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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Ohrangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Ohranger series page as well as the team page of the Ohrangers.

Transformation Devices

Power Braces

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The two-part Power Braces are the Ohrangers' transformation devices.

King Brace

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KingRanger's own personal variant of the Power Brace.


OH Suits

The powered suits of the five core Ohrangers, developed by UAOH's science and technology department using information derived from ancient records of the King Suit. OH is an abbreviation of Overtech Hardware and is also the Japanese word for "king". They are designed to increase the physical capabilities of their wearer by using the Storage Crystal in the right Power Brace to draw on the Super Power of the Ancient Civilization. The suits are made of a special cermet fiber which makes them resistant to cold, heat and pressure. However, equipping the suit puts a tremendous strain on the wearer's body thus transformation is used only when absolutely necessary. When not in use, the OH suits are stored within the left Power Brace.

Their joined team attacks is the Chouriki Dynamite Attack where the five core Ohrangers initiate their own version of OhBlue's Crashing: Rolling Bomber while silhouettes of their respective mechs appear behind them. They then unite into a white ball that plows through their foe, destroying him/her/it.

All six Gokaigers perform the Chouriki Dynamite Attack when they Gokai Change into the Ohrangers.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 22: Promise from the Star

King Suit

KingRanger's suit. Created by an ancient civilization, it was made of a special metal fiber called Kaiser Metal (カイザーメタル Kaizā Metaru). It's functionally similar to the OH Suits, but with a greater output of power.

Sidearms, Individual Weapons, and Team Blaster


  • King Smasher (キングスマッシャー Kingu Sumasshā): An energy rifle formed by combining a Battle Stick with a King Blaster. It shoots a red and yellow laser blast. Can be used by all five Ohrangers to finish off an opponent.

    King Smasher, Battle Stick, and King Blaster

    • Battle Sticks (バトルスティック Batoru Sutikku): Collapsible baton weapons wielded by the Ohrangers. Can be combined with the King Blasters to form the King Smashers. Can also be used in the Battle Stick Hurricane team attack.
    • King Blaster (キングブラスター Kingu Burasutā): Standard laser pistol sidearms wielded by the Ohrangers. It shoots a weak red laser blast. They can be combined with the Ohrangers' other weapons to form even more powerful tools.

Individual Weapons

The Ohranger's individual weapons manifested from their visors the same way their suits do. When initiating special attacks, a silhouette of their mecha motifs appears behind them as their weapons charge with their respective color as energy.

Star Riser, Square Crushers, Delta Tonfas, Twin Baton, and Circle Defenser

  • Star Riser (スターライザー Sutā Raizā): OhRed's sword. Its special attack is the Secret Sword: Super-Power Riser (秘剣・超力ライザー Hiken Chōriki Raizā) sword slash and it can also fire an energy beam from the star symbol in its hilt.
  • Square Crushers (スクエアクラッシャー Sukuea Kurasshā): A pair of powerful hatchets wielded by OhGreen. Special attack is Lightning: Super-Power Crusher (電光・超力クラッシャー Denkō Chōriki Kurasshā) flying cross slash empowered with green energy.
  • Delta Tonfas (デルタトンファ Deruta Tonfa): A pair of mighty bladed-tonfas wielded by OhBlue. Special attack is Lightning: Super-Power Tonfas (稲妻・超力トンファ Inazuma Chōriki Tonfa) flying cross drop.
  • Twin Baton (ツインバトン Tsuin Baton): A pair of strong nunchaku wielded by OhYellow. Its special attack is the Explosion: Chouriki Baton (炸裂・超力バトン Sakuretsu Chōriki Baton) nunchuck swing.
  • Circle Defenser (サークルディフェンサー Sākuru Difensā): A powerful defensive shield and weapon wielded by OhPink. Its special attack is the Hurricane: Chouriki Defenser (疾風・超力ディフェンサー Shippū Chōriki Difensā) propelled shield bash.

Big Bang Buster

Big Bang Buster (ビッグバンバスター Biggu Ban Basutā): A special combination of the main five Ohrangers' weapons and a King Smasher. The weapon is used to finish off normal-sized Machine Beasts and can even destroy a weakened enlarged Machine beast.

King Stick

King Stick

See also: Golden Power Staff

King Stick (キングスティック Kingu Sutikku), a mighty scepter wielded by KingRanger, given to Riki by Dorin upon their arrival on Earth. While it can be used as a blunt weapon, its middle portion can slide down its length to create a bladed edge. Its special attacks are the King Victory Flash golden bullet flurry and King Tornado, where he releases a gold mist whilst spinning that seems to attack foes.

Team Cannon

Olé Bazooka

Ole Bazooka

Olé Bazooka (オーレバズーカ Ōre Bazūka): A Cannon loaded with Hyper Storage Crystals, used to finish off Machine Beasts.

Other Weapons

Giant Roller

Giant Roller

Giant Roller (ジャイアントローラー Jaianto Rōrā): A giant wheel stored inside Sky Phoenix, used by OhRed (and in one instance OhBlue) to destroy normal-sized Machine Beasts.



Thunderwings (サンダーウィング Sandāwingu): Air force fighter jets piloted by UAOH members, including the Core Ohranger.

Jetter Machines

Jetter Machines

Jetter Machines: Five motorcycles that serve as the Ohrangers' personal transportation. Can be stored into the Thunderwings until they are needed.

  • Red Jetter (レッドジェッター Reddo Jettā): OhRed's motorcycle.
  • Green Jetter (グリーンジェッター Gurīn Jettā): OhGreen's motorcycle.
  • Blue Jetter (ブルージェッター Burū Jettā): OhBlue's motorcycle.
  • Yellow Jetter (イエロージェッター Ierō Jettā): OhYellow's motorcycle.
  • Pink Jetter (ピンクジェッター Pinku Jettā): OhPink's motorcycle.


Transformation Devices

Sidearms, Individual Weapons, and Team Blaster

Team Cannon

Other Weapons


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