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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Jetmen. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Jetman series page as well as the team page of the Jetmen.

Transformation Devices

Cross Changer

Main article: Cross Changer


Birdonic Suits

Birdonic Suits (バードニックスーツ Bādonikku Sutsu): The battle suits of Jetman. They are made of Birdonium Polymers (バードニウム・ポリマー Bādoniumu Porimā). They are formed when a Jetman's body is bathed in a transparent coating of Birdonic Waves, visualized during the transformation, which at the same time, the helmet is also emitted from the Emblem Formation (the right bracelet of the Cross Changer). In addition to enhancing strength and jump height and providing protection from enemy attacks, the Birdonic Suits are equipped with retractable wings that extend between the arms and flanks, allowing the Jetman to fly. During Black Condor's last battle against Grey, his helmet was damaged, after Grey attacked him.





The Corresponders (コレスポンダー Koresupondā) are Jetman's personal communicators. It is worn on the left wrist.

Multi-Use Devices

Bird Icons

The Corresponders contain bird icons that they use to control their mecha. It can be placed in the "Bird Lock" (バードロック Bādo Rokku) on the control console of the Jetman's mecha to form the Jet Icarus.


Bird Blasters


Bird Blaster

Bird Blasters (バードブラスター Bādo Burasutā): The standard sidearm weapons.

The Bird Blasters are the weapon of choice of White Swan and Blue Swallow in the Choujin Sentai Jetman video game, with them they have 6 hit points.

Bringer Swords


Bringer Sword

Bringer Swords (ブリンガーソード Buringā Sōdo): The longswords used by the Jetman.

The Bringer Swords are the weapon of choice of Red Hawk and Black Condor in the Choujin Sentai Jetman video game, with them they have 8 hit points.

Jet Hand Cannons


Jet Hand Cannon

Jet Hand Cannons (ジェットハンドカノン Jetto Hando Kanon): Formed by combining the Bringer Sword with the Bird Blaster, used in the Bird Bomber (バードボンバー Bādo Bonbā) team attack.

Other Weapons

Beak Smashers


Beak Smasher

Beak Smashers (ビークスマッシャー Bīku Sumasshā): The advanced guns with seeker lasers.

Smash Bombers


Smash Bomber

Smash Bombers (スマッシュボンバー Sumasshu Bonbā): Formed by combining the Beak Smasher with the Bird Blaster, used in the team attack Smash Bomber.

Wing Gauntlet


Wing Gauntlet

Wing Gauntlet (ウィングガントレット Wingu Gantoretto): The gauntlets equipped with electrowaves, used to perform Wing Punch (ウイングパンチ Uingu Panchi), also able of firing the Wing Beams (ウィングビーム Wingu Bīmu).

The Wing Gauntlet is the weapon of choice of Yellow Owl in the Choujin Sentai Jetman video game, with it he has 7 hit points.

Flare Buster


Flare Buster

Flare Buster: The Neo-Jetman's twin cannon used for their group attack.


Jet Striker

Jet Striker (ジェットストライカー Jetto Sutoraikā): Red's buggy, transforms into Fire Bazooka (ファイアーバズーカー Faiyā Bazūka). Its maximum speed is 500 kilometers per hour.

Jet Bouncer

Jet Bouncer (ジェットバンサー Jetto Bansā): Yellow and White's four-wheeled drive. Its maximum speed is 400 kilometers per hour.

Jet Speeders

Jet Speeders (ジェットスピーダー Jetto Supīdā): Black and Blue's motorcycles. Their maximum speed is 360 kilometers per hour. Both use a Suzuki TS200R as the base model.


Transformation Devices

Communication Devices

Multi-Use Devices

  • Bird Icons


Other Weapons



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