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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Goggle V (team). Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Goggle V series page as well as the team page of the Goggle V (team).

Transformation Device

Goggle Brace

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Goggle Suits

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Goggle Sabres

Goggle Sabre

All of the members of Goggle V are equipped with Goggle Sabres (ゴーグルサーベル Gōguru Sāberu). They are used for base attacks, and charged with their gem energy they are used for the Goggle Victory Flash (ゴーグルビクトリーフラッシュ Gōguru Bikutorī Furasshu) finisher.

After Deathdark gains a Neo-Metal alloy to strengthen their Mozoo, Goggle V likewise gain their own Neo-Metal that they use to strengthen their Goggle Sabres and create the Goggle Golden Spear.

Individual Weapons

Each member of Goggle V has a particular weapon they use as a specialty; however all five members carry all five of the individual weapons for team attacks. Further, the special weapon can be empowered by the member's individual gemstone to become a different, more powerful weapon for combat. There are also particular weapons not associated with this weapon that each member may use.

Goggle Red

Goggle Red's weapons

  • Red Rope (レッドロープ Reddo Rōpu): Goggle Red's specialty weapon
    • Red Ruby Whip (レッドルビームチ Reddo Rubī Muchi): Red Rope empowered by Goggle Red's ruby.
    • Lightning Ropes (イナズマロープ Inazuma Rōpu): Team attack with five rope weapons; the team throws them down parallel and fire a shocking attack. Goggle Red can also use this as a personal attack.

Goggle Black

Goggle Black's weapons

  • Black Clubs (ブラッククラブ Burakku Kurabu): Goggle Black's specialty weapon
    • Black Emerald Nunchaku (ブラックエメラルドヌンチャク Burakku Emerarudo Nunchaku): Black Clubs empowered by Goggle Black's emerald.
    • Dynamite Clubs (ダイナマイトクラブ Dainamaito Kurabu): Team attack with five club weapons; the team throws the clubs at an opponent which explode on impact.
  • Iron Arm (アイアンアーム Aian Āmu): Iron gauntlets occasionally used by GoggleBlack when fighting Spotmen.

Goggle Blue

Goggle Blue's weapons

  • Blue Ring (ブルーリング Burū Ringu): Goggle Blue's specialty weapon, a ring similar to a hula hoop, which can be used as a swung melee weapon, a binding snare, or a thrown weapon.
    • Blue Sapphire Jet Ring (ブルーサファイヤジェットリング Burū Safaiya Jetto Ringu): Blue Ring empowered by Goggle Blue's sapphire.
    • Ring Spin Typhoons (リングスピンタイフーン Ringu Supin Taifūn): Team attack with five ring weapons; the team throws the rings which surround and constrict the opponent.

Goggle Yellow

Goggle Yellow's weapons

  • Yellow Ball (イエローボール Ierō Bōru): Goggle Yellow's specialty weapon
    • Yellow Opal Megaton Ball (イエローオパールメガトンボール Ierō Opāru Megaton Bōru): Yellow Ball empowered by Goggle Yellow's opal, acting like a miniature club.
    • Lightning Balls (電光ボール Denkō Bōru): Team attack with five ball weapons; a barrage of multiple balls is thrown towards an opponent
  • Yellow Hammer (イエローハンマー Ierō Hanmā): Hammer weapon used to fight Mole Mozoo in the movie and Earthworm Mozoo in episode 43. Powerful enough to launch foes out of the ground. Each member also has a hammer though much smaller in size.
  • Yellow Digger: A pair of metal claws around the knuckles used to dig underground. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 3: Attack Deathtopia

Goggle Pink

Goggle Pink's weapons

  • Pink Ribbon (ピンクリボン Pinku Ribon): Goggle Pink's specialty weapon
    • Pink Dia Baton (ピンクダイヤバトン Pinku Daiya Baton): Pink Ribbon empowered by Goggle Pink's diamond.
    • Ribbon Sparks (リボンスパーク Ribon Supāku): Team attack with five ribbon weapons; the team circles an opponent and ties them up with the ribbon from five sides, performing a shock attack, or throwing enemies around.
  • Pink Mirror (ピンクミラー Pinku Mirā): A mirror that reflects back beam attacks; improved by a lensmaker for the battle with Angler Mozoo. Only used in episode 14.

Team Attacks

  • Goggle Victory Flash (ゴーグルビクトリーフラッシュ Gōguru Bikutorī Furasshu): Goggle V's main finisher: standing in a tower position, they power the Goggle Sabers with their gemstones and place them in a "V" formation, with Red's in the center pushing down. The V-shaped energy flies towards a Mozoo defeating them. No longer used after the Mozoo are upgraded with Neo-Metal, forcing the development of the Neo-Metal Goggle Sabres and the Goggle Golden Spear.
  • Goggle Bomber (ゴーグルボンバー Gōguru Bonbā): The team fires a cannon of streamers that stick and constrict the opponent.
  • Goggle Sky: The team flies into the air and attacks from above. This maneuver is also the opening move for the creation of the Goggle Golden Spear.

Goggle Golden Spear

  • Goggle Golden Spear (ゴーグルゴールデンスピア Gōguru Gōruden Supia): The Goggle Golden Spear is a spear weapon created by combining the gem power and the five Neo-Metal upgraded Goggle Sabre. It is formed with the five performing their Goggle Sky maneuver and charging the Sabre. up similar to the Victory Flash; the Sabres then merge into a parallel bar that collects all energy from the five as they swing on it before condensing into a golden spear.
The Goggle Golden Spear is usually utilized by Goggle Red; he jumps down and is thrown into the air by the other four members before launching the spear towards the Mozoo similar to a javelin to destroy it.
In the final battle with Grand Marshall Deathmark, they use a variation known as Spear Windmill (スピアー風車 Supiā Fūsha), where the whole team link up with Goggle Red and spin using their entire force to attack with the Golden Spear, destroying Deathmark's Darkness Sword. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Final Ep.: Proceed! To the Shining Future


Goggle Machine

Goggle Machine

Main article: Goggle Machine

Goggle Machine (ゴーグルマシーン Gōguru Mashīn) - Goggle Red's motorcycle based on a Suzuki TS model.

Goggle Cougar

Goggle Cougar

Goggle Cougar (ゴーグルクーガー Gōguru Kūgā) - The four-wheeled drive for the other Goggle team members.


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Transformation Devices


Individual Weapons

  • Red Rope
    • Red Ruby Whip
  • Black Clubs
    • Black Emerald Nunchaku
  • Iron Arm
  • Blue Ring
    • Blue Sapphire Jet Ring
  • Yellow Ball
    • Yellow Opal Megaton Ball
  • Yellow Hammer
  • Pink Ribbon
    • Pink Dia Baton
  • Pink Mirror


  • Goggle Machine
  • Goggle Cougar

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