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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Lupinrangers & Patrangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Lupinranger VS Patranger series page as well as the team page of the Lupinrangers & Patrangers.

Transformation Devices

VS Changer

VS Changer

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The VS Changer (VSチェンジャー Bui Esu Chenjā) is the transformation device/standard issue firearm of the Lupinrangers and Patrangers.

X Changer

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The X Changer (Xチェンジャー Ekusu Chenjā) is the transformation device/standard issue firearm of Lupin X/Patren X.

Multi-Use Devices

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The collectible devices of both Sentai are pieces of the famed Lupin Collection, mystical pieces of treasure found by the legendary Arsene Lupin. Despite the name not all pieces of the collection are found by Lupin as some are created by himself, created by certain engineers, or modified from already existing pieces.

The VS Changers, first three Dial Fighters, and first three trigger Machines were all manufactured by Noel, as well as the X Trains. The auxiliary VS Vehicles were either modified from already existing Pieces or made. GoodStriker is an interesting Piece as he was brought to life from Arsene Lupin's own wish to look out for the other Collection Pieces.

Individual Weapons

X Rod Sword

―when switching between weapon forms[src]

"X-Time! Countdown..."
―when initiating the finishing attack for Sword Mode[src]

"3! 2! 1! 0! Itadaki X-Strike!"
―finishing attack announcement for Sword Mode[src]

"X-Time! (shift) Ichi-tte! (shift) Ni-tte! (shift) San-tte! (shift) Jitte!!!"
―when initiating the finishing attack for Rod Mode[src]

"Ikki Tousen! Ichigeki X-Strike!"
―finishing attack announcement for Rod Mode[src]

The X Rod Sword (Xロッドソード Ekusu Roddo Sōdo) is the personal weapon of Lupin X/Patren X. This weapon has two modes: a sword and a rod (jutte). It is also used to pilot the X Trains when the weapon is set in the cockpit and the lever is moved to the middle. The initiation of the finisher differs between the forms.

For Lupin X, it initiates the Superior X (スペリオルエックス Superioru Ekkusu) attack, where he shifts the lever to the middle then to Sword Form, then slashes two rings in an X-pattern that rockets towards the opponent, leaving an X on the foe before s/he explodes. For Patren X, it initiates the Excellent X (エクセレントエックス Ekuserento Ekkusu) attack, where he shifts the lever three times (each with their own announcement) to then form a large sharp X sigil surrounded by a spinning ring of sharp crosses, then jabs the rod into the construct to fire it.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Number 24: Promise to Return Alive

In times where Noel needs to escape, he can slide the blade of the X Rod Sword against the X Train Silver on the X Changer to produce a large flash of silver light.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Number 23: Status Gold

Lupin Magnum

Lupin Magnum

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"Lupin Fever!"
―VS Changer combination announcement[src]

"(twist) Un! (twist) Deux! (twist) Trois!"
―dial spinning announcement when initiating a finisher[src]

"Itadaki! Do Strike!"
―Un's finisher announcement[src]

"Itadaki! Do Do Strike!"
―Deux's finisher announcement[src]

"Itadaki! Do Do Do Strike!"
―Trois' finisher announcement[src]

"Ikasama! Do Strike!"
―Trois' alternate finisher announcement[src]

The Lupin Magnum (ルパン・マグナム Rupan Magunamu) is the personal earned weapon of Lupin Red that transforms into a mecha. It is the ultimate piece of the Lupin Collection, the most powerful piece of them all.

The Magnum is a very powerful tool. While seemingly not able to fire rapidly like the VS Changers, the shots are far more powerful to compensate. To initiate finishers one has to place their VS Changer in the top slot of the weapon, then twist the weapon's back dial 360 degrees all the while the weapon counts down one to three in French. The wielder then holds the weapon by both handles- with the Magnum lying horizontally.

That initiates the Itadaki Do Do Do Strike- a spinning ring of bullets condense around the barrel of the Magnum that then forms into a giant gold bullet that destroys the opponent; not even a giant Gangler is safe from the weapon's destructive power. With the latter, it then uses the Ikasama Do Strike, where the Magnum charges a giant golden ball of energy that can clear through several cliffsides and still have the power to destroy the enlarged opponent.


Lupin Sword

The Lupin Sword (ルパンソード Rupan Sōdo) is the sidearm of the Lupinrangers. This weapon has two modes: sword and magic hand.

Pat MegaBo

The Pat MegaBo (パトメガボー Pato MegaBō) is the sidearm of the Patrangers. This weapon has two modes: megaphone and baton. The megaphone can also be used to paralyze opponents by yelling through it.

Other Devices

Lupinranger Belt Buckle (unofficial name)

The Lupinrangers have a detachable belt buckle in the shape of a card that has a grappling hook-like apparatus for quick escapes. Alternatively, it can also be used to bind opponents, body parts, etc.

Noel/Lupin X also has one, and it also works the same wayTvicon.png TV STORY-Number 26: The Hidden Auction, but instead it works similarly to the Dial Fighters in that it can unlock the safes of the Ganglers. Alternatively, it works similar to a futuristic phone as it can be used to analyze information with the help of holograms, and as such be used in quick situations (fixing a VS Vehicle with the X Changer, analyzing Gangler Safes, potentially more). It is not restricted to Lupin X as Noel can access it in his civilian form.

Lupinranger Masks (unofficial name)

When in their phantom thief outfits, the Lupinrangers conceal their identities with their color-coded eye masks. While at first they seemingly fail due to their coverage being only the eyes, Noel states that they have identity masking functionality, essentially making them unidentifiable with the naked eye.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Number 26: The Hidden Auction This explains why even the GSPO have trouble tracking them down.


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Transformation Devices

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon

Side Arms

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Transformation Devices

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon

Side Arms

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