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Transformation Devices

Beast-Fist Transformation GekiChangers

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The GekiChangers are the core three Gekirangers' transformation devices.

Beast-Fist Transformation Brace GongChanger

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The GongChanger is the GekiViolet's transformation device.

Strongest Transformation Hand-Blade SaiBlade

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The SaiBlade is GekiChopper's transformation device.


Geki Suits

Individual Weapons




The GekiNunchaku (ゲキヌンチャク Geki Nunchaku) is GekiRed's nunchaku sidearm; very effective at close-range. Jan initially struggled to master them until Retsu Fukami instructed him on how to handle them efficiently, albeit begrudgingly.

By channeling his Fierce Ki into them, Jan is able to greatly increase the GekiNunchaku's offensive power. It is the only Gekiranger weapon besides the Virtuous Beast Sword to not have any Fierce Ki Techniques associated with it.




The GekiTonfa (ゲキトンファー Geki Tonfā) are the standard sidearms of GekiBlue and GekiYellow. A multipurpose weapon, it has three modes according to Miki, although only two are utilized in the entirety of the series.

By focusing their Geki into them, Retsu and Ran can cause the turbine housed within the GekiTonfa to generate intense electrical energy, which are then channeled into their attacks.

In the default tonfa mode, the GekiTonfa offer three different points of attack as well as strong defensive and disarmament capabilities. Using them in this form requires a high level of technique which makes them Retsu's preferred mode for use.


GekiTonfa Long Baton

By folding up the handles, Ran can then join hers together to form GeikiTonfa Long Baton (ゲキトンファーロングバトン Geki Tonfā Rongu Baton). In this form, the shafts can be extended for long range thrusting attacks.

It's likely the remaining mode is the tonfa with it's handles folded up and used as clubs, given the only configuration left would be with them disconnected and the shafts retracted.




The GekiHammer (ゲキハンマー (Geki Hanmā) is a elephant-themed single-headed meteor hammer-type weapon that Ran Uzaki acquires once she masters Master Elehung's Fierce Beast Elephant-Fist (激獣エレファント拳 Gekikū Erefanto-ken) style, allowing her to not only strike an opponent with it but to snag onto an opponent and yank them out of hiding in a manner similar to a fishing line.  The distance the GekiHammer can reach is dependent upon the amount of Fierce Ki infused into it.




The GekiFan (ゲキファン Geki Fan) is a bat-themed war fan weapon awarded to Retsu Fukami upon mastering the Fierce Beast Bat-Fist (激獣バット拳 Gekijū Batto-ken) form from Master Bat Li.  The GekiFan is an elegant combat tool with various offensive and defensive applications whether it is opened or closed.  If necessary, Retsu can summon an additional GekiFan for a Double GekiFan (ダブルゲキファン Daburu Geki Fan) style, enabling him to fly and perform aerial attacks.



The GekiSaber (ゲキセイバー GekiSeibā) is a pair of shark-themed Dao broadswords awarded to Jan Kandou after mastering Sharkie Chan's Fierce Beast Shark-Fist (激獣シャーク拳 Gekijū Shāku-ken) style. The GekiSaber has two modes: Twin Sword Mode (双剣モード Sōken Mōdo) and Twin Sword Combination Mode (双剣合身モード Sōken Gasshin Mōdo) where Jan joins the swords together into one, enabling him to summon a blade of water from the hilt to increase the Gekisaber's range and cutting power .

Virtuous Beast Sword


The Virtuous Beast Sword (操獣刀 Sōjūtō) is a legendary rhinoceros-themed katana (with a design like that of a folding knife) that was used to carve Beast-Fist God SaiDain from solid rock. Originally used by the founder of Beast-Fist Bruce E, Master Sha-Fu claims that its power could end the battle with Confrontation Beast-Fist Akugata once and for all as it's said that Bruce E's power dwells within it, allowing the user to tear down the Sevenfold Barrier of Seven Sages and invoke SaiDain's power. Entrusted to Ken, he impulsively sold it before setting off to travel the world to a woman named Hanyon, who, unknown to him, had a prior history with Master Bat Li. 

After regaining it, Ken lost it a second time when it was stolen by Mele who had taken Ken's younger sister Sachiko hostage. Mele presented the Virtuous Beast Sword to Rio and with it, the two of them gained access to Jugenkyo only to have it taken back by Ken who used it to awaken SaiDain and claim him as Ken's personal mecha. Since then, The Virtuous Beast Sword has been used as the method for how Ken controls SaiDain.

Team Cannon




The GekiBazooka (ゲキバズーカ Geki Bazūka) is a cat-themed bazooka weapon modeled after Sha-Fu which fires concentrated blasts of Geki energy powerful enough to defeat most opponents in a single shot.

Initially, the energy requirements of the Geki Bazooka required Ran and Retsu to infuse their Geki energy into the weapon for a total of two minutes to fully charge it up while Jan kept the opponent occupied. Once fully charged, Jan leaps around to the weapon's back; pulls back the rear handle to deploy the muzzle, then pushes it in to fire. Knowing this was a potential weakness, Sha-Fu had the Gekiranger work on being able to speed up the energy infusion. As a result of their training, all three Gekirangers together could complete the infusion in seconds. By the time of the final batle with Long, the Gekiranges had increased in strength and power to the point that Jan was able to instantly charge and fire the weapon by himself.

When first used, Jan's hotblooded nature made him want to fight the opponents directly rather than just letting them beat him up to buy time.  It was only after Miki's daughter Misaki showed him how patience could reap far greater rewards than acting impulsively through the cooking of her Pork Cube Stew did Jan realize the importance of protecting his team over maintaining his own pride. As a reminder of the lesson, Jan yells "Pork cube stew!" (豚の角煮 Buta no Kakuni) everytime he fires it.


Transformation Grip Super GekiClaw (Super Gekiranger)

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"Super Beast On!"
―Super Gekirangers' Transformation call[src]

Super Gekiranger

The Transformation Grip Super GekiClaw (変身グリップスーパーゲキクロー Henshin Gurippu Sūpā GekiKurō) is a hand-held, high-tech claw weapon that is powered by Extreme Fierce Ki. It's with this tool that the core Gekirangers can access their Super GekiRanger forms. The pre-transformation routine involves slapping the side of the Super GekiClaw (to open the claws) with the transformation cry, "Super Beast On!" (スーパー・ビースト・オン! Sūpā Bīsuto On). When the Super GekiClaw is activated, the Gekirangers' suits become predominately white with the animal markings replaced with vents that release their Extreme Fierce Ki, enabling various feats of speed and aerial maneuverability. They also serve as the Super Gekirangers' primary weapon, held nearly at all times.

Super SaiBlade


Super SaiBlade

Combination of a Super GekiClaw and SaiBlade used by Super GekiRed or Super GekiBlue.


Transformation Devices

Individual Weapons

Team Cannon


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