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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Go-Ongers, and the Go-On Wings. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Go-Onger series page as well as the team page of the Go-Ongers, and the Go-On Wings.

Transformation Devices

Transformation Cellular Go-Phone

Main article: Transformation Cellular Go-Phone

Transformation Brace Shift Changer

Main article: Transformation Brace Shift Changer

Transformation Grip Wing Trigger

Main article: Transformation Grip Wing Trigger


Go-On Suits

"Go On!"
―phrase uttered when a special attack is initiated, does not include Go-On Wings[src]

The suits donned when one uses a Change Soul and a compatible Transformation Device. The belt buckles act as transporters for the Go-Ongers' arsenal when pressed, such as individual weapons, the cases for the Engine Casts, and more as long as it is set up by BOMPER. The Go-ongers can also teleport things to each other by placing an item on their belt buckle to be transported to the other. Being a vehicle-based Sentai, the main Go-Ongers can also dash at incredible speed, signaled by the "wheels" on their boots spinning. The wheels on both the gloves and boots can also spin to increase attacking power, or to grind an enemy's face against them. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 36: Partner Pirate

During driving their Engines, the "seat belt" on the suits of the main Go-Ongers is connected to their seats via straps, acting like real life seat belts. It is stated that driving in an Engine without a Suit is risky and may cause harm to the rider. It is also implied that they can't form Engine Gattais without them, seen as during the fight with Horonderthal-powered Yogostein, Speedor, BearRV, and Buson could not form Engine-O. Tvicon.png TV STORY-GP 36: Sosuke… Eternally

Multi-Use Devices


Main article: Souls

The Souls are the chip-like collectibles in the Go-Ongers arsenal, all with a variety of purposes. The major division of the Souls are the Engine Souls, the devices that hold the "spirit" of the Engines.

Normally they are used to power up the arsenal and utilize finishers with the appropriate weapons and forms. The Engine Souls are primarily used to revert an Engine to his/her true form for ten minutes.


Self-Changing Gun Mantan Gun

"Engine Soul set!"
―Announced by a Go-Onger when inserting their respective Engine Soul into the Self-Changing Gun Mantan Gun.
Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: Nitro Blaster

Mantan Gun

The Self-Changing Gun Mantan Gun (セルフ変形銃マンタンガン Serufu Henkei Jū Mantan Gan) is the core Go-Onger's primary sidearm shaped like a gas pump handle. It has two modes: Rod Mode and Gun Mode. It requires an Engine Soul to power it. A special Kyuyuu Soul can be used to have it act as an actual gas pump to re-energize an Engine Formation.

When the three or more Go-ongers use the Mantan Guns at once, they can perform the Go-On Cannonball (ゴーオンキャノンボール Gōon Kyanonbōru) with their Mantan Guns in Gun Mode, and the Go-On Screw (ゴーオンスクリュー Gōon Sukuryū) in Rod Mode. A lone Go-Onger can also perform the Go-On Thrust, where a colored beam of light extends from Rod Mode that impales several enemies.

With Go-On Silver with the Wing Booster, Go-On Yellow can perform the Flower Cannonball (フラワーキャノンボール Furawā Kyanonbōru) with the Mantan Gun in Gun Mode.

Handle Blaster

"Setting Off- Change, Handle Blaster!"
―Announced by the Go-Ongers when changing the Handle Blaster from Handle to Blaster Mode[src]
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Handle Blasters (left: Black and Green; right: Red, Blue, and Yellow)

The Handle Blaster (ハンドルブラスター Handoru Burasutā) is a weapon which transforms from the steering wheel controls of the primary Go-Ongers while in Engine-O G6, Engine-O G9 or Engine-O G12's cockpit. Normally in Handle Mode (ハンドルモード Handoru Mōdo), this weapon also serves as the means for the core Go-Ongers to control their Engines and their combinations.

When using Engine-O G6, Engine-O G9 or Engine-O G12's Grand Prix finishers, the core Go-Ongers take the Handle Blasters from their resting places and transform them into Blaster Mode (ブラスターモード Burasutā Mōdo), set the Blaster Soul (ブラスターソウル Burasutā Sōru) inside the slot of the Handle Blaster, aim it at the Barbaric Machine Beast, then initiate a Grand Prix finisher.

Switch Jet Sword Rocket Dagger

"Mission 1."
―announced by flipping the number 1 switch.[src]

"Mission 2."
―announced by flipping the number 2 switch.[src]

"Mission 3."
―announced by flipping the number 3 switch.[src]

"Mission 4."
―announced by flipping the number 1 and 3 switch at the same time.[src]

"Mission 5."
―announced by flipping the number 2 and 3 switch at the same time.[src]

"Mission 6 Full Power."
―announced by flipping the number 1, 2, and 3 switch at the same time.[src]

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: Cloud Hatchet

Switch Jet Sword Rocket Dagger

The Switch Jet Sword Rocket Dagger (スイッチ噴射剣ロケットダガー Suitchi Funsha Ken Roketto Dagā) are the Go-On Wings' sole weapon. Before usage, the knob must be turned. With it one can perform various attacks with it, all done by activating "Missions" through turning the knob then flipping the required switches. At base the Go-On Wings can rush through a foe with mach speed slashes.

  • Mission 1: Burning Dagger (ミッション1 バーニングダガー Misshon Wan: Bāningu Dagā) is activated by flipping switch #1. The dagger emits intense fire. Usually used by Go-On Gold.
  • Mission 2: Freezing Dagger (ミッション2 フリージングダガー Misshon Tsū: Furījingu Dagā) is activated by flipping switch #2. The dagger emits a traveling mist cloud which freezes all caught in it into a block of ice, which can then be autonomously be shattered. Usually used by Go-On Silver.
  • Mission 3: Lightning Dagger (ミッション3 ライトニングダガー Misshon Surī: Raitoningu Dagā) is activated by flipping switch #3 or switches #1 and #2 (which add up to three). The dagger emits lightning for attacks.
  • Mission 4: Shining Dagger (ミッション4 シャイニングダガー Misshon Fō: Shainingu Dagā) is activated by flipping switches #1 and #3 (which add up into four). The dagger releases colored slashes even from a distance.
  • Mission 5: Shooting Dagger (ミッション5 シューティングダガー Misshon Faibu: Shūtingu Dagā) is activated by flipping switches #2 and #3 (which add up into five). The dagger can slash like the Shining Dagger, however they are white instead of color-codedTvicon.png TV STORY-GP 41: Advanced Childcare.
  • Mission 6: Full Power (ミッション6 フルパワー Misshon Shikkusu: Furu Pawā), also known as the Jet Dagger (ジェットダガー Jetto Dagā) is activated by flipping all three switches #1, #2 and #3 (which add up to six). The hilt becomes a jet booster that allows the Go-On Wings to fly. They can initiate the Dagger Acrobat downward flying slash.

The toy version's name was changed to Rocket Booster (ロケットブースター Roketto Būsutā) to show respect for the stabbing victims of the Akihabara killings in Akihabara, Japan, which occurred around the time when the Go-On Wings were first shown. However in the show, they still use Rocket Dagger. [1]

Wing Booster

"Wing Booster, attention!"
―Combination announcement by the Go-On Wings[src]

"Attention, Wing Booster!"
―Combination announcement by the Go-On Wings when inside a Mecha[src]

"Three, Two, One, Zero."
―Finisher announcement by the Grip Wing Trigger)[src]

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: SkyShift Blazer

Wing Booster

The Wing Booster (ウイングブースター Uingu Būsutā) is the combination of the Henshin Grip Wing Trigger and the Switch Jet Sword Rocket Dagger, where the Go-On Wings finish off Barbaric Machine Beasts by inserting their Engines' Engine Soul into the Wing Trigger for the Wing Booster: Boost Up. During the final battle against Yogoshimacritein, the Go-On Wings use Buson and BearRV's Engine Souls as substitutes for their partners.

This combination is also the equivalent of the Handle Blaster, allowing the Go-On Wings to perform a Grand Prix finishing attack by inserting a Blaster Soul into the Wing Trigger to help perform Seikuu-O, Engine-O G9, or Engine-O G12's Grand Prix finisher.

With the Go-Ongers sans Sosuke, the Go-On Wings can perform the Hyper Cannonball (ハイパーキャノンボール Haipā Kyanonbōru) where they fire their weapons (Mantan Gun Gun Mode) with their respective Souls inside themTvicon.png TV STORY-Engine Sentai Go-Onger: Boom Boom! Bang Bang! GekijōBang!!. Alternatively, the Go-On Wings use their partner-Soul filled Wing Boosters with the secondary Go-Ongers' Junction Rifle. As they fire, energy constructs of their respective partner Engines fire at the opponentTvicon.png TV STORY-GP 40: Shogun Revival.

Individual Weapons and Team Blasters

The Go-On Gear (ゴーオンギア Gōon Gia) are the tools of the trade the Go-Ongers use to fight Gaiark. They are all summoned when the Go-Ongers press their belt buckle, then their chests symbols project before forming into their respective weapons. When initiating special attacks, a light energy highway is manifested before the attack/s is/are released (consecutively or singularly).

Super Highway Buster

"Pole Position! (combination) Super Highway Buster!"
―pre- & post-combination announcement[src]
Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: RPM Enforcer

Super Highway Buster

The Super Highway Buster (スーパーハイウェイバスター Sūpā Haiwei Basutā) is he combination of the Highway Buster and the Junction Rifle. To form the Super Highway Buster, the Road Saber portion of Highway Buster pushes the top cowl of the Junction Rifle forward while the blades of the Bridge Axe fold up. The Soul is set in the Garage Launcher portion.

Like the Highway Buster, an Engine Soul-powered Racing Bullet is fired, stopping for a split second to take on Go-On Black's cowl and flattening the blades of the Bridge Axe. Combined, they unleash the destructive power of the Soul's respective Engine on the target in the form of that Engine's number.

When the Super Highway Buster is loaded with Engine Speedor's Engine Soul and it is used alongside the Go-On Wings' Wing Boosters loaded with Engines Buson and Bear RV's Engine Souls, the weapons can perform the Go-On Bond Special (ゴーオンキズナスペシャル Gōon Kizuna Supesharu) team attack.

The term "pole position" refers to the best position before a race starts.

Highway Buster

"Pole Position!"
―combination announcement[src]
Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: Road Blaster

Highway Buster

The Highway Buster (ハイウェイバスター Haiwei Basutā) is the combination of the primary Go-Ongers' Go-On Gear: the Road Sabre, the Garage Launcher, and the Racing Bullet. This is done by connecting the Road Sabre into the Garage Launcher, making part of the hilt lift up to resemble a racing archway, with the Racing Bullet placed in the Garage Launcher in front of the Road Sabre's hilt.

When an Engine Soul is set in the back portion of the Garage Launcher, the Racing Bullet is charged then propelled at the Banki, unleashing the destructive power of the Soul's respective Engine on the target.

The primary Go-ongers can perform the 1-2-3 Finish (ワンツースリーフィニッシュ Wan Tsū Surī Finisshu), setting in the three Engine Souls of the primary Engines as they all fire simultaneouslyTvicon.png TV STORY-GP 40: Shogun Revival.

Road Saber

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: Street Saber

Road Saber

The Road Saber (ロードサーベル Rōdo Sāberu) is Go-On Red's personal weapon, with the sides of the blade resembling part of a street with lane markers. With it, he can perform the Saber Straight (サーベルストレート Sāberu Sutorēto) dashing slash (sometimes in the silhouette of a speeding wheel), the Saber Straight: Go-On Rendezvous (サーベルストレート・ゴーオンランデブー Sāberu Sutorēto: Gōon Randebū), where the Road Saber slashes the opponent as it is ridden like a hoverboard & maneuvered by a held Rocket Dagger, and the Saber Spin Crash (サーベルスピンクラッシュ Sāberu Supin Kurasshu), where Sosuke performs a downward spinning slash after jumping off a platform (i.e. GoRoader's shoulder).  

Garage Launcher

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: Turbo Cannon

Garage Launcher

The Garage Launcher (ガレージランチャー Garēji Ranchā) is Go-On Blue's personal weapon, resembling its namesake. With it, he can perform the Launcher Starter (ランチャースターター Ranchā Sutātā) shoot, and the Jumping Attack (ジャンピングアタック Janpingu Atakku) jumping shoot.

Racing Bullet

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: Zip Charger

Racing Bullet

The Racing Bullet (レーシングバレット Rēshingu Baretto) is Go-On Yellow's personal weapon, resembling a windup car toy. With it, she can perform the Bullet Crash (バレットクラッシュ Baretto Kurasshu) attack, where she winds it up then the Bullet flies around and pummels foes. It can also be linked to a wire so it can wrap things up when it goes around an object of interest, such as a collapsing building segment.Tvicon.png TV STORY-GP 19: Gunpei's True Intentions

Junction Rifle

"Pole Position!"
―combination announcement[src]

Junction Rifle

The Junction Rifle (ジャンクションライフル Jankushon Raifuru) is the combination of the secondary Go-Ongers' Go-On Gear: the Bridge Axe and the Cowl Laser.

When an Engine Soul is set in the weapon, it fires two beams that spiral around together in a double helix fashion before combining into the destructive power of the Soul's respective Engine before it hits the target.

Bridge Axe

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: Turbo Axe

Bridge Axe

The Bridge Axe (ブリッジアックス Burijji Akkusu) is Go-On Green's personal weapon, with the blades of the weapon resembling a suspension bridge. With it, he can perform the Axe Touring (アックスツーリング Akkusu Tsūringu) sliding spin slash, which can also be utilized as a set of green energy slashes. It can also fire standalone green energy slashes for ranged combat.

Cowl Laser

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: Rocket Blaster

Cowl Laser

The Cowl Laser (カウルレーザー Kauru Rēzā) is Go-On Black's personal weapon, which slightly resembles Engine Gunpherd. With it, he can perform the Laser Highbeam (レーザーハイビーム Rēzā Haibīmu) shoot, where it shoots out a barrage of energy blasts.

Double Engine Soul Kankanbar

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: Rail Saber


The Double Engine Soul Kankanbar (ダブル炎神ソウルカンカンバー Daburu Enjin Sōru Kankanbā) is a Go-On Gear weapon developed by Renn Kousaka to utilize the Ancient Engines' power. The weapon itself is modeled like a crossing gate and can hold up to two Engine Souls at once to power the weapon, having a Gun Mode and Rod Mode, much like the Mantan Gun.

Its technique is the Crossing Dodonpa (クロッシングドドンパ Kurosshingu Dodonpa) with Engine T-line and Engine K-line's Engine Souls shot out in the form of fireworks.

Its finishing attack is the Crossing Stopper (クロッシングストッパー Kurosshingu Sutoppā) where the weapon fires a giant railway crossing that can stop even a giant Banki, then T-Line and K-Line rocket through the rails in the crossing until they fly up and home in on the target. When used with the Mantan Gun in Rod Mode with the Engine Kishamoth Engine Soul inserted, it can perform the Double Cross Stopper (ダブルクロスストッパー Daburu Kurosu Sutoppā) with T-line and K-line's Engine Souls. It can also use Bus-on and BearRV's souls, and on it's own can stop just about any vehicle.

Kankan Mantan Gun

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Kankan MantanGun

The Kankan Mantan Gun (カンカンマンタンガン Kankan Mantan Gan) is the combination of the Kankanbar and the Mantan Gun in their Gun Modes that can hold up to three Engine Souls at once. Its finishing attack is the Kankan Kong Express (カンカンカンエクスプレス Kan Kan Kan Ekusupuresu) blast, where the attack shoots out the Ancient Engine Souls at high speeds at the target with devastating effect.

There are also different versions of this finishing attack, with Speedor, Buson, and Bear RV's Engine Souls for one, and another with Speedor, T-line, and K-line's Engine Souls, the latter being named the Kankan Kong Express: Speedor Version (カンカンカンエクスプレス、スピードルバージョン Kan Kan Kan Ekusupuresu: Supīdoru Bājon).



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The core Go-Ongers' primary means of transportation, as well as their sleeping quarters.



Transformation Devices

Multi-Use Devices


Individual Weapons and Team Blasters


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