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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Donbrothers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Donbrothers series page as well as the team page of the Donbrothers.

Transformation Devices



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The Transformation Gun DonBlaster (変身銃ドンブラスター Henshin Jū Donburasutā) is the main transformation device and sidearm of the Donbrothers.

Multi-Use Devices

Avataro Gears

ASDB-DonMomotaro Avataro Gear.png
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Individual Weapons



"Don! Don! Don! Donburako!"
―Momotaro Slash Gear spinning announcement[src]

"Mo~motaro Zan! Momotaro Zan!"
―Momotaro Slash finisher standby loop[src]

"Hissatsu Ōgi! Momotaro Zan!"
―Momotaro Slash finisher announcement[src]

"Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Come On!"
―Avataro Slash Gear spinning announcement[src]

"Av~ataro Zan! Avataro Zan!"
―Avataro Slash/DonBlaster-scanned finisher standby loop[src]

"Hissatsu Ōgi! Avataro Zan!"
―Avataro Slash finisher announcement[src]

―Charge announcement[src]

"Kiai! Isai! Iai Zan![1][2]"
―Charged finisher announcement[src]

"(Parley Time! (Ranger/team name)!) Iza Mairu![1][2]"
―DonBlaster-scanned announcement[src]

"Robotaro-san! Robotaro-san![3]"
―Robotaro Gear-scanned finisher standby loop[src]

The Zanglassword[4] (ザングラソード Zangurasōdo, "Slash-Sunglass-Sword") is a sunglasses-themed katana that serves as the personal weapon of Don Momotaro. In battle, it can be used in a boomerang style to fend Momotaro's opponents while he's on standby. To finish an opponent, he spins the gear on the Zanglassword 3 times before spinning the fourth time to initiate the finisher. Then once ready, he would press the trigger of the sword and perform the Avataro Slash (アヴァタロスラッシュ Avuataro Surasshu), where he slashes the opponent in a dozen stream of spectrum colors. [5] When Don Momotaro places the gear onto the top of a DonBlaster, depending on which Avataro Gear is in it, he is able to perform an attack based on the corresponding Sentai team.

Full Konbou

ASDB-OniSister's Club.png

The Full Konbou serves as the personal weapon of Oni Sister.[6]


ASDB-InuBrother's Shuriken.png

An unnamed shuriken that serves as the personal weapon of Inu Brother.[7]


Superbike Enya Rideon

ASDB-Enya Rideon.png
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The Superbike Enya Rideon (スーパーバイクエンヤライドン Sūpābaiku En'ya Raidon) is the personal motorcycle of Don Momotaro.

Other Devices

Donbro Buckle

Donbro Buckle

The Donbro Buckle (ドンブラバックル Donbura Bakkuru) is the belt of the Donbrothers' suits. Each one can hold Avataro Gears for access in battle.

Each Donbro Buckle holds up to 6 Avataro Gears at a time, with the selection changing constantly to adapt to a certain scenario.



Each member is equipped with a pair of mysterious sunglasses that allows them to see another dimension. They can also see through the disguises of the Anoni lurking amongst humans. During the transformation, the sunglasses become the visor of the Ranger.


Don Momotaro's Fan

Don Momotaro is occasionally seen brandishing an unnamed paper fan.


Main article: Kibi-Points

Kibi-Points Graph Chart

Kibi-Points (キビポイント Kibi Pointo) is a progress-tracking system worked by an unknown admin that monitors the points gathered by the individual Donbrothers, save for Don Momotaro. According to Jin Momoi, they can affect the user depending on how they utilizes their points. If poorly used, it could potentially lead to that person's misfortune. If used wisely, that person can make any of their wishes come true.


Transformation Devices

Multi-Use Devices


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Individual Weapons


Other Devices

Behind the Scenes


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  • The Zanglassword's standby loop sound that plays before a finisher is a play on the first line of the children's song Momotarō's Song (桃太郎さんの歌 Momotarō-san no uta).


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