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Transformation Devices


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The MagiPhones (マージフォン Mājifon) is the Magirangers' means of accessing their magical powers. They allow access to Spells.

Heaven Phone GripPhone

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The GripPhone (グリップフォン Gurippufon) is MagiShine's transformation device.

Gold GripPhone

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The Gold GripPhone (ゴールドグリップフォン Gōrudo Gurippufon) is KaiShine's transformation device.

Silver MagiPhone

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The Silver MagiPhone (シルバーマギフォン Shirubā Magifon) is Miyuki's MagiPhone later on.

Fire WolzaPhone

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The Fire WolzaPhone (ファイヤーウーザフォン Faiyā Ūzafon) is Wolzard Fire's transformation device. Red version of WolzaPhone.


Magi Suits

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MagiSticks (マジスティック Magisutikku): The Magiranger's magic wands. Red, Yellow and Green's MagiSticks transform into various weapons (a sword, a crossbow and an axe respectively). Blue, Pink and Mother's are the only ones that don't transform. MagiMother's MagiStick was also longer, like the DialRods.

MagiLamp Buster

MagiLamp Buster (マジランプバスター Majiranpu Basutā): MagiShine's weapon, transformed from Smokey's MagiLamp. Uses the "Smoky Shinning Attack", where MagiShine fired a golden projection of Smoky punching and scratching the enemy. A variation of the finishing attack is the "Smoky Blue Shining Attack" with MagiBlue wielding the weapon.

Laser Lamp with Jenji

As a precious, MagiLamp Buster's Hazard Level is 285.

WolSabre & Jagun Shield

WolSabre & Jagun Shield (ウルサーベル&ジャガンシールド Urusāberu & Jagan Shīrudo): Wolzard (Fire)'s weapons. They are constantly in-hand.


Legend Magiranger

The Earth was endangered of being casted in the snow age forever thanks to two Beastmen Kings and they needed help from the snow-controlling Sky Saint. But she was inside a big fish, so they went inside it for her help. Snowjiel returned to their lost Magiranger powers and upgraded them to Legend. Appears in Episode 30. Once they got their Legend power, their elemental powers where going haywire in episode 31. They all get tied up in Makito's vines, Urara cries gushes of tears, Tsubasa's lighting shocks everybody else, Houka screams out a tornado, and Kai spits out fire. Lunagel is able to calm it down.

Magical Holy Staff DialRods

The weapon of Legend Mode, Magical Holy Staff DialRods (魔法聖杖ダイヤルロッド Mahō Kiyoshi Tsue Daiyaruroddo) are the result of combining the MagiPhone and MagiStick. Each one has a rotary dial design with the numbers 1-5 at the top, and performs a MagiBolt attack. When put together while casting the spell "Gii Golu MagiBolt", the Magirangers can perform the "Legend Finish" (レジェンドフィニッシュ Rejendo Finisshu) ("Family Legend Finish" when combined with MagiMother's MagiStick). Tsubasa transformed his DialRod into the "DialRod Bowgun" by casting the spell "Goo Magiiro". In the finale, MagiRed wielded both his MagiStick Sword and DialRod in performing the "Fatal Blade" attack, a technique taught to him by his father.

Other Weapons


Mystic Force Fighters
Magi Punch (マジパンチ Maji Panchi): MagiRed's personal weapon, summoned via the "Gi Gi Gigiru" spell (883). The "Fire Screw Upper" finishing attack can be performed while wearing these gloves. MagiYellow has used this occasionally. MagiBlue and MagiPink have used the same spell to summon the MagiPunch, but instead were pom-poms (however, when using it in Stage 15, MagiPink wore the same regular MagiPunch gloves).

Green Muscles

Green Mystic Ranger in Mystic Muscles

Green Muscles

Green Muscles (グリーンオマッスル Gurīn Massuru): MagiGreen can cast the "Magi Maagi" spell (01) for extra strength - his body becoming extremely muscular as a result. He becomes so strong that he can launch his siblings for aerial attacks. It was only shown twice.

Rock Armor

Magi Rock Armor

Rock Armor

Rock Armor (ロックアーマー Rokku Āmā): A stronger version of "Green Muscles" used by Legend MagiGreen. Summoned by the "Golu Maagi" spell, the user's enhanced body becomes bulletproof, able to take repeated shots on the same location.


Sky Hokies


Sky Hokies

Sky Hokies (スカイホーキー Sukai Hōkī): Five brooms that transform into the Magirangers' flying vehicles.
  • Red Sky Hoki: MagiRed's Sky Hoki.
  • Yellow Sky Hoki: MagiYellow's Sky Hoki.
  • Blue Sky Hoki: MagiBlue's Sky Hoki.
  • Pink Sky Hoki: MagiPink's Sky Hoki.
  • Green Sky Hoki: MagiGreen's Sky Hoki.




Skarpet (スカーペット Sukāpetto): MagiShine's flying carpet.


Transformation Devices



Other Weapons


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