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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Space Rangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the In Space series page as well as the team page of the Space Rangers.


Astro Morpher

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Astro Morpher.

The Astro Morpher is the key that morphs its user into a Power Ranger. There are 5 Astro Morphers, one for each core member of the Space Rangers. At the press of a button, the Astro Morpher opens up to reveal a 12-button keypad. Pressing certain 3-digit combinations followed by the enter button will activate four red lights and do one of the following things:

  • 3-3-5: the input code that enables the user to morph into a Power Ranger.
  • 2-5-9: the input code to summon the Ranger's Galaxy Glider.
  • 7-6-1: input code ordering Megaship to deploy the Mega Tank.
  • 1-0-8: input code to link up with D.E.C.A..
  • 5-4-1: the input code to summon the Astro Megazord.

The only code ever seen used in the show is 3-3-5; the other codes, while seen listed on the morpher, are never entered. There is also a "sound icon" button which alerts the Rangers. There also exists a code to teleport the wearer back to the Megaship.

The toy version has an additional code, 9-1-2, which allows the user to play a "Simon Says"-like game. The morpher calls out a number, and the player enters the number; this gets faster and faster, and the player is allowed four mistakes, indicated by the red lights.


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The Digimorpher was used by Zhane to transform into the Silver Ranger. He enters the digits "2-5-8-0", which spell out "Mega", to morph. The toy version, like the Astro Morphers, contains other codes (3-digit, specifically), which have the following effects: which follows as such

  • 2-5-9: Allows the Silver Ranger to summon the Silver Cycle.
  • 1-4-8: Activates the Silver Ranger's scanner (computer icon).
  • 5-0-6: Alerts the Silver Ranger (sound icon).
  • 7-3-0: Plays the Megaranger theme song (toy version only).

Communication Devices

Wrist Communicators

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The Wrist Communicator is a watch-like device rarely used by the Space Rangers to communicate with one another, the Astro Megaship and for teleportation usage as well.


Special Weapons

Spiral Saber

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The Spiral Saber is the personal weapon of the Red Space Ranger. It is a drill-shaped weapon used as a sword for melee combat. On its handle is the M emblem of the Space Rangers. When Andros summons it, it materializes in a beam of red energy. In normal saber mode, Andros could perform a blue energy slash. When combined with the Astro Blaster, it is referred to as the Spiral Saber Booster Mode. In this mode, the Spiral Saber becomes a long-range weapon that shoots laser beams at its targets. Shortly after this mode was introduced, it began to gain a dual-tipped firing aperture when in Booster Mode. Typically, Booster Mode was used alongside the Quadroblaster for a dual finisher; it would fire a golden ball of energy with a twirling red contrail.

In From Out of Nowhere, Andros used the Spiral Saber to fight his way off the Cimmerian Planet where the United Alliance of Evil was gathering. When he escaped from the villains, Andros used the Spiral Saber to deflect the blasts of the Velocifighters. When a beam hit his hand, he was forced to drop the weapon, but he later retrieved it.

In many episodes, Andros used his weapon to fight the Quantrons along with the other Space Rangers. In Save Our Ship, Andros wielded the Spiral Saber against Ecliptor. In A Ranger Among Thieves, Andros wielded the Spiral Saber against Ecliptor again; however, the stronger Ecliptor grabbed the weapon and broke its blade off. In The Craterite Invasion, the Spiral Saber was repaired and Andros used it to fight the Craterites. Andros later used the Spiral Saber Booster Mode to fight the Craterites. However, the weapon failed to destroy them. In Grandma Matchmaker, Andros used the Spiral Saber Booster Mode, along with the Quadroblaster, to destroy Mamamite. In The Impenetrable Web, after using his Battlizer power punch and chop attacks on red Ecliptor, Andros was able to use his Spiral Saber to take down Ecliptor and revert him to his regular form. In Countdown to Destruction, Andros first uses the Spiral Saber to deflect his brainwashed sister's Wrath Staff blast and ricochet it back at her. He fought Ecliptor and knocked the villain's sword out of his hand in the process. Finally, Andros used the Spiral Saber to destroy Zordon's energy tube, sending out a wave of good energy that destroyed or converted the entire United Alliance of Evil.

Lunar Lance

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The Lunar Lance is the personal weapon of the Black Space Ranger. It takes its' name from the crescent moon-shaped attachment on the end, which Carlos frequently uses to grapple and hurl enemies. Carlos could also perform an energized double slash attack with the Lunar Lance to take down a monster.

Astro Axe

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This is the personal weapon of the Blue Space Ranger. It is similar in design and use to the MMPR Power Axe, except it lacks the ability to transform into a blaster without the help of the Astro Blaster.

Star Slinger

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This is the personal weapon of the Yellow Space Ranger. It is a slingshot that fires energy pellets at a rapid rate.

Satellite Stunner

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This is the personal weapon of the Pink Space Ranger. Shaped like a miniature satellite dish, it fired pink rings of energy as projectile weapons at foes. Cassie could use it in conjunction with her Lightstar helmet mode to track down invisible enemies.


This combination of Lunar Lance, Astro Axe, Star Slinger, and Satellite Stunner was fired by the Black Space Ranger. It was most often used alongside the Spiral Saber Booster Mode for a dual finisher; the Quadroblaster fired a blue-and-gold energy ball.

Miscellaneous Weapons and Sidearms

Astro Blaster

Astro Blaster

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The Astro Blaster is the standard sidearm of the primary Space Rangers. Each Ranger carries an Astro Blaster on his or her belt and can use them as handguns when necessary. Astro Blasters are capable of splitting into two smaller guns, diminishing their power but allowing the Ranger to fight with two guns instead of one. They fire blue beams regardless of the color of the Ranger firing them. A single direct hit from an Astro Blaster is enough to take down a Quantron. They can also combine them with their Special Weapons to create the weapon's Booster Mode, which could fire more potent blasts. When fired together, the Booster Mode weapons could create a golden energy sphere to destroy monsters.

Battlized Armor

Red Battlized Ranger

The Red Battlized Armor is used by Andros (Red Space Ranger) to turn him into the Red Battlized Ranger. In "Mission To Secret City ", Andros was being held hostage with other citizens. When he tried to fight back against Vacsacker, he failed miserably. As he laid there, about to be defeated, Carlos' friend, Silvy, pressed the "3" on Andros' morpher which activated the Battlizer mode. Andros, now armed with the Battlizer, rescued the hostages. He would later use the battilizer to save Ashley from Darkonda and the Quantrons in the season finale. However, moments later, Ecliptor would shoot him down with eye lasers. Andros would later use the battlizer to fly to Astronema's fortress.

Battlizer Gauntlet

Battlizer Gauntlet

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Andros' special morpher-like gauntlet possesses 3 functions.

  1. Energy Punches/Chops: Covers Andros' fist in bright red energy, increasing the impact of his punches.
  2. Laser Blast: A small laser that is capable of cutting through nets or stunning opponents. This button could also power up the blast of the Spiral Saber Booster Mode.
  3. Battlizer Armor: This function, first activated by Carlos' friend Silvy Larson, grants the Red Ranger an armored battle-suit equipped with a rocket launcher and flight capabilities.

It can also be used to control the Delta Megazord via voice command, and for the Astro Delta Megazord formation, Andros unclips the Battlizer from its' wrist strap and locks it into a special control panel in the Astro Megazord cockpit. In this instance, the first button would initiate the Flying Power Punch attack. Although Andros was its primary user, the Battlizer was also used by Zhane on at least one occasion.

Super Silverizer

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Silver Ranger's arm mounted weapon has a blaster and sword mode. When preparing to finish off a monster, Zhane would typically charge it to it's maximum power level (indicated by several lights blinking around an embedded microchip in the barrel of the gun/base of the blade), then pepper the target with rapid-fire energy shots; he would then switch it to sword mode and deliver a powerful blue energy slash.

When Zhane disguised himself as a Silver Psycho Ranger, he also utilized a custom variant of the Super Silverizer.

Other Devices

Metal Astro Blaster

Metal Astro Blaster.jpg


Galaxy Glider

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The Galaxy Gliders are the jetboard vehicles of the Space Rangers. The riders of the Galaxy Gliders can use these fast little vehicle to fly through space at fast speeds while still having his or her arms free to do other things. These boards come in handy when the Rangers want to investigate something without bringing the Astro Megaship too close. Galaxy Gliders can also be used to intercept hostile spacecraft at a safe distance away from the Megaship. The pilot of the Galaxy Glider can accelerate by leaning forward and decelerate by leaning backwards.


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A 6-wheeled mobile unit, designed for planetary travel, the Megatank was built by Andros and designed for navigating rough terrain. One major feature was the large yellow claw next to the cockpit; the claw could unfold to remove obstructions or otherwise perform dangerous tasks. The Megatank was stored aboard the Megaship and, when commanded, could automatically launch (plummeting through the air from the Megaship, which would temporarily assume a spot in Earth's atmosphere) and arrive at the Rangers' location; alternately, the Rangers could pilot it directly from the Megaship.


The Megatank helped the Rangers on many different occasions, some involving very dangerous moments. In the Space Rangers fight with the Psycho Rangers the Megatank was used twice, once as a decoy utilizing the coded signal the Psycho's used to hunt the Rangers down. With the decoy the Rangers had a small window of opportunity to morph and try to help the Silver Ranger who was trapped. The second time, the Rangers ran the tank on silent underground to the location of the Mega Voyager, where its Zords lay scattered in an open field. The tank transported the Rangers underground while the Mega Winger and the Delta Megazord held off the Black and Red Psycho Rangers.


The Megatank later disappeared in the series, after it guided the Rangers underground to a deserted location void of people. After this, the tank vanished and was no longer seen in the series.

Silver Cycle

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Zhane's speedy motorcycle can transform into a Galaxy Glider, for when the chase heads for the skies.

Galactic Rover

Zhane's high powered dune buggy vehicle. It was powerful enough to destroy Darkonda, leaving him a life short.



Communication Devices


Individual Weapons and Team Blaster

Other Weapons




  • Although it was initially advertised, the toy version of the Spiral Saber went unreleased in American markets due to being deemed unsafe for children.
  • The weapons included in the "5 Lightstar Ranger" series figures demonstrate the ability to combine the Spiral Saber with the Quadro Blaster, but this was never shown anywhere else.

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