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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Dairangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Dairanger series page as well as the team page of the Dairangers.

Transformation Devices

Aura Changer

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The Dairangers' transformation device.

Kiba Changer

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The KibaRanger's transformation device.


Dairen Suits

The Dairanger's powered suits, modeled after Kung Fu practicers' uniform. The body section of the suits are made of Dai Fiber (ダイファイバー Dai Faibā), while the helmets, modeled after the Dairanger's respective Mythical Qi Beast, is made of Dai Metal (ダイメタル Dai Metaru). The suits can absorb impacts, like the ones of missiles and machineguns, but they have a function of increasing the wearer's strength through Qi Power energy by 8-10 times of a normal human's. The wearer's defense weakens if the Qi Power decreases. The spark has the color corresponding to the wearer, influenced by the wearer Dairen Suit's color.

Kiba Tector

A breastplate made of Mythical Qi Strong Metal (気伝剛金 Kiden Gōkin) that covers Kibaranger's chest.

Multi-Use Devices

Heavenly Treasure Lai-Lai Jewels

Heavenly Treasure Lai-Lai Jewels (天宝来来の玉 Tenpō Rairai no Tama): During the original war against the Gouma, a universal force called the Great Cosmos reacted to the harmful effects of the Gorma's Yoryoku by creating five Mythical Qi beasts who joined forces with the citizens of the Daos Kingdom. These creatures were summoned and controlled by seven pearls that contain their energy. The first five, which Rin found in China, belong to the five core Dairangers and are used not only to summon and control their respective Chi Beasts but also serve as the power source for the Super Chi-Power Bazooka. The sixth gem belongs to Kou and was created along with Won Tiger through a ceremony involving Master Kaku and the Core Dairangers. The seventh and final gem, which resembles a crystalline turtle shell, belongs to Kameo and allows him to transform into Daimugen. To appease Daijinryuu's wrath, the Lai-Lai Jewels leave the Dairangers during the final battle but resurface 50 years later in the hands of the new Dairangers.

Sidearms, Individual Weapons, and Attacks

Dai Buster


Dai Buster (ダイバスター Dai Basutā): A laser gun that is formed when the two sidearms are combined. It can be used to fire a laser rope so that the Dairangers can board their Mythical Chi Beasts.

  • Star Sword (スターソード Sutā Sōdo): A longsword that becomes the barrel of the Dai Buster. It is also used for the Mythical Chi Beast Summon.
  • Star Cutter (スターカッター Sutā Kattā): A dagger that becomes the grip of the Dai Buster or the handles of the Chi-Power Bazooka.

Dairen Rod


Dairen Rod (ダイレンロッド Dairen Roddo): A red staff that each of the core Dairangers possess. By channeling their Qi into their rods, the Dairangers can morph the end into a blade unique to each member - a naginata for Ryuuranger, a bladed sasumata for Shishiranger, a monk's spade for Tenmaranger, a spear for Qilinranger, and a flanged mace for Hououranger-increasing the rods' offensive capabilities as well as allowing them to perform the Rod Arrow Technique where they hurl them as projectiles. They can also magically transform into other weapons:

  • Double Dragon Swords (双竜剣 Sōryūken): Ryuuranger's weapons.
  • Lion Cudgel (獅子棍棒 Shishi Konbō): Shishiranger's weapon.
  • Pegasus Nunchakus (テンマヌンチャク Tenma Nunchaku): TenmaRanger's weapons.
  • Qilin 9-Part Whip (麒麟九節鞭 Kirin Ku-setsu Ben): Qilinranger's weapon (in later episodes Qilinranger would use a rope dart instead).
  • Phoenix Spear (ヤリホウオウ Yari Hōō): Hououranger's weapon.



Dairinkens (大輪剣 Dairinken, Big Wheel Blades): Wind and fire wheel-like weapons given to the Dairangers by Grandmaster Yufang in episode 14. Each Dairanger has two and with Kiryoku they are able to launch them by placing one flat on one palm then hit it with the other or attach their individual Rod blades to them (which can also be launched). When used all together, the Dairangers can perform the finishing technique Dairinken Chi Power Shot, where they fill the Dairinkens with Chi then launch them by slamming their hand against the flat part of the weapon.


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Byakkoshinken (白虎真剣 Byakkoshinken, Heavenly White Tiger Sword): known as Byakko for short, is KibaRanger's enchanted talking saber.

Qi-Power Bomber

Chi-Power Bomber

Qi-Power Bomber (気力ボンバー Kiryoku Bonbā): The core Dairanger's original team attack where they would collectively gather Qi into their hands and fire five balls of Qi energy that would combine into a single blast to finish off Gorma monsters. It was the only finisher that did not require an actual weapon to use and could also be used as an individual attack. Used primarily during the Dairanger's earliest battles, it later became obsolete after the Dairangers acquired the ability to use stronger attacks and weapons.

Team Cannon

Super Chi-Power Bazooka

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Chi-Power Bazooka (気力バズーカ Kiryoku Bazūka): The team's upgraded finisher, received in episode 30, the Chi-Power Bazooka is a dragon-themed cannon given to the Dairangers by Grandmaster Yufang. When used, the Dairangers insert their Star Cutters to use as handles (two in each side and one in the bottom) A Star Sword is inserted behind the head, and the five Lai-Lai jewels are enlarged and inserted into the circular slot to empower it. First used in episode 30 against Fast-Talking Player, the Chi-Power Bazooka was incomplete due to requiring the energy of both Kou's jewel and the Lai-Lai Crystal held by Kazu's friend Kameo. After Kameo accepted the truth of his destiny to save Kazu from a cursed Gorma mask in episode 31, Master Yufang infused the energy of his and Kou's Lai-Lai Jewels into the Chi-Power Bazooka and turned it into the Super Chi-Power Bazooka (スーパー気力バズーカ Sūpā Kiryoku Bazūka).

Kujaku's Weaponry


These are the weaponry used by the Dairanger's ally Kujaku, incarnation of the Peacock Buddha. They include the Kujaku Ken ( Peacock Swords), a pair of fighting knives, the Hane Shuriken ( lit. Feather Shuriken), throwing daggers modeled after a peacock's feathers, and the Kujaku Sen ( Peacock Fan), a large fan modeled after a peacock's tail.


Kiber Machines

Kiber Machines (キバーマシーン Kibā Mashīn):  Motorbikes themed after horses, as well the Dairangers' individual Mythical Chi Beasts. They can sometimes have minds of their own. They possess two nozzles on each side of its front that shoot chi-power rays. Each bike uses a Suzuki DR350S as the base model.


Transformation Devices

Multi-Use Devices

Sidearms, Individual Weapons, and Attacks

Team Cannon


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