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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Gorengers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Gorenger series page as well as the team page of the Gorengers.


Unlike the Super Sentai that would follow, the Gorengers transformed at will with no apparent transformation device, the transformation being commonly initiated by shouting "Go!" while either spinning or jumping. As Daigoro Kumano learned on his first mission as Kirenger, a calm and focused mind is needed to achieve the transformation. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 55: The Colored Daishogun! Tuthankamen's Curse The transformation can be reversed at will by simply repeating the process. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 82: Black Magician!! Mystery of the Dollhouse?!


Gorenger Suits

The suits mainly used by the Gorengers. They are shown to be able to increase their strength, power, and speed. According to Akarenger, when transforming, the Gorenger Suits release an electrical charge and one must have a calm and focused mind to endure it and complete the transformation. They were destroyed by Diamond Mask in Episode 43.

New Gorenger Suits

After the previous Gorenger Suits were destroyed by Diamond Mask, EAGLE created the New Gorenger Suits out of much stronger material that would endure the power of the newer Masked Monsters. The electrical charge is much more powerful that the previous Gorenger Suits, though one must still have a calm and focused mind to transform. Along with these suits came new weapons for the Gorengers.




Removable rockets each of the Gorangers had on the side of their belts for flying. With the Birdies, the Gorengers are capable of performing the Gorenger High Jump. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 3: Big Counterattack! A Yellow Whirlwind


Each of the Gorengers' helmets are equipped with a removable, secondary visor which transforms into their individual weapons.






  • Mido Puncher (ミドパンチャー Mido Panchā):  A handheld slingshot that could fire blunt or explosive pellets. 
  • Midomerang (ミドメラン Midomeran) / New Midomerang (ニューミドメラン Nyū Midomeran):  Midorenger's visor weapon; a razor sharp boomerang that can be used as either a projectile or melee weapon. It can perform the Midomerang Cut Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 18: Horrible Black Crusaders! Attack According to the (Secret) Plan and Spinning Midomerang attacks. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 28: Big Red Eruption! Infiltrate the Underground Base The Midomerang also has an slot which can be used to store small objects, as was used for a card containing top-secret EAGLE information which resulted in disaster when it was taken by Razor Mask after he broke the Midomerang in half. However, with the Midomerang modified to achieve the Super Midomerang, allowing the Midomerang to attack by splitting into several pieces, Midorenger was able to provide an opening for the team to defeat Razor Mask. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 24: Blue Anger! Strong Midomerang, Big Counterattack

Team Attacks

Momorenger ready for Gorenger Storm

  • Gorenger Storm (ゴレンジャーストーム Gorenjā Sutōmu) - The team's first finishing attack. At Akarenger's command, Momorenger would produce a ball, dubbed the Ranger Ball Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 13: The Pink Secret! Defeat the Human Bomb or Storm Bomb Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 29: Red Pursuit! The Mysterious Seal Train, that would be passed around the various Gorengers, building momentum before Akarenger would kick it at the episode's monster, destroying it in an explosive blast. While preferably performed when all Gorengers are together, all five are not necessary and the attack can be performed with at least three. This move undergoes multiple changes as it is used:
    • The initial Gorenger Storm involves a simple silver ball that is passed before kicked by Akarenger
    • From episode 9, Momorenger would produce a ball that appears pink; this ball changes color as it goes to different team members before becoming a red spiked ball for Akarenger's attack.
    • In episode 13, when the Gorenger Storm (performed by only Aka, Ki, and Momo) fails to take out Horn Mask, Peggy performs surgery on the Ranger Ball, modifying it to perform a one-time 'Parent-Child Bomb', which the Gorengers put to use as a time-lag attack. Passing the ball along the team as normal, when Akarenger kicked the ball, the 'parent' proceeded to drop a 'child' ball on the ground. Horn Mask blindly charged at the Gorengers, brushing off the 'parent' ball but failing to notice the 'child' ball which exploded when he stepped on it, destroying the Masked Monster.
    • In episode 21, the other Gorengers train Aorenger for a rematch with Shot Mask, kicking Gorenger Storm bombs at him, with Ki, Momo, and Mido holding their own color balls while Akarenger holds the blue ball.
    • In episode 23, while in flight having switched on their Birdies, the Gorengers perform the Air Gorenger Storm, where the attack is performed as usual but in flight. This attack is used to destroy Wire Mask and the Atlantis warship he piloted.
    • From episode 27, the Gorenger Storm becomes the Gorenger Storm: New Power Operation; this version begins with Momorenger calling out what will happen to the ball after Akarenger strikes it, then this happening from his kick. These include special operations such as "Mole" (where it buries itself underground before burrowing and rises up to attack) and "Double" (using two balls) to transforming into objects that ends up striking the Masked Monster.
    • Like the Gorenger Hurricane, the Gorenger Storm has influenced later iterations and tributes;
      • To defeat Ultimate Dai Satan in Super Sentai Strongest Battle, Team Oddball used an energy orb called the Super Sentai Special Storm. It was kicked from teammate to teammate, with each pass channeling the power of the 42 Red Rangers up to that point. The resulting "End Ball" was then combined with the final attack of each member of the team.

Gorenger Hurricane

  • Gorenger Hurricane (ゴレンジャーハリケーン Gorenjā Harikēn) - In this variant, Momorenger would produce a finned, multicolored grenade the size and shape of an American-style football, dubbed the End Ball. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 61: The Pink KO Punch! The End-Ball Match It was again passed among the Gorengers until Aorenger set it up for punting by Akarenger. Once kicked towards the episode's monster, the ball would transform into an object that was anathema to the monster's personality (such as a diamond cutter to defeat a diamond-themed monster or a magnet to disrupt a mechanical clock monster) destroying it instantly. As revealed in episode 60, Momorenger has a spare ball in case the first is lost. Initially Akarenger would call it out setting it up before Momorenger launches it; but from episode 67, it becomes more like Gorenger Storm with Momorenger calling the move out when she hits it before the rest do their work. In episode 72, the final version is revealed where it goes from Momo to Mido, then to Ki, Ao and finally Aka. In episode 44, it is called Gorenger Storm Hurricane.
    • In Himitsu Sentai Gorenger: The Bomb Hurricane, when Steel Sword Dragon repels the Gorenger Hurricane attack, the Gorengers take him down with the Gorenger Bomb Hurricane, in which all five Gorengers produced Gorenger Hurricane balls and kicked them at the Black Crusader, bombarding and destroying him.
    • In J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai vs. Gorenger, the Gorengers combine the Gorenger Hurricane with J.A.K.Q.'s Big Bomber (ビッグボンバー Biggu Bonbā) to create the Gorenger Hurricane Big Bomber (ゴレンジャーハリケーンビッグボンバー Gorenjā Harikēn Biggu Bonbā) to destroy the Big Four Robo.
    • In Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Chou Super Hero Taisen, an identical ball, known as the Rider HurricaneIcon-crosswiki.png (ライダーハリケーン Raidā Harikēn), is used by the Goriders.
    • In the 40th episode of Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, the Cassieopeia Kyutama created a baseball version for the Kyurangers to use called the Kyuranger Hurricane.
    • In the 48th episode of Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, Great King Boccowaus uses an identical copy of the Gorenger Hurricane, called the Tojitendo Hurricane (トジテンドハリケーン Tojitendo Harikēn), against Zenkaiser by invoking the power of the Gorenger Tojiru Gear. Kaito's weakness was stated to be his family, causing the attack to manifest as images of his father Isao, mother Mitsuko, and grandmother Yatsude, who attack with flying Superman punches.
    • In Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger vs. Kiramager vs. Senpaiger, Kaito uses the Gorenger Senti Gear to summon the grenade and, with the aid of the Kiramagers, both teams do a team attack called the Gorenger Hurricane Glutton (ゴレンジャーハリケーン食いしん坊 Gorenjā Harikēn Kuishinbō), where the grenade summons an idol gourmand to eat all the meat dishes for the two teams. The idol is played by Azuki Moeno of the idol group Erabareshi (エラバレシ).

Other techniques

Gorenger Charge


Gorenger Machines

Red, Blue, and Green Machines (1-54) - The motorcycles driven by Akarenger, Aorenger, and Midorenger. Kirenger and Momorenger ride in the sidecars of the Blue and Green Machines; the Red Machine has no sidecar. Together, they can perform the Machine Scramble to evade firepower. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 32: Hot Blue Wind! No Response from Variblune The Red Machine is equipped with the Harpoon Bute. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 35: Big Strange Black Bird! Condoler War Bomber Fleet Armed with explosives and sent to the Navarone Fortress, which exploded, taking them (but not the Gorengers) with it.

A Suzuki GT750 is the base model for Red Machine and a Suzuki GT380 is the model used for both Blue and Green Machines.

New Gorenger Machines



Main article: Varitank

Varitank (43-84) - Six-wheeled tank with claw arms that rolls out of the 'beak' of the Varidreen.



Main article: Varikikyun

Varikikyun (69-84) - A passenger-carrying balloon for the Gorengers.

Other Devices


Weapons and Attacks

  • Birdies
    • (New) Red Bute
      • Spear Bute
      • Drill Bute
      • Red Hunter
    • Silver Shot
    • (Ultra) Blue Cherry
    • YTC Radio
    • Ki Sticker
      • Rock
      • Paper
      • Scissors
    • Momo Mirror
    • Momo Card
    • Earring Bombs
    • Mido Puncher
    • (New) Midomerang
  • Gorenger Storm / Gorenger Hurricane


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