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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Boukengers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Boukenger series page as well as the team page of the Boukengers.

Transformation Devices


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The Boukengers' transformation and control device.

GoGo Changer

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Bouken Silver's transformation device.


Accell Suits



Survi-Busters (サバイバスター Sabaibasutā): The Sidearms of the five core Boukengers.  By folding out the blades beneath the barrels, the Boukengers can switch the into their Survi-Blades (サバイブレード Sabaiburēdo) sword forms.

Scope Shot

Double O Zip

Scope Shot

They also have Scope Shots (スコープショット Sukōpu Shotto), the Swiss Army Knife of the Boukenger. Aside from being a knife, the Scope Shot can fire survival tools such as grappling hooks, magnets, emergency flares, a small parachute, metallic BoukenChips (ボウケンチップ, Bōken Chippu) (these chips can contain messages which the Boukengers can only see with the Accellular Search Mode's blacklight) and can also serve as a telescope.

Survi-Buster Sniper Mode

The Scope Shot can combine with the Survi-Buster to form the Survi-Buster Sniper Mode (サバイバスター・スナイパーモード Sabaibasutā Sunaipā Mōdo), the finisher with this weapon is the Climax Shoot, first used on Tsukumogami Jougami.

Individual Weapons

Bouken Bo

Bouken Bo (ボウケンボー Bōken Bō): Bouken Red's Bouken Arm (resembles a truck's leaf spring) that can also transform into the Bouken Javelin (ボウケンジャベリン Bōken Jaberin) and can initiate the finisher "Red Zone Crash," rushing slash attack with the Bouken Javelin. He also has a finisher called "Twin Sword Slash" when the Survi-Blade and Bouken Javelin are used together. Another attack is "Javelin Crash," in which he converts the energy of the GoGo Dump's Parallel Engine into flame and slashes the enemy. In Task 47, the Bouken Bo was sliced in half by Ryuuwon who was wielding two out of the three Blades of the Three Kingdoms Leadership at the time, but the Bouken Bo was later seen in Task 49 completely repaired. "Bo" is Japanese for "rod."

Radial Hammer

Radial Hammer (ラジアルハンマー Rajiaru Hanmā): Bouken Black's tool (resembles a driveshaft and axle); his attack is called "Drift Crash", where he tosses his hammer like a boomerang. His other attacks are "Lightning Attack", where by spinning around his hammer in circles, he shoots lightning from it, and "Hammer Break," where he maximizes the power from the GoGo Formula's Parallel Engine and pulverizes the enemy. In Task 46, to defeat Yaiba, Masumi with the Accel Tector on, he uses the full power of the hammer on him. It was called "Hammer Dynamite"

Blow Knuckle

Blow Knuckle (ブロウナックル Burō Nakkuru): Bouken Blue's tool (resembles a jet turbine; in Task 1, Souta hurt his hand while punching a Karth with full force, so he has chosen to use this weapon more often); His attacks are "Hover Attack," where he punches the ground and launches himself into the air, then blast enemies with a strong wind gust, and "Knuckle Cannon," where he maximizes the power from the GoGo Gyro's Parallel Engine and blows his enemies away.

Bucket Scoopers

Bucket Scoopers (バケットスクーパー Baketto Sukūpā): Bouken Yellow's tools (resemble bulldozer buckets); her attacks are "Scooper Punch," where her punch power is increased to the point she can break cliff walls, and "Scooper Phantom," where she maximizes the power of the GoGo Dozer's Parallel Engine and delivers an X-uppercut to the enemy.

Hydro Shooter

Hydro Shooter (ハイドロシューター Haidoro Shūtā): Bouken Pink's tool (resembles Go Go Marine); her attack are called "Aqua Shoot," where she shoots high-powered water shots, and "Shooter Hurricane," where she maximizes the power of the GoGo Marine's Parallel Engine and attacks her enemies with strengthened water pellets.


Sagasniper (サガスナイパー Sagasunaipā): Bouken Silver's personal weapon. It has three modes: Sagasniper for ranged combat, Sagaspear (サガスピア Sagasupia) for melée combat, and the metal detector-like Sagasu Mode (サガスモード Sagasu Mōdo). To activate Sagasu Mode, Bouken Silver turns a cylinder on the neck of the Sagaspear, a red light near the sensor blinks three times, and the Sagaspear itself says "Search Start"; when Bouken Silver pulls the trigger, a buzzing noise beeps from the sensor, and when the sensor hits metal, the red light shines, an alarm sounds, the Sagaspear yells "Hit!" and Bouken Silver yells "Lock On!" when he is about to revert to Sniper Mode; "Sagasu" (探す; 捜す) means "to search for". The weapon has two attacks: "Sagastrike" (Sagasniper) and "Sagaslash" (Sagaspear). Another attack is "Sniper Gatling," where he maximizes the power of the Go Go Fire's Neo Parallel Engine and delivers a rapid-fire assault on the enemy.


Accel Tector


Accel Tector and Dual Crusher

Accel Tector (アクセルテクター Akuseru Tekutā): Special armor worn by the Boukenger. The Tector is a small, blue, saucer-shaped dome with the Boukenger "Compass" on the front. By placing the "Scale of the Salamander" inside of it, a special body armor activates on the wearer's chest. Initially, the armor's main purpose is to minimize recoil damage caused by the Dual Crasher, but later on it was used as an armor for combat and also increase the power of the Bouken Arms, giving them new powers. It was used mainly by Bouken Red at first, but from Task 12 onwards, the other four also wore it to finish off the enemy. The Combination Crush is only 100% effective if all members are present. While one member of the Boukengers can use the Dual Crusher alone, the tradeoff comes to that the shock absorption is not as effective.

Eiji/Bouken Silver has only worn the Accel Tector twice: once in a Special File short and in GoGo Sentai Boukenger Vs Super Sentai.

Dual Crusher

See also: Drill Blaster

Dual Crusher (デュアルクラッシャー Dyuaru Kurashā): A weapon used in conjunction with the Accel Tector. The Dual Crusher has two heads:

  • Mixer Head (ミキサーヘッド Mikisā Heddo): Immobilizes target by encasing it in "Hyper Concrete" (ハイパーコンクリート Haipā Konkurīto).
  • Drill Head (ドリルヘッド Doriru Heddo): Penetrates immobilized target with drill (Combination Crush).


Transformation Devices


Individual Weapons


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