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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Galaxy Rangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Lost Galaxy series page as well as the team page of the Galaxy Rangers.



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The Transmorphers are wrist mounted devices that allow the core five to morph into the Power Rangers, granting them extraordinary powers. These powers are over 3,000 years old, and awaited the chosen ones to claim them. The Rangers morphing call is "Go, Galactic!" so the Transmorphers are intertwined with the previous true holders of the Quasar Sabers, either living or dead, as was the case of Karone obtaining Kendrix's Transmorpher from the deceased Ranger's spirit and why Trakeena couldn't obtain the Pink Quasar Saber's true power. The Transmorphers are later shown to activate in a similar fashion as the Ginga Braces from Seijuu Sentai Gingaman in Trakeena's Revenge.

Magna Defender Morpher

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Magna Morpher.

When the Magna Defender died, he passed his powers onto Mike Corbett, powers he could call upon with the Magna Defender Morpher, in the form of a two-piece transformation device, with the right one being the key of sorts. The morphing call is "Magna Power!" The Magna powers were lost when Mike sacrificed them to hold a rift in space open for Terra Venture to escape The Lost Galaxy. As his Sentai counterpart, Hyuuga used the Bull Riot to transform and had no morpher of his own, the one used by Mike is a repainted Aura Changer of Gosei Sentai Dairanger series, whose footage was used in the second season of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers for the White Ranger and Thunder Zords.

Swords and Blasters

Quasar Sabers

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All Five Quasar Sabers

The Quasar Sabers are ancient swords of power placed in a stone altar 3,000 years ago on Mirinoi, it was prophesied that only the "chosen ones" would be able to free the sabers from the stone and wield their power to guarantee peace and the triumph of good. For centuries the people of Mirinoi attempted to pull the sabers from the stone but all who tried failed. Ultimately, Maya (a native of Mirinoi) and five citizens of the space colony Terra Venture (who arrived to protect her world from Furio) were able to pull the swords from their altar. Gaining the sabers' power and tapping into the Morphing Grid allowed Damon Henderson, Kai Chen, Maya, Kendrix Morgan (later also Karone, the former Power Rangers In Space villain Astronema, at time after Kendrix’s death on planet Onyx), and Leo Corbett (after the Red Quasar Saber was passed to him by brother, Mike, who originally freed the saber, before his apparent death) to become the Galaxy Power Rangers.

Each of the sabers are specialized for their individual Ranger, each marked with that Ranger's Galactabeast. They can also channel the power of the Rangers for devastating elemental attacks. The sabers are the primary weapon of the Galaxy Rangers, even after they obtained the Transdaggers. When sheathed, the Quasar Sabers automatically shorten into daggers, to avoid getting in the way when not in use. When the Rangers obtained the Lights of Orion, the Quasar Sabers changed to suit the power boost, the hilts primarily becoming more elaborate than before.

At the end of the season, the Rangers place the sabers back into their altar on Mirinoi which restored the people of Mirinoi from their stone state and also resurrected the first Pink Lost Galaxy Ranger, Kendrix, whose spirit is assumed to have merged her saber after her death. When needed, the sabers respective wielders can always pull them from the stone as seen in Lightspeed Rescue's Trakeena's Revenge, Wild Force's Forever Red, and Super Megaforce’s Legendary Battle (and its extended edition).

They are also known for being some of the few holstered weapons that can destroy a monster with enough power.



The Transdaggers are the lost weapons of the Galaxy Rangers, stolen at an unknown point in time by Horn, an intergalactic arms dealer. After a failed attempt to steal and destroy the Quasar Sabers, the Rangers reclaimed the Transdaggers. Each Transdagger has five modes of weaponry and are capable transforming into those five weapons to suit the situation or preferred use of a Ranger. Sometimes, the Rangers would use different modes besides their own (i.e. in one episode, Maya and Kai used the the Beta Bow and the Trans Blaster, respectively; in The Chemeliac Warrior, Maya was able to use the Cosma Claw in the Rangers' second battle against the monster of the episode's name). When all five daggers are held together to create the Transdagger Star Formation, the combined weapons create a powerful blast that will either wound or destroy their opponents.

The most vital and alternate use of the Transdaggers, however, is transforming the Galactabeasts into the Galactazords to form the Galaxy Megazord. When the Megazord is formed and the Rangers are transported into their respective cockpits, the Transdaggers are placed within the center of rotating control base that allows the them to send commands to the Megazord with their right and left hand.

The choice modes of the Transdaggers for each Ranger are:
  • Red: The Magna Talon takes the form of a claw shaped dagger that can channel elemental fire attacks in one slash.
  • Blue: The Cosma Claw takes the form of a biclaw that channels the element of water for a devastating hit.
  • Green: The Trans Blaster takes the form of a crossbow or blaster that fires pulses of energy.
  • Yellow: Delta Daggers, take the form of twin melee daggers that can channel the element of lightning through shocking slash.
  • Pink: The Beta Bow takes the form of a bow that shoots out energy arrows from the base of the original Transdagger's form.

Quasar Launchers

Quasar Launchers

The Quasar Launchers are bazooka type rods that double as staff weapons and typically act as a last-resort weapon. Each launcher channels the respective elements of the five Rangers (fire, water, wind, lightning and the flower) and when fired at once, create massive ball of energy (not unlike the Orion "Power Up Mode") used to destroy or weaken their enemies. If the launchers are summoned when the Lights of Orion are in use, their appearance becomes more elaborate. Their origin is largely unexplained, after their first appearance battling against the Wisewizard.

The Galaxy Rangers can summon them by raising their right hand, which causes them to materialize in a burst of gold light or slamming their fists into the ground, where the effect is usually the same. When the Guardian of the Galaxy Book arrived on Terra Venture, he gave Kai five crystals to be used to "protect them" when needed. During the fight against a mutated Deviot, the Rangers invoked their power with the call "Crystals Power Up!" and smashed the crystals onto the ground. The action summons their launchers in their standard or Orion-Armored forms and was the preferred method used to summon their launchers. Sometimes, the rangers would use their Quasar Launchers in Orion mode even though they're not in their Orion armor.

Magna Sword / Magna Blaster

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The Magna Sword is the primary weapon used by the Magna Defender (and later, his successor, Mike Corbett). The sword has the ability to alternate between its default state and a blaster, which is activated by bending the hilt of the sword back and twisting the forked ends to become a trigger and handle. The Magna Blaster fires several blasts in one shot, eliminating one or several enemies, a quick pump of the weapon recharges it. When in sword mode, the body of the blaster becomes the sheath.

Vehicles and other Miscellany

Jet Jammers

Jet Jammers

The Jet Jammers are a Power Rangers-exclusive vehicle for Lost Galaxy, akin to that of the Space Rangers' Galaxy Gliders. Introduced in fifth episode, the Jammers were created by Alpha 6 and DECA, developed especially for the Galaxy Rangers. The Jet Jammers are small one-man aircrafts, useful for brief or long trips to planet surfaces or certain distances in space. In the original draft script for "Homesick" the Jet Jammers had the ability to automatically morph the Rangers whenever they jumped into the cockpit. [1]

Astro Cycles

Astro Cycles

The Astro Cycles are a Power Rangers-exclusive vehicle for Lost Galaxy, created primarily for the Red, Blue and Green Rangers. All three cycles are mounted with blasters on the front, and are covered in armor designed after the Rangers' respective Galactazord. They appear to go no faster or slower than the average motorcycle (or dirtbike).

Red Capsular Cycle

The Red Capsular Cycle is an exclusive upgrade to Leo's Red Astro Cycle, gained through the ability to communicate with his Galactabeast. When Leo invokes the call "Red Capsular Cycle!", it transforms his standard Astro Cycle's armor so that it encases him and the vehicle in a protective armor. When the Fireball Mode is activated, the armor closes in around him, creating a shell before launching forward, engulfed in flames to defeat opponents. Fireball Mode is notably one of the very things to harm Trakeena in her ultimate insect form, though not enough to destroy her.

Lights of Orion

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The Lights of Orion are a mystical source of power, said to be one of the strongest energy sources in the universe. It likely has existed for more than 3,000 years. The Galaxy Rangers use them to enhance theirs and the Galaxy Megazord's powers during battle.

Red Armored Ranger

The Red Armored Ranger is a type of Battlizer (exclusive to Power Rangers) used by the Red Galaxy Ranger and once served a form of restoring Leo's powers (which had been stolen by a monster named Magnetox). Introduced in the episode, "Facing The Past", the Battlizer was once the weapon of a mighty warrior that was said to become "invincible" when two keys used to activate its powers were merged together. Karone and Leo traveled to a planet in hopes of reviving the petrified warrior, but the keys were missing from his hands. Karone's tears for having turned the man into stone as Astronema resurrected him and as thanks, he gave Leo the keys to return his powers. The Battlizer was later destroyed in the final battle against Trakeena.






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