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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Dekarangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Dekaranger series page as well as the team page of the Dekarangers.

Transformation Devices

SP License

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SP License

The SP License (SPライセンス Esu Pī Raisensu) is the morpher of the Dekarangers

Master License

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Master License

The Master License (マスターライセンス Masutā Raisensu) is used by DekaMaster.


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Omega Morpher

The BraceThrottle (ブレスロットル Buresurottoru) is the personal changer of a Tokkyou which allows him/her to change into a Dekasuit.

MariGold License

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S.P.D kat Morpher

MariGold License

The MariGold License is used by Marigold Utahime.

Swan License

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Swan License

Swan License

The Swan License is used by Cignian Swan Shiratori.

Fire Squad License

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Fire Squad License

Fire Squad License

The Fire Squad License is used by members of S.P.D. Fire Squad.


Space Police Uniform


SP Shooter


SP Shooter

SP Shooter (SPシューター Esupī Shūtā): Each Dekaranger has an SP Shooter, one of the weapons they put on their regular holsters when not transformed.


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Hybrid Magnum
(D-Magnum 01 and 02)

The D-Magnums (ディーマグナム Dī Magunamu) are DekaRed's personal sidearms made to resemble the DekaMachine Patrol Striker. They have a unbelievable rate of fire when used seperately, and has the most power out of all the Dekaranger's sidearms when they are combined into the Hybrid Magnum (ハイブリッドマグナム Haiburiddo Magunamu).

Attacks are Hybrid Charging Shoot, Magnum Execution (マグナムエクスキュージョン Magunamu Ekusukyūjon), Moonsault Shot (ムーンサルトショット Mūnsaruto Shotto), Moonsault Galaxy Shot (ムーンサルトギャラクシーショット Mūnsaruto Gyarakushī Shotto), Hurricane Shot (ハリケーンショット Harikēn Shotto), and Endless Shot (エンドレスショット Endoresu Shotto) attacks. Also performs the Raijin Slash attack after Ban learned it from his predecessor.




D-Knuckle (ディーナックル Dī Nakkuru): A knuckle weapon which increases an individual's punch.

D-Rod and D-Stick

D-Rod (ディーロッド Dī Roddo): Baton weapons shaped after collapsible nightsticks used by Hoji and Sen. Hoji's attack with the weapon is called Blue Finish (ブルーフィニッシュ Burū Finisshu) and Sen's attack is called Green Crash (グリーンクラッシュ Gurīn Kurasshu). When combined with their D-Knuckle, it creates their D-Arms; Hoji's is the D-Sniper and Sen's is the D-Blaster.

D-Stick (ディースティック Dī Sutikku): Baton weapons shaped after jittes used by Jasmine and Umeko. The D-sticks are also equipped with tiny disk weapons called Zeni Bombs that are attached to the handles. When combined with their D-Knuckles, they create their D-Arms, the D-Shots.

D-Sniper, D-Blaster, and D-Shot

The combination of D-Knuckles and the D-Sticks/D-Rods of the core Dekarangers from DekaBlue to DekaPink. Once combined, the combination becomes a sidearm, a combination that they often used to keep up with DekaRed, who was quite the happy-trigger.

The D-Sniper (ディースナイパー Dī Sunaipā) is DekaBlue's D-Knuckle and D-Rod combination, and is has the longest range of the combinations.

The D-Blaster (ディーブラスター Dī Burasutā) is DekaGreen's D-Knuckle and D-Rod combination, and has the most power of the combinations, close to even DekaRed's Hybrid Magnum.

The D-Shot (ディーショット Dī Shotto) is DekaYellow and DekaPink's D-Knuckle and D-Stick combination, and is the most balanced of the combinations.With the D-Shot, DekaYellow and DekaPink can use the Twin Cam Shot (ツインカムショット Tsuin Kamu Shotto) team up attack.

D-Sword Vega

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D-Sword Vega

D-Sword Vega (ディーソード・ベガ Dī Sōdo Bega): A sword wielded by DekaMaster. When sheathed, its appearance is that of dulled metal, but when DekaMaster activates it, silver metal is revealed. Like Bisques' Sword Altair, Doggy's sword also has a gun function as seen in the movie and in Ep 50. D-Sword Vega has three techniques seen in the series, two of them are Judgment finishers. Vega Slash (ベガスラッシュ Bega Surasshu) is a powerful slice attack that defeats Alienizers. (Default deletion attack); in Vega Tornado Slash (ベガトルネードスラッシュ Bega Torunēdo Surasshu), DekaMaster creates a circle with his sword and spins it repeatedly until a tornado is created. The attack is then focused on the opponent with an upward slash, which blows them away. Vega Impulse (ベガインパルス Bega Inparusu), the Secret Technique of the Galaxy Sword Style, is where DekaMaster uses this move in which he lifts his sword up and as it goes down, the blade extends slicing his opponent in half and in the process destroys him/her (Secondary deletion attack). It was also wielded by DekaRed on two occasions for the techniques Akaza Sword Art - Raijin Sword (赤座剣法・雷神剣 Akaza Kenpō Raijin Ken) in Episode 18 and Impulse Vega Slash (インパルスベガスラッシュ Inparusu Bega Surasshu) in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger: 10 Years After.



D-Smasher 01 and 02

The D-Smashers (ディースマッシャー Dī Sumasshā) are DekaGold's personal sidearms.

S.W.A.T. Mode

S.W.A.T (Special Weapons And Tactics) Mode was created for the Core Dekarangers to give them extra power only if the team can work together. It was first used in Episode 33 to battle Botsian Zortac & Karakazian Don Sanoa.

S.W.A.T. Mode includes vests, leg armor, sensors, and communication headsets. S.W.A.T. has many other valuable functions, including heat seeking and nightvision. The Rangers summon this armor via their SP Licenses. They are also equipped with the D-Revolvers. This mode is based off the actual SWAT team in actual law enforcement agencies.


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D-Revolver (ディーリボルバー Dī Riborubā): A high-powered beam machine gun that the Dekarangers use when they are in SWAT Mode. Its power is far greater than the Hybrid Magnum. When used at its full power it has the ability to delete Alienizers. The Dekarangers also use the D-Revolver with the DekaWing Cannon.

Other Standard-Issue Devices


D-Schop (ディースコップ Dī Sukoppu): A collapsible shovel with SPD markings. "Schop" means "shovel" in Dutch.


D-Wapper (ディーワッパー Dī Wappā): Every Dekaranger has D-Wapper handcuffs built into his or her belt buckle to arrest criminals. Tetsu has his own gold colored version of the D-Wapper. "Wapper" comes from wappa, meaning "handcuffs" in Japanese.

Team Blaster/Power-Up


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K-9 Cannon

The D-Bazooka (ディーバズーカ Dī Bazūka) is a team cannon that is formed from K-9 Murphy - a robotic dog that also has weaponized functionality - after giving him the Key Bone (キーボーン Kī Bōn). On one occasion the S.W.A.T. Mode Dekarangers had to use the D-Bazooka as a replacement for their D-Revolvers during their first battle against the older Browgoul as it's acid spray had damaged their D-Revolvers.


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K-9 can also transform into DekaRed's Battlizer (バトライザー Batoraizā).


The Deka Vehicles (デカビークル Deka Bīkuru) are vehicles that the Dekarangers use as transportation. Each is named after a certain breed of dog.

Machine Doberman

Machine Doberman (マシンドーベルマン Mashin Dōberuman): A police interceptor used by DekaRed and DekaYellow (and later DekaBreak and DekaYellow after Ban joined the Fire Squad). Can travel at 500 km/h.

Machine Husky

Machine Husky (マシンハスキー Mashin Hasukī): Motorcycle used by DekaBlue. Travels at 300 km/h.

Machine Bull

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Machine Bull (マシンブル Mashin Buru): A patrol car used by DekaGreen and DekaPink. Travels at 350 km/h.

Machine Boxer

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Machine Boxer

Machine Boxer (マシンボクサー Mashin Bokusā): Motorized unicycle used by DekaBreak. Travels at 330 km/h.

SPD Helicopter

SPD Helicopter (SPDヘリコプター Esu Pī Dī Herikoputā): Helicopter used by DekaMaster. Seen in movie and in the last episode. The only DekaVehicle not to named after a breed of dog.


Transformation Devices


Other Standard-Issue Devices

Team Power-Up

Team Blaster/Power-Up


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