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The following is a list of all the weapons, vehicles, and Zords in the Ninja Storm Rangers' arsenal.


Wind Morphers


Wind Morphers.

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With the call of "Ninja Storm, Ranger Form", and the spin of a power disc, the Wind Morphers allow three ordinary teens to transform into Rangers. The Wind Morpher can also dispense ninja beams in combat. Given to them by Sensei Kanoi Watanabe, and most likely developed by Cameron Watanabe.

Thunder Morphers


Thunder Morphers.

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Morphers of the Thunder Rangers. They were given to Blake and Hunter by the Thunder Ninja Academy Sensei, Omino, during an attack on the Thunder Ninja Academy, but they were unable to use them before being captured.

Samurai Amulet/Samurai Cyclone Morpher


Samurai Amulet.

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Cam traveled back in time to retrieve his mother's Samurai Amulet, and used it in present day to become the Green Samurai Ranger. Cam wears the small amulet around his neck. When needed, it grows into a morpher.

In the season finale, Lothor steals the amulet from Cam, using it to open the Abyss of Evil and steal the Ranger's powers.

Lightning Morpher


Lightning Morpher.

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When summoning the power of the Karminion, Shane's Wind Morpher transforms into the Lightning Morpher, which grants him access to the Tri-Battlized Armor.

Multi-Use Devices

Power Discs

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Ninja Sword/Laser Blaster

This common Ranger weapon is strapped to the back at all times. An enhancement program developed by Cam can increase the tensile strength of the blade, allowing stronger attacks.

The Ninja Swords has the ability to increase its power in Gold Mode, thanks to Cyber Cam.

Thunder Staff


Thunder Staff

Hunter and Blake carry Thunder Staffs. It can extend into a full length staff, transform into the Tornado Star for throwing, and transform into the Thunder Shield for defense.

Individual Weapons and Team Blasters

Thunderstorm Cannon


Thunderstorm Cannon

The Thunderstorm Cannon is a combination of the Wind Rangers' Storm Striker and the Thunder Rangers' Thunder Blaster.

Storm Striker

NS Storm Striker

Storm Striker

The Storm Striker is a blaster cannon formed by combining the Hawk Blaster, Sonic Fin & Lion Hammer. Its finishing attack varies depending on which of the three weapons is placed in front.

Storm Striker Red

By placing the Sonic Fin in the Back, the Lion Hammer in the middle and the Hawk Blaster in front, the finisher is a fireball of energy which bursts upon contact with its target. This Mode is the one used most by the Wind Rangers.

Storm Striker Blue

By placing the Lion Hammer in the Back, the Hawk Blaster in the middle and the Sonic Fin in front, the finisher is a blue sound wave bubble that engulfs its target, lifting them up into the air where it explodes with the target still inside. This mode was only used once by the Wind Rangers.

Storm Striker Yellow

By placing the Hawk Blaster in the Back, the Sonic Fin in the middle and the Lion Hammer in front, the finisher involves raising the storm striker up which then fires a yellow beam, the end of which turns into a huge 100 ton weight that is slowly brought down, causing the weight to slam down atop the target monster, crushing them explosively. This mode is the one that can combine with the Thunder Rangers' Thunder Blaster to form the Thunderstorm Cannon.

Hawk Blaster

Hawk Blaster

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The Hawk Blaster is used by Shane Clarke. When the trigger is pressed, a powerful turbine revs up to allow powerful shots.

Sonic Fin

Sonic Fin

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The Sonic Fin is used by Tori Hanson. It is a megaphone like weapon and is able to use sound waves to lift the enemy off their feet, or make them cringe in pain.

Lion Hammer

Lion Hammer

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The Lion Hammer is used by Dustin Brooks. The weapon is capable of causing tremors when it strikes the ground.

Thunder Blaster


Thunder Blaster

Blaster formed by combining the Navy Antler and Crimson Blaster.

Crimson Blaster

Crimson Blaster, Navy Antler, Thunder Staff w/ Navy Antler

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The Crimson Blaster is Hunter Bradley's weapon. It can fire rapid bursts of energy.

Navy Antler
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The Navy Antler is Blake Bradley`s weapon based on a grappler. It can electrify targets upon catching them, and can also be attached to a Thunder Staff.

Samurai Saber


Samurai Saber

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The sword of the Green Samurai Ranger has a sheath that makes it look like a baseball bat and a computerized handle which is patched into the computers at Ninja Ops. It can also amplify Cam's voice.

Special Weapons

Lightning Riff Blaster


Lightning Riff Blaster

The Rangers can use The Blaster by summoning the Mighty Mammoth Zord. The Blaster is also Cam's weapon.

Thunder Blade


Thunder Blade

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A special weapon given to Blake by the Thunder Academy Sensei. He spent time training with it under the guidance of a Thunder Academy graduate before revealing it in battle.


Super Samurai Mode


Cam in Super Samurai Mode

The Super Samurai Mode was used by Cam. This mode automatically came with his morpher; he didn't have to unlock it. In this mode, he appears to use a sword better than usual. This mode also increases his speed and strength, more than that of the average ninja (probably related to the removal of an overweighted chestplate, weighted clothing enhancing strength and reflexes being a cliche in Japanese series).

Tri-Battlized Armor

The Tri-Battlized Armor is used by Shane Clarke (Red Wind Ranger). In "Shane's Karma", Shane encountered an alien being named Skyla, who he saved when he was younger. Skyla insisted that she give Shane something in return for his deed; the Battlizer he received resulted in the defeat of Vexacus.


Ninja Gliders


Aerial transports for the Wind Rangers, summoned by pressing their belt buckles.

Tsunami Cycles

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Cameron Watanabe created five Tsunami Cycles for both the Wind and Thunder Rangers, which can fire laser blasts. Each bike matches the color of the Ranger that uses it. While the Thunder Rangers' cycles were based off the Bari Thunders used by the Gouraigers, the Wind Rangers' cycles did not appear in Hurricaneger but are a Power Rangers Exclusive.

Mobile Command Center


Mobile Command Center

The mobile command center holds the Tsunami Cycles, and can be remote controlled by Cam.

Ninja Glider Cycle


Hunter with the Ninja Glider Cycle.

The Ninja Glider Cycle is a cycle created by Perry the motocross inventor. When Hunter was captured by Motodrone, his powers were imprinted onto a vehicle, creating the Ninja Glider Cycle. After being freed, Hunter claimed the cycle as his own, and used it to destroy Motodrone. The Ninja Glider Cycle can transform from a cycle to a rocket powered glider which is able to fire laser blasts. The Bike was destroyed by Vexacus and Condortron. Later it was last seen in second part of A Calm Before the Storm and never seen again.

Dragonforce Vehicle


Dragonforce Vehicle

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The Dragonforce Vehicle was armed with the Gem of Lost Souls and used by Cam to infiltrate Lothor's ship and rescue the captured ninja students. Although the mission failed, the Thunder Rangers later used the Dragonforce Vehicle to rescue the students from Lothor's ship as it self-destructed. The Dragonforce Vehicle has two modes - a compact turtle-like mode armed with drills, and a dragon-like mode which can shoot flames. It was only used twice.



Multi-Use Devices


Individual Weapons and Team Blasters

Special Weapons



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