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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Megarangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Megaranger series page as well as the team page of the Megarangers.

Transformation Devices


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Mega Suits

Mega Suits (メガスーツ Mega Sutsu): The powered suits worn by the Megarangers. Developed by INET and the Prof. Kubota, the Mega Suits originally were developed to be used for space exploration, but then the suits were modified for combat against Neziregia. The Mega Suits protect the wearer from shock, hazardous rays, and gas. When first equipped, as the DNA data of the user is recorded, the suits cannot be worn by another person afterwards. The specs of the suits are the following:

User Attack Power (AT) Defense Power (DF) Speed (SP) Jump Height
Mega Red 300 350 400 (3.0sec/100m) 30m
Mega Black 400 350 350 (4.0sec/100m) 25m
Mega Blue 280 300 350 (3.0sec/100m) 30m
Mega Yellow 280 300 350 (5.0sec/100m) 20m
Mega Pink 300 350 400 (5.0sec/100m) 20m
Mega Silver 280 300 350 (4.0sec/100m) 25m

The suits were originally devised by Kubota and his partner within I.N.E.T., Professor Samejima after a previous attempt to develop a means of enhancing humans for space travel lead to the death of Samejima's daughter, Shizuka. The original versions of the suits, physically powerful but bizarre in appearance, were rejected, but were ultimately brought with by Samejima after he joins Neziregia and used for his own Sentai squadron, Jaden Sentai Neziranger. After Samejima's abandonment of the project, Kubota started over, creating a silvery prototype with only 2.5 minutes of usage before creating the five standard Mega Suits, which are kept virtually within the Megaranger video game when not being used by the heroes themselves.

The suits have pre-installed combat prowess, allowing the previously unexperienced Megarangers to fight well during their first run. This is shown as a video game simulation of the suit vs its real-life enemies running in their helmets. Furthermore, this also allows them to plan their attacks Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 1: Don't Let Them! The Twisted Invaders.

Each suit possesses a special electronic-based ability which is activated as his/her crest lights up.

User Motif Ability
Mega Red Personal Computer Combat Data Storage
Mega Black Artificial Satellite Communication, Power Focus
Mega Blue Digital TV Stereoscopic vision, creation of virtual space, ability to restore space and enhance speed, physical holograms
Mega Yellow Digital Photocamera Pinpointing invisible enemies/objects and potential weak spots, creation of virtual space
Mega Pink Cellphone (Referred to as a Digital Mobile Phone during the series’ production) Radio Wave analysis and transmission
Mega Silver Microchip Has the combined abilities of the other five suits


Mega Sniper

See also: Astro Blaster

Mega Sniper

Mega Sniper (メガスナイパー Mega Sunaipā):  The standard sidearm of the Megarangers which can be separated into two weapons, the Mega Magnum (メガマグナム Mega Magunamu) and Mega Shot (メガショット Mega Shotto); to perform the Twin Shoot attack. The Mega Snipers can also be combined with each Ranger's individual weapon for increased firepower as well as to perform the Final Shoot attack where all five Megarangers fire their enhanced Mega Snipers at once.

Individual Weapons

Drill Saber

See also: Spiral Saber

Drill Saber (ドリルセイバー Doriru Seibā): MegaRed's personal weapon can perform the attacks Saber Slash (セイバースラッシュ Seibā Surasshu) slash attack and Screw Drill Saber (スクリュードリルセイバー Sukuryū Doriru Seibā) drill-first corkscrew jump Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 3: For Real! A Huge Nezire Beast. Combined with the MegaSniper, it creates the Drill Sniper (ドリルスナイパー Doriru Sunaipā).

During the battle with the Ultimate Lifeform, the Drill Saber was broken by the rebuilt and upgraded Yugande Relieve. It was then repaired and upgraded to form the Drill Sniper Custom (ドリルスナイパーカスタム Doriru Sunaipā Kasutamu), a powered-up version of the Drill Sniper that fires a super-charged shot, where the tip transforms into a double barreled aperture. Most of the time, this weapon is used alongside the MultiAttackRifle. It can also be powered up into the Super Drill Sniper Custom by pressing "03" on the Battle Riser to transfer its energy into the Drill Sniper.


See also: Quadro Blaster

The MultiAttackRifle (マルチアタックライフル Maruchi Atakku Raifuru) is the combined form of MegaBlack, Blue, Yellow, and Pink's individual weapons that fires a ball of destructive energy. Most of the time this weapon is used alongside the Drill Sniper Custom.

An alternate version using the Drill Saber but without the Mega Sling is created by Canary Nezilar in episode 37. Unlike the real MultiAttackRifle however, Canary Nezilar's version is incapable of firing due to the lack of a trigger.


See also: Lunar Lance

MegaRod (メガロッド Mega Roddo): MegaBlack's personal sasumata-like weapon that performs the Rod Break (ロッドブレーク Roddo Burēku) slash. Combined with his MegaSniper, it becomes the Rod Sniper (ロッドスナイパー Roddo Sunaipā). Forms the barrel and frame of the MultiAttackRifle.


See also: Astro Axe

MegaTomahawk (メガトマホーク Mega Tomahōku): MegaBlue's personal weapon which allows him to perform the Tomahawk Hurricane (トマホークハリケーン Tomahōku Harikēn) lateral (standing) spin attack. Combined with his MegaSniper, it becomes the Tomahawk Sniper (トマホークスナイパー Tomahōku Sunaipā). Forms the front handle of the MultiAttackRifle.


See also: Star Slinger

MegaSling (メガスリング Mega Suringu): MegaYellow's personal slingshot weapon which fires duel energy blasts from the apertures set in the uprights. When combined with the MegaSniper, it creates the Sling Sniper (スリングスナイパー Suringu Sunaipā). Forms the back handle and trigger of the MultiAttackRifle. The MegaSling can be used as a melee weapon.


See also: Satelite Stunner

MegaCapture (メガキャプチャー Mega Kyapuchā): MegaPink's personal weapon that resembles a handheld satellite dish. The MegaCapture is a multi-use weapon whose energy pulses can be used to damage enemies (Capture Shoot), disrupt digital signals, or act as sonar with MegaPink's crest to find hidden opponents. Combined with the MegaSniper, it creates the Capture Sniper (キャプチャースナイパー Kyapuchā Sunaipā). Forms the aperture of the MultiAttackRifle. Similar to the MegaSling, it can be used as a melee weapon.

Silver Blazer

See also: Super Silverizer

Silver Blazer (シルバーブレイザー Shirubā Bureizā): MegaSilver's personal arm-mounted weapon with sword and gun modes. Its finisher is the Blazer Impact (ブレイザーインパクト Bureizā Inpakuto); a salvo of blasts from the gun followed by an energized blade slash. Occasionally he can use this technique with just the sword slash alone. During the battles with the Nezirangers, MegaSilver disguised himself as NeziSilver with the Silver Blazer also disguised as the NeziBlazer.

Other Weapons



Battleraizer (バトルライザー Batoru Raizā): Special wrist-worn device given to Kenta by Prof. Kubota. It allows for powered-up chop, punch, and shooting attacks. It can also be used to summon and control the Delta Mega and activate the Super Galaxy Mega formation. In the two final battles against the Nezirangers, MegaSilver receives his own Battleraizer to control the Delta Mega and to help fight with Mega Winger. Near the finale MegaBlack and MegaYellow receive their own Battleraizers to help them rescue the others from Hinelar City as the city's barrier prevent their transformation. In Episode 29 and Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, MegaPink has a Battleraizer (though the former is because she temporarily borrowed Kenta's). Prof. Kubota once used the Battleraizer to command the Delta Mega in Episode 50 during the defense of the Moonbase. In the show proper MegaBlue is never shown with a Battleraizer.

  • 01: Increases a Megaranger's chopping and punching power, allowing him/her to perform the Riser Chop (ライザーチョップ Raizā Choppu), Riser Punch (ライザーパンチ Raizā Panchi), and Super Galaxy Mega's Super Galaxy Knuckle attacks. When temporary used by Canary Nezilar the attacks become Canary Chop (カナリアチョップ Kanaria Choppu) and Canary Punch (カナリアパンチ Kanaria Panchi)
  • 02: Enables Vulcan beams, even without the suit.
  • 03: Originally non-functional, this ability was updated in Episode 33. Powers-up the Mega Sniper, making its output 1.5 times as powerful (mostly on Super Drill Sniper Custom for the Full Power attack).


Mega Tector

Mega Tector armor

Mega Tector (メガテクター Mega Tekutā): In Denji Sentai Megaranger vs. Carranger, a small blue space fairy named Picot granted the Megarangers' wish to keep fighting and were granted this gold armor consisting of a chestplate, shoulderguards, knuckleguards and wristbands. They performed a special attack known as Rainbow Impulse that turned them into colored energy bullets that went through the enemies destroying them, which is very similar to the Lights of Ginga's team attack from Seijuu Sentai Gingaman. The armor was a movie exclusive and was never used in the actual TV series.


Cyber Sliders

See also: Galaxy Gliders

Cyber Sliders (サイバースライダー Saibā Suraidā): surf board-like devices capable of jet propelled flight. They serve as the Megarangers' primary form of transportation with one for each color. When Nezire beasts are enlarged by Bibidebi's Giant Virus, the Cyber Sliders are even able to transport the Megarangers out into space in order to activate Galaxy Mega.

  • Cyber Slider 1: MegaRed's Cyber Slider.
  • Cyber Slider 2: MegaBlack's Cyber Slider.
  • Cyber Slider 3: MegaBlue's Cyber Slider.
  • Cyber Slider 4: MegaYellow's Cyber Slider.
  • Cyber Slider 5: MegaPink's Cyber Slider.


See also: Megatank


Digitank (デジタンク Dejitanku): an armored vehicle used by the Megarangers for search and rescue.  Launched from the MegaShip, the Digitank is equipped with the MultiView Searcher scanner system and a fire suppression spray. Its armaments consist of the Digihand (デジハンド Dejihando), a robotic claw used to manipulate debris and cool down what it is holding, and a small top mounted turret/scanner combination called the Digital Particle Cannon (メガバーティカルキャノン Dejital Bātikuru Kyanon). Occasionally Prof. Kubota would use the Digitank when he traveled out onto the field. The Digitank was destroyed near the finale when Prof. Kubota tried to fight off Shibolena and Yugande.

Auto Slider

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Auto Slider Cyber Slider Mode

Auto Slider

Auto Slider (オートスライダー Ōto Suraidā): MegaSilver's vehicle, the prototype of the Cyber Sliders which is capable of transforming into a motorcycle. It is able to fire a laser blast called the Slider Beam (スライダービーム Suraidā Bīmu) from the headlights.


Transformation Devices


Individual Weapons and Team Blaster

Other Weapons



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