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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Gaorangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Gaoranger series page as well as the team page of the Gaorangers.

Transformation Devices


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G-Brace Phone

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Gao Suits

Multi-Use Devices

Gao Jewels

All Gao Jewels

Gao Jewels (ガオの宝珠 Gao no Hōju): Round gems that hold a soul of a Power Animal. When a certain Gao Jewel is inserted into the hilt of a Beast King Sword, it enables the Gaorangers to summon that specific Power Animal from Animarium.

In Silver's case, his Power Animals are contained within their Jewels and he either uses his Laser Pool move or throws them into the sky to summon them. It was also shown in the finale that when a Power Animal dies, its Gao Jewel will shatter.


Beast King Swords

Beast King Swords (獣皇剣 Jūōken): Standard weapon of the five main Gaoranger. When the five Beast King Swords are brought together with five compatible Gao Jewels, it enables the Gaorangers to combine the Power Animals and can also shoot energy beams that depends on the color of any Gaoranger. With the GaoGiraffe Jewel, GaoBlue was able to use his Beast King Sword to use the attacks Giraffe Typhoon (ジュラフタイフーン Jurafu Taifūn) where he spins towards the enemy and slashes them repeatedly, Giraffe Cutter (ジュラフカッター Jurafu Kattā) extending slash, and Surging Thrust (サージングスラスト Sājingu Surasuto) extending thrust.

Individual Weapons and Team Blaster

Evil-Crushing Hundred-Beast Sword

Evil-Crushing Hyakujuuken

Evil-Crushing Hundred-Beast Sword (破邪百獣剣 Haja Hyakujūken): Combination of the five main Gaorangers' individual weapons. It is used to destroy normal-sized Org monsters. The Gaoranger can also channel their energy into the weapon. The finishing call is "Evil, disperse." (邪鬼退散 Jaki Taisan).

It is used by the Gokaigers when they change into the Gaorangers, they use it to destroy a trio of Sugormin. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Lion, Run

Lion Fang/Gao Mane Buster

Lion Fang

Lion Fang (ライオンファング Raion Fangu): GaoRed's lion based gauntlet weapon. It can be wielded one handed as an armored cestus or split into two claw like weapons for the Blazing Fire (ブレイジングファイヤー Bureijingu Faiyā) double slash. It forms the handgrip of the Hundred-Beast Sword.

Gao Mane Buster's Modes, Normal and Final Mode

In episode 3, GaoRed refused to give up when the Gaorangers were losing to Camera Org and gained the ability to turn the his Lion Fang into a gun weapon called the Gao Mane Buster (ガオメインバスター Gao Mein Basutā), with the command "Lion Fang, transform!". It has two modes: Normal Mode (ノーマルモード Nōmaru Mōdo); which rapidly fires green laser blasts from the barrels in its mane, and Final Mode (ファイナルモード Fainaru Mōdo) which fires a powerful yellow energy orb from a barrel that extends from the mouth.

Eagle Sword

Eagle Sword (イーグルソード Īguru Sōdo): A sword that is used by GaoYellow. Attacks are Noble Slash (ノーブルスラッシュ Nōburu Surasshu) energy slash attack, Feather Cutters (フェザーカッター Fezā Kattā) (feather themed dirks contained in the hilt of the Eagle Sword) dirks that explode in contact, and Surging Slash (サージングスラッシュ Sājingu Surasshu), when wielded by GaoBlue. It forms the upper blade of the Hundred-Beast Sword.

Shark Cutters

Shark Cutters (シャークカッター Shāku Kattā): a pair of tonfas that are wielded by GaoBlue. Attacks are the Surging Chopper (サージングチョッパー Sājingu Choppā) scissors slash and Noble Chopper (ノーブルチョッパー Nōburu Choppā), when wielded by GaoYellow. They form the crossguard of the Hundred-Beast Sword.

Bison Axe

Bison Axe (バイソンアックス Baison Akkusu): An small handaxe that is used by GaoBlack. Attacks with the Iron Broken (アイアンブロークン Aian Burōkun) slash attack. It forms the lower blade of the Hundred-Beast Sword.

Tiger Baton

Tiger Baton (タイガーバトン Taigā Baton), A baton that is used by GaoWhite. Attacks with the Belle Crisis (ベルクライシス Beru Kuraishisu) thrust, and White Tiger Cross Cut (白虎十文字斬り Byakko Jūmonji Giri) cross slash. It forms the handle of the Hundred-Beast Sword.

Gao Hustler Rod

Gao Hustler Rod (ガオハスラーロッド Gao Hasurā Roddo): GaoSilver's weapon that has three modes. The first is Saber Mode (サーベルモード Sāberu Mōdo), where it is used like a bladed weapon and attacks with Silver Wolf Full Moon Cut (銀狼満月斬り Ginrō Mangetsu Giri) an energy slash attack, and the second is Sniper Mode (スナイパーモード Sunaipā Mōdo) that is used as a rifle. The third mode is Break Mode (ブレイクモード Bureiku Mōdo), which is used as a pool rod. This mode is used for Silver's finisher attack Evil-Crushing Seijuu Orbs (破邪聖獣球 Haja Seijūkyū, Saint Beast Orbs), where he generates a pool table, called Laser Pool (レーザープール Rēzā Pūru), and Silver shoots his three Gao Jewels like pool balls to finish off an Org as they ricochet invisible walls all around the Org. The finishing call is "Evil spirit, honorably defeated." (邪鬼玉砕 Jaki Gyokusai) Laser Pool is also used for GaoSilver to summon his Power Animals, and the Gao Hustler Rod was once used to emulate his Seijuu Orbs attack with GaoMadillo (GaoMajiro) and the Ligator Blade, called the Hunter Seijuu Orb.

Falcon Summoner

Falcon Summoner (ファルコンサモナー, Farukon Samonā), A falcon themed bow weapon used by GaoRed that he received in Episode 31. After Highness Duke Ura killed all the Gaorangers except for Red and Silver, the others were able to complete a puzzle that allowed the weapon to emerge in GaoRed's hands. The Falcon Summoner has three modes, Gun Mode (ガンモード, Gan Mōdo) where the staves fold down against the wielder's arms and it fires rapid energy blasts, Arrow Mode (アローモード, Arō Mōdo) where the staves fold out and falcon shaped arrows can be shot, and Summoner Mode (サモナーモード, Samonā Modō), where the Falcon Summoner is combined with GaoRed's Beast King Sword (which is equipped with the GaoFalcon jewel) enabling it to summon GaoFalcon. It can also finish enemies in Arrow Mode, with the call "Arrow Mode, shoot!". The Falcon Summoner can also be used to summon multiple Power Animals by inserting additional jewels into the empty slots in the staves, such as in episode 35 when GaoRed used it to summon the Power Animals necessary to form GaoIcarus as Blacksmith Org had reforged the other Beast King Swords into silverware.

Other Weapons

Gaoranger Storm

Gaoranger Storm (ガオレンジャーストーム Gaorenjā Sutōmu): A ball of light created by the Gaorangers, the Dream Sentai, and the Red Warriors. GaoRed kicked it to annihilate Rakushaasa once and for all. The finishing call is Evil spirit, purify (邪鬼浄散 Jaki Jōsan).

The attack is an homage/callback to the Goranger Storm, which is used by Himitsu Sentai Gorenger. The Goranger Storm is a ball which produced by Momorenger (Pink), and played like a football among Gorangers. in the end, Akarenger (Red) kicks it to the enemy, blasting it.


Wolf Roader

Wolf Roader

The Wolf Roader is GaoSilver's personal cycle based off of a Suzuki DR250.


Transformation Devices

Multi-Use Devices


Individual Weapons and Team Sword

Other Weapons


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