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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Changemen. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Changeman series page as well as the team page of the Changemen.

Transformation Devices

Change Brace

Main article: Change Brace

The Changemen's transformation device. It is worn on the wrist.


Change Suits


Change Sword

Change Swords, and the blaster and knight separation

Change Sword (チェンジソード Chenji Sōdo): The Changemen's sidearm. It has two modes: blaster and knight (sword and shield).

Team Cannon and Individual Weapons

Power Bazooka

Power Bazooka

Power Bazooka (パワーバズーカ Pawā Bazūka): The finishing cannon formed from the Changeman's individual "Zooka" weapons. Dragon supplies the shell, while Mermaid aims the weapon.

Starting in episode 7, the footage shows the shell glowing red in Change Dragon's hand, as if a piece of his own Earth Force is lodged within the shell before being fired.

In episode 36, all of the combined five Earth Force powers of the Changeman fuse together to become a more powerful shell, strong enough to withstand the upgraded abilities of Queen Ahames after her exposure to the Rigel Aura of Nana.

  • Dragon-Zooka (ドラゴンズーカ Doragon Zūka):  Change Dragon's Zooka, forms the chamber and barrel of the Power Bazooka.
  • Gryphon-Zooka (グリフォンズーカ Gurifon Zūka):  Change Gryphon's Zooka, forms the muzzle of the Power Bazooka.
  • Pegasus-Zooka (ペガサスズーカ Pegasasu Zūka):  Change Pegasus' Zooka, a double barreled blaster weapon.  Forms the lower casing of the Power Bazooka's barrel
  • Mermaid-Zooka (マーメイドズーカ Māmeido Zūka):  Change Mermaid's Zooka, modelled after a handheld camera.  The only Zooka with a scope.  Forms the targeting scope of the Power Bazooka.
  • Phoenix-Zooka (フェニックスズーカ Fenikkusu Zūka):  Change Phoenix's Zooka, an arm mounted blaster.  Forms the upper casing of the Power Bazooka's barrel.


The Auto Changers, Jet skis and Change Cruiser

Auto Changers

Auto Changers (オートチェンジャー Ōto Chenjā): Each Changeman rides on of these Suzuki motorcycles.

Change Cruiser

Change Cruiser (チェンジクルーザー Chenji Kurūzā): 4WD for the entire quintet.

Jet Skis

Jet Skis (ジェットスキー Jetto Sukī): Introduced in Dengeki Sentai Changeman: The Movie, four of the five Changeman (Hayate being the exception) had jet skis they used for water-based missions.


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Transformation Devices


Team Cannon and Individual Weapons

  • Power Bazooka
    • Dragon-Zooka
    • Gryphon-Zooka
    • Pegasus-Zooka
    • Mermaid-Zooka
    • Phoenix-Zooka


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