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===Hawk Arrows===
===Hawk Arrows===
[[File:Five-ar-cycles.jpg|thumb|200px|Hawk Arrows]]
[[File:Five-ar-cycles.jpg|thumb|350px|Hawk Arrows]]
'''Hawk Arrows''' (ホークアロー, ''Hōku Arō''): Fivemen's motorcycles numbered 1 through 5. They reach speeds of 330 Km/h (205 mph) and are equipped with Hawk Cannons.
'''Hawk Arrows''' (ホークアロー, ''Hōku Arō''): Fivemen's motorcycles numbered 1 through 5. They reach speeds of 330 Km/h (205 mph) and are equipped with Hawk Cannons.
*'''Hawk Arrow 1''' (ホークアロー1号, ''Hōku Arō Ichigō''): Five Red's motorcycle.
*'''Hawk Arrow 1''' (ホークアロー1号, ''Hōku Arō Ichigō''): Five Red's motorcycle.

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This article is about a/an list of all the weapons, devices, and vehicles in Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman.

This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Fivemen. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Fiveman series page as well as the team page of the Fivemen.

Transformation Devices


V-Changer (Vチェンジャー, Bui Chenjā): Fiveman's transformation devices. The individual Fivemen transform by shouting out their code names, while the gathered team shouts the team name. Gaku, Ken, and Fumiya have V-Changer Braces (wristband changers). Kazumi and Remi have V-Changer Compacts (necklace changers).


Five Blaster


Five Blaster (ファイブラスター, Faiburasutā): The sidearms of the team, which transform from a gun to a sword. The Five Blasters are equipped with detachable Power Grips which can be installed into each Fiveman's assigned weapon to modify them.

Individual Weapons



V-Sword (Vソード, Bui Sōdo): Five Red's long sword; formed by attaching the power grip to the V Shuttler's handle.

  • V Shuttler (Vシャトラー, Bui Shatorā): Five Red's shortened V-Sword.

Twin Arrays

Twin Arrays (ツインアレイ, Tsuin Arei): Five Blue's personal weapon which resembles a bladed dumbell; formed by connecting the Twin Risbees via the power grip.

  • Twin Risbees (ツインリスビー, Tsuin Risubī): Five Blue's Twin Array that has been separated into Frisbees.
    • Twin Yo-Yos (ツインヨーヨー, Tsuin Yōyō): Shrunken Twin Risbees.

Power Cutter

Power Cutter (パワーカッター, Pawā Kattā): Five Black's bladed gauntlet which is able to shoot energy blasts in addition to slashing attacks; formed by placing the power grip between the folded down blades to form a handle.

  • Black Jaw (ブラックジョー, Burakku Jō): Five Black's transformed Power Cutter.

Circle Circle

Cutie Circle (キューティーサークル, Kyūtī Sākuru): Five Pink's baton weapon; formed by folding the Cutie Putter and inserting the power grip as a handle.

  • Circle Putter (サークルピュータ, Sākuru Pyūta):Five Pink's transformed Cutie Circle.

Melody Tact

Melody Tact (メロディータクト, Merodī Takuto): Five Yellow's whip which she uses to entangle opponents; formed by connecting the power grip between the two halves of the Yellow Flute.

  • Yellow Flute (イエローフルート, Ierō Furūto): Five Yellow's transformed Melody Tact.

Brother Attack

Brother Attack (ブラザーアタック, Burazā Atakku): This is the first finishing technique of the Fivemen. At the command of Five Red saying "Sibling Warrior's Brother Attack!!", Five Yellow ties the enemy with the Melody Tact and the rest attack in order with their special weapons, finishing with a blow of Five Red's V-Sword.

Super Five Ball

Super Five Ball (スーパーファイブボール, Sūpā Faibu Bōru): As Goranger's "Goranger Storm", Sun Vulcan's "Vulcan Ball" or Kakuranger's "Kakure Shoot", this weapons are ball-shaped bombs which the Fiveman pass to each other, storing energy and kicking them towards the enemy. The five members can finish this technique, not only Five Red.

Team Cannon

Main article: Arthur G6


Hawk Arrows


Hawk Arrows

Hawk Arrows (ホークアロー, Hōku Arō): Fivemen's motorcycles numbered 1 through 5. They reach speeds of 330 Km/h (205 mph) and are equipped with Hawk Cannons.

  • Hawk Arrow 1 (ホークアロー1号, Hōku Arō Ichigō): Five Red's motorcycle.
  • Hawk Arrow 2 (ホークアロー2号, Hōku Arō Nigō): Five Blue's motorcycle.
  • Hawk Arrow 3 (ホークアロー3号, Hōku Arō Sangō): Five Black's motorcycle.
  • Hawk Arrow 4 (ホークアロー4号, Hōku Arō Yongō): Five Pink's motorcycle.
  • Hawk Arrow 5 (ホークアロー5号, Hōku Arō Gogō): Five Yellow's motorcycle.

Hover Star II

Hover Star II (ホバスター2号, Hobā Sutā Nigō): A single hovercraft used by the Fivemen. The number is 0.


Five Tector

Five Tector (ファイブテクター, Faibu Tekutā): An armor developed by Ken composed of Shoulder Guards, Arm Shields, and Power Leggers. All these increase the strength of the Fiveman fivefold.


Transformation Devices


Individual Weapons and Attacks

Team Cannon



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