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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Carrangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Carranger series page as well as the team page of the Carrangers.

Transformation Devices

Accel Changers

The Accel Changers are the transformation device of the Carrangers.



Auto Blaster

Turbo blaster.jpg
Auto Blaster
Auto Blaster (オートブラスター, Ōto Burasutā): The Carrangers' standard firearm. When the rear catch is pulled, it expands out into the Auto Punisher (オートパニッシャー, Ōto Panisshā) which uses an inner turbine to fire supercharged blasts.


Turbo sword.jpg
ViBlade (バイブレード, Bai Burēdo): The Carrangers' secondary sidearm, can be compressed and carried on their belts when not in use and extended for combat. The hilt contains a ripcord in the pommel that when tugged, activates an internal turbine that supercharges the blade through rapid vibration.


Giga Formula

Formula Nova
Giga Formula (ギガフォーミュラー, Giga Fōmyurā): A formula race car developed by Dappu which is comprised of the Carrangers' individual weapons mounted on a wheeled platform. When needed, the Carrangers can summon it via remote control, dissembling it to access their personal weapons or reconfiguring it into the Formula Nova (フォーミュラーノバ, Fōmyurā Noba) team cannon.
  • Fender Sword (フェンダーソード, Fendā Sōdo): Red Racer's Formula Weapon.
  • Muffler Guns (マフラーガン, Mafurā Gan): Blue Racer's Formula Weapon.
  • Engine Cannon (エンジンキャノン, Enjin Kyanon): Green Racer's Formula Weapon.
  • Side Knuckles (サイドナックル, Saido Nakkuru): Yellow Racer's Formula Weapon.
  • Bumper Bow (バンパーボゥ, Banpā Bō): Pink Racer's Formula Weapon.


Signaizer (シグナイザー, Shigunaizā): a multi-purpose device used by SignalMan. Its default mode is a badge that doubles as a recording device. It can also be changed into either Police Baton Mode (ポリスバトンモード, Porisu Baton Mōdo) which doubles as a taser and can shoot energy beams from the tip, and Gun Mode (ガンモード, Gan Mōdo) which fires either the Smash Beam, a yellow laser Signalman shoots at an enemy's knees to incapacitate them or the Heat Beam, a red laser.

Riddle Bombs

Riddle Bombs (謎々爆弾, Nazonazo Bakudan), volleyball-sized explosives that detonate if the enemy who catches it does not know the answer to White Racer's riddles.

Team Cannon

Giga Booster

Giga Booster.jpg
Giga Booster (ギガブースター, Giga Būsutā): The Carrangers' auxiliary team bazooka, developed by the entire team alongside Dappu. Its appearance is similar to a car just like the Giga Formula and can transform into a cannon, Booster Cannon (ブースターキャノン, Būsutā Kyanon), or a jet, Booster Jet (ブースタージェット, Būsutā Jetto). It can be attached to the Dragon Cruiser.

Other Devices

Car Navick

Car Navick.jpg
Car Navic (カーナビック, Kā Nabikku): A portable scanner invented by Youko, Natsumi and Dappu after the male Carrangers are abducted by a Gorotsuki who used invisibility. While its main function is a device to find things and can detect invisible enemies, it can transform into a gun-like mode called the Navic Shot (ナビックショット, Nabikku Shotto), which fires homing blasts. It can be used in RV Robo to detect giant invisble enemies or enemies hiding in plain sight. One of the Navicks has its Kurumagic within the device given to Signalman's bike as a farewell gift to him.
  • Navic Blaster (ナビックブラスター, Nabikku Burastā): A combination of the Auto Punisher and the Car Navick. Its shots seek out their target, and are three times more powerful than the Auto Punisher.

Signal Whistle

Signal Whistle
Signal Whistle (シグナルホイッスル, Shigunaru Hoissuru): SignalMan can use this whistle for 3 things: 1;  stop civilians (or Carrangers) going any farther; 2; call on the PoliSpeeder, and 3; call on Sirender.


Speeder Machines

Speeder Machines (スピーダーマシン, Supīdā Mashin): Speeder Machines are Go-karts that serve as transportation for the Carrangers before the Legendary Cars arrived. They are docked inside the Ranger Vehicles, to serve as cockpits.

  • Red Speeder 1 (レッドスピーダー1, Reddo Supīdā Wan): Red Racer's Speeder Machine. It is equipped with the Speeder Gun (スピーダーガン, Supīdā Gan).
  • Blue Speeder 2 (ブルーススピーダー2, Burū Supīdā Tsū): Blue Racer's Speeder Machine. It is not equipped with a weapon, but it is the fastest of the Speeder Machines.
  • Green Speeder 3 (グリーンスピーダー3, Gurīn Supīdā Surī): Green Racer's Speeder Machine. It is equipped with the Speeder Missile (スピーダーミサイル, Supīdā Misairu).
  • Yellow Speeder 4 (イエロースピーダー4, Ierō Supīdā Fō): Yellow Racer's Speeder Machine. It is equipped with two sawblades called the Speeder Cutters (スピーダーカッター, Supīdā Kattā).
  • Pink Speeder 5 (ピンクスピーダー5, Pinku Supīdā Faibu): Pink Racer's Speeder Machine. It is equipped with the Speeder Radar (スピーダーレーダー, Supīdā Rēdā).


Policepeeder (ポリスピーダー, Porisupīdā): Signalman's personal police bike. It can travel through outer space and has some degree of intelligence. Its base model is a Suzuki DR250S.


Radiacar (ラジエッカー, Rajiekkā): Radiatta Fanbelt/White Racer's buggy-like cat-motif vehicle. After returning to Earth a second time it had the ability to change into Radiacar Robo (ラジエッカーロボ, Rajiekkā Robo). Its head somewhat resembles Hello Kitty, and various parts of the robot retain a car-like motif, with the dashboard and steering wheel displayed on the waist, while wheels axle details are visible on the limbs. At first, it could only transform into human-size then later grow into a larger form (similar to the transformation sequence of Ultraman). The Radiacar Robo can only retain this form for one minute.

Wild Cars

Wild Cars (野生の車, Yasei no Kuruma): Two vehicles known for running amuck throughout the universe and who threw away all those who attempted to ride them, becoming a legend to many ruffians. They were ultimately confined within a meteorite by God for interfering with the ritual of Orihime and Hikoboshi on Tanabata. After reading about the legend, Instructor Ritchihiker sends Gorotsuki WW Waritcho to release them to be utilized by the Bowzock, only for the cars to reject them upon reaching Earth. They soon became the Carrangers' new means of transportation after being tamed by Kyousuke and Naoki.

Pegasus Thunder

Pegasus Thunder
Pegasus Thunder (ペガサスサンダー, Pegasasu Sandā): One of the two "Wild Cars". A red fourth generation Chevy Camaro that was confined within a meteorite by God along with Dragon Cruiser. Able to act on its own. It is able to fly in Sky Mode. It is equipped with a laser gun on the roof, the Pegasus Laser (ペガサスレーザー, Pegasasu Rēzā). Its finishing attack is Pegasus Final Burning (ペガサスファイナルバーニング, Pegasasu Fainaru Bāningu), a barrage of deadly energy blasts. Officially tamed and controlled by Red Racer, it is also ridden by Pink Racer.

Dragon Cruiser

Dragon Cruiser
Dragon Cruiser (ドラゴンクルーザー, Doragon Kurūzā): The other of the two "Wild Cars". A blue Jeep Wrangler that was confined within a meteorite by God along with Pegasus Thunder, it can also act on its own. It is armed with the Dragon Claw (ドラゴンクロー, Doragon Kurō) winch on the front fender and the Giga Booster can be mounted on top. Officially tamed and controlled by Blue Racer, it is also used by Green and Yellow Racer.


Transformation Devices


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