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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the GoGoFive (team). Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the GoGoFive series page as well as the team page of the GoGoFive (team).

Transformation Devices

GoGo Brace

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The GoGo Braces are the transformation devices of the team.

Zeek Crystal

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The Zeek Crystal is the transformation device used by Beast-Demon Hunter Zeek and later Zeek-Jeanne.


Anti-Hazard Suits

The battle suits worn by GoGo Five, accessed through the GoGo Brace. In addition to providing defense and increased strength, the Anti-Hazard suits are environmentally sealed, enabling GoGo Five to safely venture into hazardous or even toxic conditions and are equipped with the Searcher Scope ((サーチャースコープ Sāchā Sukōpu) that allows for x-ray vision and the Access Scope (アクセススコープ Akusesu Sukōpu) that allows the user to scan for enemy information. Later on, while repairing the Anti-Hazard suits following the debut of the Grand Liner, Mondo was able to reinforce the suits so the energy feedback caused from piloting the Grand Liner would not be as painful on the GoGo Five. Ep. 13: The Younger Siblings' Rebellion

Zeek Tector

The armor worn by Demon Beast Hunter Zeek and Demon Beast Hunter Zeek-Jeanne.


Laser Grip

Laser Grip: A multi-use device shaped like a pistol handle. By attaching it to their weapons, the GoGo Five can switch them to different modes. The Laser Grips are also used to activate and pilot the teams' various mechas. In addition to the ones used by the GoGo Five, Analysis Robo Mint has his own green Laser Grip, allowing him to pilot the GoLiner and deliver the 99 Machines to a disaster site.

Five Laser


Five Laser and Laser Grip

Five Laser (ファイブレイザー Faibu Reizā): The sidearms of the team. The Five Lasers have two modes: Gun Mode (formed by attaching the Laser Grip to the rear end) and Stick Mode (formed by attaching the Laser Grip to the barrel end) which can perform the Stick Bomber (スティックボンバー Sutikku Bonbā), a flying thrust attack.

Rescue Rope

Rescue Ropes (レスキューロープ Resukyū Rōpu): Ropes that each member possesses, used to scale up and down structures and to restrain Psyma beasts.


V-Lancer (ブイランサー Bui Ransā): Polearm weapons that the team received in Episode 18. The V-Lancers are used to perform the V-Slash (ブイスラッシュ Bui Surasshu) attack of which each member has their own version of (GoRed does a double slash in the form of a V, GoBlue does a left to right lateral slash, GoGreen does a right to left downward diagonal slash, GoYellow does a left to right downward diagonal slash, and GoPink does a straight thrust).

  • V-Boomerang (ブイブーメラン Bui Būmeran): V-shaped boomerangs. Each member possesses one in their respective color.  In addition to serving as a projectile weapon, the V-Boomerangs are used to summon the V-Lancers after which GoGo Five inserts them into the V-Lancers' handles to serve as their power source.
  • V-Machine Gun (ブイマシンガン Bui Mashin Gan): A combination of the V-Lancer and the Five Laser's Laser Grip. The V-Machine Gun's team attack is Victory Buster where all five combine their beams to create a giant V over the enemy, then they drop it on the foe.

Go Blaster

Thermo Blaster

Go Blaster

Go Blaster (ゴーブラスター Gō Burasutā): Guns that were created by Nagare in Episode 29 (though it wouldn't be until the following episode that the other GoGoFive are equipped with their own Go Blasters). In their default Normal Mode (ノーマルモード Nōmaru Mōdo), the Go Blasters can fire powerful energy blasts. By removing the power pack from the handle and inserting it into the upper barrel, the GoGo Five can convert them into Rescue Mode (レスキューモード Resukyū Mōdo) to shoot fire extinguishing spray, energy ropes, nets, or restraints. Additionally by unfolding the stock and extending it into a rifle barrel, the GoGo Five can convert them further into Hyper Mode (ハイパーモード Haipā Mōdo). When used in Hyper Mode the V-Mode Brace is placed on top of the Go Blaster to amplify its power and the code "8-1-8, V" is entered, allowing the GoGo Five to perform the Hyper Five (ハイパーファイブ Haipā Faibu) attack, where all five Hyper Mode Go Blasters are fired together. As this is the only weapon that does not use the Laser Grip, the Go Blasters can also be used alongside the Five Laser for a double gun attack.

Weapon Pack/Individual Weapons/Team Blaster

Life Bird

Multi-Purpose Transforming Tool Life Bird (多機能変形ツールライフバード Takinō Henkei Tsūru Raifu Bādo): A robotic bird launched from Bay/Area 55 which can be separated into various rescue tools/weapons that are activated by combining them with a Laser Grip. Though each member has their preferred tool, any member of the team can use any of the Life Bird tools as the situation demands:

  • Claw Anchor (クローアンカー Kurō Ankā): A pair of grappling claws, used to scale buildings or catch and reel in Psyma Beasts. Preferred tool of GoRed, forms the legs of Life Bird and the frame of Breaker Mode.
  • Build Discharger (ビルドディスチャージャー Birudo Disuchājā): A fire extinguisher, used to put out flames and disable Psyma Beasts. Preferred tool of GoBlue, forms the body of Life Bird and the barrel of Breaker Mode.
  • Wing Spreader (ウイングスプレッダー Uingu Supureddā): A scissor like tool resembling a jaws of life, used to spread apart obstacles and to crush Psyma Beasts. Preferred tool of GoGreen, forms the wings of Life Bird and the base/laser grip mount of Breaker Mode.
  • Beak Driller (ビークドリラー Bīku Dorirā): A drill, used to drill through obstacles or as a sword. Preferred tool of GoYellow, forms the beak of Life Bird and the aperture of Breaker Mode.
  • Tail Injector (テイルインジェクター Teiru Injekutā): A medical hypospray, the medicine it injects can heal humans and harm Psyma beasts. Preferred tool of GoPink, forms the tail of Life Bird and the forward handle of Breaker Mode.

In addition to being wielded individually, the components of Life Bird can also be reassembled and combined with a Laser Grip into the Breaker Mode (ブレイカーモード Bureikā Mōdo) team cannon which fires the Calamity Breaker (カラミティブレイカー Karamiti Bureikā) finisher.

Beast Demon Hunter Weaponry

Zeek Shot


Zeek Shot

Zeek Shot (ジークショット Jīku Shotto): The gun sidearm of Zeek and Zeek-Jeanne.

Zeek Sword


Zeek Sword

Zeek Sword (ジーク剣 Jīku Ken): The sword sidearm of Zeek and Zeek-Jeanne.

Zeek Blaster

Zeek Blaster

Zeek Blaster

Zeek Blaster (ジークブラスター Jīku Burasutā): Beast-Demon Hunter Zeek's cannon-like weapon.


V-Mode Brace

Battle Booster

V-Mode Brace

V-Mode Brace (ブイモードブレス Bui Mōdo Buresu): Received in Episode 22, the V-Mode Brace is a device designed to amplify the attack and defense of the Anti-Hazard Suits. By entering the proper access codes on the key-pad, the GoGo V are able to focus their energy into different attacks.

  • "4-7-8, V" channels energy into their fists to perform the V-Mode Punch (Vモードパンチ Bui Mōdo Panchi), the V-Mode Chop (Vモードチョップ Bui Mōdo Choppu) or the V-Mode Attack where four of the GoGo V lift up a fifth member and throw them at the enemy to perform a flying punch attack.
  • "5-5-5, V" activates the V-Mode Crash (Vモードクラッシュ Bui Mōdo Kurasshu) which fires an energy beam from the V-Mode Brace. When used with all five team members, the attack can destroy normal sized Psyma Beasts.
  • "3-5-6, V" is used to activate the combination of Max Victory Robo.
  • "9-4-0, V" is used to help absorb energy for Max Victory Robo through its solar panels.
  • "3-3-3, V" is used to activate V-Mode Shield (ブイモードシールド Bui Mōdo Shīrudo) for increased defense.
  • "8-1-8, V" is used to enhance the power of the Go Blasters when used in Hyper Mode.
  • "4-5-6, V" is used to activate the combination of Beetle Mars/Victory Mars.
  • "3-1-0, V" is used to activate the Catastrophiend Catcher which creates a cage to trap Psyma Beasts in.


Rescue Bike Command Attacker


Rescue Bike Command Attacker

Command Attacker (コマンドアタッカー Komando Atakkā): A motorcycle comprised of two components; the Fire Commander (ファイヤーコマンダー Faiyā Komandā) bike which is usually driven by GoRed and is equipped with the Twin Pulse Laser cannons; and the Attacker Pod (アタッカーポッド Atakkā Poddo) sidecar which can attack separately from the Command Attacker and is armed with a pair of drills. When coupled together, the Command Attacker can slam into opponents with its Attacker Crash attack.

The base vehicle used for Fire Commander is a Suzuki RF model.

Other Devices

Anti-Viral Gun: A device invented by GoBlue based on the anti-viral program he programmed into Bay Area/55. When activated, it erects a shield capable of blocking wireless transmission of computer viruses. Unfortunately it can't block viruses transmitted through hardware, as the Psyma Beast Cyber Gildo proved, prompting Professor Tatsumi to upgrade it into the more powerful Virus Buster whose ray not only repels viruses but deletes them as well.


Transformation Devices


Weapon Pack/Individual Weapons/Team Blaster



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