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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Denzimen. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Denziman series page as well as the team page of the Denzimen.

Transformation Devices

Denzi Ring

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Denzi Ring (デンジリング Denji Ringu): The Denzimen's transformation device. The transformation call is "Denzi Spark!" (デンジスパーク Denji Supāku).


Denzi Strenghtening Clothes

Special suits made of a "Denziron" material created alongside the technology for DaiDenzin that was sent from Denzi to Earth. Empowered by the "Denzi Stone" placed within the helmet, which allows for the Denziman to perform superhuman feats when wearing the suit, including running 100 meters in 3 seconds and to Denzi Jump instantaneously with one leap. The Denzi Stone likewise allows the Denziman to use their goggles in their helmets as a "Denzi Scope", allowing them to see hidden Vader Monsters or to see things no normal eye can see.


Denzi Stick


Denzi Sticks

Denzi Stick (デンジスティック Denji Sutikku): Each Denziman is armed with folding sidearms called Denzi Sticks which are either used like swords or thrown like daggers. There are two main finishers using these weapons:

  • Denzi Boomerang (デンジブーメラン Denji Būmeran): The main finisher; the five DenziSticks are combined into a five-pointed boomerang weapon which flies towards a Vader Monster and explodes when they make the combined "Spark!" command.
  • Denzi Lightning Fall (デンジイナズマ落とし Denji Inazuma Otoshi): The five Denziman leap high in the air and drop down, with all five Denziman striking with their DenziSticks simultaneously to destroy a Vader Monster; leaping out of the way and ducking as the monster explodes.

Denzi Punch

Denzi Punch (デンジパンチ Denji Panchi): Electrically charged metal gloves equipped by the Denzimen to increase their punching power. The style of attack varies by the Denziman: DenziYellow uses a double-hand "Hammer Punch" as his means of attack using the gloves, while DenziPink uses her skills in akido for open-hand attacks.

Team Attacks

  • Denzi Tower: The five Denziman take a tower formation, usually to recover from an attack
  • Denzi Shower: Summoning the power from the Denzi Stone in their helmets, the Denziman can emit them outwards to another; they use this initially to revive Momoi after she is nearly petrified by Shabonlar.Ep. 2: The Man-Eating Soap Bubbles
  • Shotgun: The five take a stance together before dashing away at the same time, usually used to handle a mass of Dustlers attacking simultaneously.
  • Dragon Fly: All five Denziman do a flying kick simultaneously towards the same opponent; occasionally used alongside Denzi Tower, which is used as set-up.


Denzi Machine


Denzi Machine

Denzi Machine (デンジマシーン Denji Mashīn): DenziRed's motorbike with sidecar. It is a modified Suzuki GS550E. Occasionally, DenziPink rides in the sidecar. 

Denzi Buggy


Denzi Buggy

Denzi Buggy (デンジバギー Denji Bagī): Jeep for the other four Denziman.

Denzi Crafts


Red Denzi Craft

Denzi Crafts (デンジクラフト Denji Kurafuto): Each Denziman had an airboat.

Denzi Shooter

Denzi Shooter (デンジ射手 Denji Shoota): Underground transporter that can travel from the Athletic Club to Denzi Land.


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Transformation Devices



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