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Transformation Devices

Ninja Battle Morpher

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The Ninja Battle Morpher is the morphing device used by the five core Ninja Steel Rangers. The Ninja Battle Morpher is able to transform into a larger Battle Mode after which it can change into three different weapon forms, all marked with their respective kanji: Blade Mode, a short sword; Bow Mode, which allows any Ranger to fire energy arrows; and Claw Mode, a tri-claw designed for swift stabs. The fourth is Morph Mode, which allows them to morph to their Ranger form by calling out "Ninja Spin!" before spinning the Ninja Power Stars.

Gold Ninja Battle Morpher

Gold Star Morpher
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Gold Ninja Battle Morpher is the personal morphing device of Ninja Steel Gold. It has a blaster mode where it becomes a small energy pistol capable of destroying concrete.

Lion Fire Morpher

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Lion Fire Morpher is the power-up bracelet used to assume the Ninja Steel Rangers' powered-up form, Lion Fire Mode.

Communication Devices


Originally used to interface with the Galaxy Warriors dome ship to provide in-ship information and assess battles, the Datacom also has independent communication capabilities. Mick is able to repair his after being damaged on his fall to Earth. The Datacom is designed after the Ninja Power Stars, which Galvanax had in his possession at the time. While closed, the Datacom can communicate with the ship computer or anyone else with a Datacom. Open, it can facilitate video chat. Levi has his own gold colored variation. Rocking and Rolling


PRNStl - Ninja Com

Ninja Com

The Ninjacom is the Ninja Steel Rangers' primary method of communication. With the device, the Rangers are able to contact with each other electronically. At the end of the third episode, Mick and Brody crafted the Ninjacoms for the Ninja Steel Power Rangers to use. Live and Learn

The Ninjacom appears to resemble a gray-colored wristwatch. It has a built-in speaker that allows one Ranger to contact his/her teammate(s).

Multi-Use Devices

Ninja Power Stars

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Core Nin Shuriken

The core five Ninja Power Stars

The Ninja Power Stars are small throwing stars used by the Ninja Steel Rangers to unlock their powers, forms, and Zords. The Ninja Steel Rangers can also throw copies of their Morphing Power Stars for various kinds of attacks.[1]

Individual Weapons and Team Weapons

Rockstorm Guitar

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Star Sword Gun

Rockstorm Guitar

The Rockstorm Guitar is the personal weapon of Ninja Steel Gold, in which it combines three types of equipment into a single weapon. The weapon itself has two modes in which to launch attacks, greatly maximizing the range of attacks that the weapon can utilize to deal with enemies and monsters alike due to how easy it is to switch modes, which is a simple switching of the grip. It also strums like an actual electric guitar.

The signature attack of this weapon is the Rockstorm Blast which requires no Power Stars to operate. This attack usually manifests as a bolt of golden lightning firing from the tip although it can also manifest as mere energy balls such as when he fought Basher Bots in the episode "Rocking and Rolling."

To utilise attacks, the dual-element Storm Star is placed right in the soundhole compartment of the weapon before strumming it to activate their corresponding attacks.

The main finishing attack with this weapon is the Storm Star; Tornado Slashes Final Attack where Levi inserts his personal Element Star, switches it to Tornado Mode, and swings the Rockstorm Guitar around in one direction, surrounding himself with a golden tornado. He would then zoom towards the monster and slash them multiple times with golden energy, finishing them off with an energy slash right through the middle. He would then typically take a selfie and the monster would be destroyed.


Ninja Star Blade

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Ninja Star Blade

The Ninja Star Blade is the main sidearm for the main five Ninja Steel Rangers. The Ninja Star Blade is the main sidearm for the main five Ninja Steel Rangers.

When the blue button marked with the kanji for "Technique" (技 Waza) is pressed and one of the main Ninja Power Stars is spun in the Ninja Star Blade, it activates a finisher attack:

  • Steel Slash: A Ninja Steel Ranger slashes fast and hard, swinging the Ninja Star Blade with powerful and fast swings, then jumps into the air. As the Ranger comes down, they spin in place until they land with a finishing strike. This is the Ninja Steel Ranger's primary finisher, and the Ninja Steel Rangers have made many variations.
    • Ninja Fusion Fury: With the Ninja Fusion Star and an extra Ninja Star Blade loaned by Ninja Steel Blue, Ninja Steel Red creates 3 extra Ninja Star Blades to shield him from an incoming attack by Ripcon, then trap him with said three Ninja Star Blades, forming a barrier around the monster while doing so. Ninja Steel Red then rushes in, slashing Ripcon 5 times, using all 5 Ninja Star Blades for each core Ninja Steel Ranger, until he raises his energized blade one final time, combining with the energies of all 5 Rangers, making the blade larger and longer, and gives Ripcon one final vertical slash, with four energy lesser slashes with the colors of the other Ninja Steel Rangers following up from the original slash. This was only used against Ripcon although it failed to destroy him. Family Fusion
    • Magic Dragon Super Slash: A tag-team version of the Steel Slash with Ninja Steel Red and Ninja Steel Blue, where Ninja Steel Red activates the finisher on the Ninja Star Blade, while Ninja Steel Blue conjures a tall flaming dragon around the Ninninger, then bathes the monster in magic-based flame, with Ninja Steel Red landing the final blow. This was only used against Abrakadanger Abrakadanger (episode)
    • Blue Tornado Strike: Performed by Ninja Steel Blue and acts as his personal finishing move. Ninja Steel Blue spins the body to create a tornado-like attack and rushes to and around the enemy, rapidly slashing the target. Poisonous Plots

Ninja Blaster

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The Ninja Blasters are the main pistol weapons of the five Ninja Steel Rangers, modeled after a frog.

To activate the finisher, a Ninja Steel Ranger inserts a Ninja Power Star into the back of the gun, making the mouth open to make a barrel in the shape of a frog's tongue pop out and the gun until the trigger is pulled, where the gun fires a laser in the colour and shape of a frog's tongue that homes in onto the target and pierces it. This is dubbed the Ninja Blaster Whiplash attack.

Cockpit Control Weapons

Ninja Master Blade


Ninja Master Blade

The Ninja Master Blade accompanies Ninja Master Mode and is activated when the Ninja Master Mode Star is spun on the Ninja Star Blade. While primarily a sword, it has a chainsaw/buzzsaw design. To activate the finisher, the Ranger pulls on the ripcord to spin the three throwing star buzzsaws on the blade section. Unlike the previous cockpit weapon, the Dino Super Drive Saber, this weapon only works with the Ninja Steel Megazord. It only appears in the Red Ninja Steel Ranger's hand.


Mega Morph Cycle


Mega Morph Cycle

When a Ninja Steel Ranger throws the Mega Morph Cycle Power Star, it transforms into the Mega Morph Cycle. It can shoot a powerful laser called the Plasma Blast.


Enter Mega Morph Cycle-0

Enter Mega Morph Cycle-0


Transformation Devices

Multi-Use Devices

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon


Cockpit Control Sword


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