used by the Psycho Rangers, the evil counterparts of the Space Rangers.


Psycho Sword

See also: NejiSaber

The Psycho Sword is the personal weapon of Psycho Red, and his counterpart to Andros' Spiral Saber.

Psycho Rod

See also: NejiRod

The Psycho Rod is the personal weapon of Psycho Black, and his counterpart to Carlos' Lunar Lance.

Psycho Axe

See also: NejiTomahawk

The Psycho Axe is the personal weapon of Psycho Blue, and his counterpart to T.J.'s Astro Axe.

Psycho Sling

See also: NejiSling

The Psycho Sling is the personal weapon of Psycho Yellow, and her counterpart to Ashley's Star Slinger.

Psycho Bow

See also: NejiArrow

The Psycho Bow is the personal weapon of Psycho Pink, and her counterpart to Cassie's Satellite Stunner.

Savage Sword

The Savage Sword is an ancient sword stuck in a stone on a planet that comes into the possession of Psycho Pink. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Lost Galaxy

Psycho Silverizer

See also: Silver Blazer

Zhane wielded this version of his own Super Silverizer when posing as a fake Psycho Silver. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Five Of A Kind


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