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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Grid Battleforce Rangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Beast Morphers series page as well as the team page of the Grid Battleforce Rangers.

Transformation Devices

Beast-X Morpher

Beast-X Morpher

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The Beast-X Morpher is a combination type Morpher used by the core trio of Beast Morphers Rangers to give them the ability to transform.

Striker Morpher

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Striker Morpher

The Striker Morpher is a combination type Morpher used by both Gold and Silver Beast Morphers Rangers.

Beast-X King Activator

Main article: Beast-X King Activator[1]

Beast-X King Activator

The Beast-X King Activator is a morpher that summons the Beast-X King Zord and activates the Beast-X King Ultra Bow.

Multi-Use Devices

Morph-X Keys


The main three Morph-X Keys

Main article: Morph-X Keys

The Morph-X Keys are the collectible key-like items used by the Beast Morphers Rangers to allow them to transform from civilian to Ranger form through the use of the Beast-X Morpher.



The Wristcom is a smartwatch-like device used by the Beast Morphers Rangers & Grid Battleforce employees as a communication device.

Individual Weapons and Team Weapons

Cheetah Beast Blaster

Cheetah Beast Blaster

Cheetah Beast Blaster 2.png

The Cheetah Beast Blaster is a cheetah-based blaster for Beast Morphers Red to use for his Racer Zord in Battle Mode, the Beast-X Megazord, or the Beast-X Ultrazord for when doing a final attack against the Gigadrone. The Red Ranger's helmet changes to a scope-like mode whenever he uses the Cheetah Beast Blaster.

Appearances: Beast Morphers Season 1 Episodes 2-4, 6-10, 12-14, 16-20 Season 2 Episodes 1-4, 6, 8, 11-12, 16

Cheetah Claws

Cheetah Claws

The Cheetah Claws are the main weapons for Devon to use in Red Fury mode. During testing, an arrogantly determined lab assistant candidate named Megan blackmails Zoey into giving her the job, but she didn't follow Nate's instructions and ended up filling the claws with too much Morph-X. After finding out about her blackmail, Commander Shaw fired Megan from Grid Battleforce, and the claws were fixed to work as intended. The Cheetah Claws remained as Devon's special weapons because they could independently operate on Morph-X alone after Red Fury Mode was retired.

Its finishing move is the Cheetah Slash/Cheetah Frenzy where the user slashes at the Robotron with red energy gathered at its tips.

Beast-X Ultra Cannon


The combined form of the Beast-X Ultra Blaster and King Ultra Bow and the most powerful weapon in the Beast Morphers Rangers' arsenal. The initial intent was to use it with a powerful flash freeze arrow to subdue Evox after the revelation that he and Mayor Daniels were one in the same. However Evox was shown to be too powerful and effortlessly destroyed the arrow. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Evox Snare

Beast-X Ultra Blaster


The Beast-X Ultra Blaster is a more powerful version of the Beast-X Blaster that has rapid-fire blasting capabilities, but has a error in stability.

Its finisher is the Beast-X Ultra Blast where it charges up its barrel with energy and fires a devastating red laser which is capable of killing Robotrons and even the Cybervillains with one hit each. When first used by Devon in the episode "Save Our Shores", it was powerful enough to kill Robo-Roxy, Robo-Blaze, and an army of Tronics with a single blast.

Beast-X King Ultra Bow

Beast-X King Ultra Bow

The Beast-X King Ultra Bow is a bow weapon patterned after the Beast-X King Zord used by Nate as Beast Morphers Gold which doubles as his personal weapon. It can fire large bolts of blue energy which could even turn the Beast-X King Zord back from evil. It was first seen in The Blame Game where Nate was working on it in the lab. At the time, it was known as the Ultra Bow, and already had gorilla DNA and jackrabbit DNA imprinted onto it. In the episode Beast King Rampage, Megan offered to upload the Bow with lion DNA to complete the product. This weapon and the Ultra Blaster has since become redundant after they can fuse into the Ultra Cannon.

Its finisher is the Beast-X King Power Bolt, where it fires a massive bolt of blue energy capable of destroying Robo-Roxy with one hit.

Beast-X Spin Saber

Beast-X Spin Saber

A medium length sword modelled after the Beast X King Zord first used by Zoey in Secret Struggle. It can be seen as her personal weapon (although Ravi also uses it) with the ability to be tossed and returned to its user like a boomerang. Its finisher is the Tornado Takedown where the user throws it into the enemy, slashing past them and then returning to him/her whilst slashing them again with lethal results.

The weapon is US exclusive as no such weapon exists in Go-Busters.


Beast-X Cannon

Beast-X Cannon

Beast-X Cannon: The combined form of the Beast-X Blaster & the Beast-X Saber that fires a powerful attack called the Beast X Cannon Blast which can be used to finish off Robotrons. It is the most common method of killing Robotrons. Its most impressive show of power was in the episode Rewriting History when, once shot at point blank range, it ripped a hole right through Vargoyle and destroyed him.

Beast-X Blaster

Beast-X Blaster

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: Ichigan Buster

Beast-X Blaster: The Beast-X Blaster is a single-lens reflex camera that can transform into a gun for long-range battle. It serves as the core Beast Morphers' primary firearm. It also has a nano-projector installed, enabling the user to create holograms of environmental objects.

Its finisher is the Beast-X Blast (also called the Beast Blast) where the Rangers twist the barrels on the front of the weapon and then fire a devastating yellow shot straight through the Robotron, killing it. This finisher was mainly used against Tronics since the Beast-X Cannon was the preferred way to kill monsters. The only monsters defeated by this attack were Cycletron, Shoveltron, and Slicertron.

Beast-X Saber

Beast-X Saber

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Beast-X Saber: The Beast-X Saber is a pair of binoculars that can transform into a giant combat knife for close range battle. It serves as the core Beast Morphers' primary sword weapon.

The finisher for this weapon is the Beast-X Slash (also called the Beast Slash) where all three Rangers generate their Sabers and flick a switch on the hilts, charging up the blades with green Morph-X. They would then all simultaneously energy slash the Robotron, destroying it almost immediately. It only ever destroyed two Robotrons, Railtron and Trappertron.

Striker Saber

Striker Saber

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The Striker Sabers are the close-combat weapons of choice for Beast Morphers Gold and Beast Morphers Silver, which are gold-and-silver swords that can turn into a steering wheel for the cockpits of Wrecker Zord and Jet Zord.

The finishing move for this weapon is the Striker Beast Slash where Steel slashes a scarab symbol in the form of blue energy and Nate does the same for a mantis in gold energy which could create a double line of energy to slam into and obliterate the Robotron.


Red Fury Mode

Red Fury Mode is Devon's temporary Battilizer to use in battle against his enemies that he gained by having a Fury Cell attached to a bracelet around his arm. While powerful, the Fury Cell's energy used in this form didn't usually last long, and had a side effect of slowly turning Devon evil. It was first used in the episode Sound and Fury to defeat Tubatron 2.0 who had destroyed all of the other Ranger weapons. Fury Mode was disused since the following episode Seeing Red due to both it mentally corrupting Devon and the Fury Cells required to activate it being completely depowered and useless. This was replaced by Beast-X Mode in Season 2.

  • Stats
    • Heavy armor design.
    • Enhanced strength.
    • Cheetah Claws.

The finisher for this mode was the Cheetah Slash where Devon can charge up his claws with red energy and slash at the Robotron with enough force to immediately obliterate them. This was able to destroy Tubatron 2.0.

Fury Mode has no counterpart in Go-busters

Beast-X Visor

Beast-X Mode Visor

Main article: Beast-X Visor
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The Beast-X Visor allows the Beast Morphers to access their Beast Bots as protective armor. The resulting Beast-X Modes allow them to supercharge their abilities.


Grid Battleforce Vehicle

Grid Battleforce Vehicle

Black SUVs used to transport around Grid Battleforce personnel as well as Mayor Daniels on his many visits to the base.

Morph-X Tanker

Morph-X Tanker

Tankers used to transport Morph-X between towers. One played an important role in the episode Hypnotic Halloween as the vehicle attacked by Scrozzle and Spiketron.


X Bikes.

X-Bikes are Morph X powered bikes created by Zoey and Nate to help reduce the traffic problem in Coral Harbor and to stop Mayor Daniels from building a road through a forest. People liked Ben and Betty's X-Bike because it looked cool and stopped using Zoey's after Needletron attacked, but the road construction was canceled after people switched to X-Bikes following the rangers chasing Blaze on them through town, and as such, the traffic problem reduced to an easier amount, successfully making way for X-Bikes to become a new mode of transport for the civilians of Coral Harbor. Tvicon.png TV STORY-End of the Road

Ben and Betty's X-Bike.

Other Devices


Transporters were created by Nate Silva for the purpose to teleport anything if there are two or more transporters across from each other, caught in the beam, and the coordinates are set to the right place. They come in various shapes and sizes like large and small. However, they do have a side effect that they can damage their surroundings. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Beasts Unleashed

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"Transport! (name of weapon/item)!"
―Weapon summoning call[src]

A Transporter is equipped on the shoulder straps of the Beast Morphers' suits with the Grid Battleforce mark on it. It can transport the Beast Morphers' weapons from the base to markers in their uniforms. The Gold and Silver Beast Morpher Rangers use silver and gold-colored versions.[2] When unmorphed, the Rangers' communicators are able to similarly summon Morphers and weapons.

Neural Aligners

Neural Aligners are metal cone-like objects that can be used to morph and mix people's DNA with that of animals and morph them into Rangers/Avatars. It freezes the people into position. It was used to morph Blaze and Roxy into avatars and later to morph Devon, Ravi and Zoey into Rangers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Beasts Unleashed. Roxy planned to trick Ravi into getting one in order to turn him into a Dark Avatar, but failed to do so. She escaped with it and it was going to be used by Scrozzle.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Digital Deception When Steel’s body was going to become the host for Evox, Nate used his Striker Morpher to close the Cybergate, becoming the Gold Ranger in the process Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Cybergate Opens

Grid Battleforce Blasters


These are the standard issue sidearms for Grid Battleforce security.



A defense gadget made by Ben and Betty. Originally meant to act as a long-range taser, the Zap-O-Matic ended up as a device that electrocutes whatever makes physical contact with it, unfortunately electrocuting the user in the process.

Tracking Device

Tracking Device.jpg

An unnamed tracking tag with a green and a pink side created by Grid Battleforce. The tag can track anything or anyone possessing it, allowing the user to read out it's location on a separate device.

DNA Collecting Device


A device used for scanning DNA from living things. Nate Silva uses it to scan praying mantis and scarab beetle DNA for the Gold and SIlver Rangers, and later adds beetle and flower DNA for an unspecified reason. When it scans DNA, the data it gathers is contained in a vial.

Gigadrone Detectors

Gigadrone Detector 2.PNG

Gigadrone Detectors are satellite-like objects that go off every time Scrozzle sends a Gigadrone to attack the city. When a Gigadrone is coming, the detectors activate to let the Rangers know. When the Rangers are given the word that a Gigadrone's coming, the Zords are sent out, so that the Rangers will be ready for when the Gigadrone arrives. Nate created the Gigadrone Detectors using the knowledge he obtained from studying Slicerdrone in response to Drilldrone ambushing Devon and Zoey from underground so that Gigadrones would be unable to surprise the Rangers in the future.

Mega Transporters

Mega Transporters

The Mega Transporters were being shipped to Grid Battleforce when Roxy attacked and drew Ravi into a battle. Although she was ultimately destroyed, Blaze stole them away into the Cyber Dimension. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Target Tower They enabled Evox to enter his new body but were ultimately obliterated with the Cyber Dimension. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Evox Upgraded

Cable Strike

Beast-X Cables.png

Cable Strikes were first used in the episode Gorilla Art by the Blue, Yellow, and Silver Rangers to tie up a cloaked Vargoyle. However, this same attack was used earlier by Roxy's avatar in the episodes "Beasts Unleashed" and “Hangar Heist” when she used her Morpher to restrain the Rangers when she and Meltatron worked to free Slicerdrone. Both the good and evil versions of the attacks are cables fired from either the Beast-X Blaster or Striker Morpher, or the Evox Morpher in the case of the Cybervillains, used in incapacitating the enemy. As seen in the battle against Trappertron in the episode Save Our Shores, the cables can remain attached to the user's Morpher to function as a grappling line to swing from.​​​

Clothing Capsule


A Clothing is a capsule-like device created by Ben & Betty to give its user a quick disguise

Legendary Ranger Weapons

Grid Battleforce has a vault filled with various Ranger Weapons and Morphers, which Nate would reverse engineer to create the Beast Morpher Tech. Throughout the series, several pieces of past Ranger Tech was used by the Beast Morpher Rangers.

Split Emitters

Split Emitters.jpg

The Split Emitters are gadgets originally used by the Dino Charge Rangers. At the idea of Doctor K, Devon used them to separate Mayor Daniels from Evox. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Evox Snare

Cloud Hatchet

PRBM-Cloud Hatchet.png

A weapon originally used by Ranger Operators series Gold and Silver. Steel used it during Evox Unleashed.

Dino Saber

PRBM-Dino Saber.png

A Standard sidearm of the Dino Charge Rangers. Nate used it during Evox Unleashed.

Ninja Super Steel Blaster

PRBM-Ninja Super Steel Blaster.png

A Megazord Control weapon originally used by the Ninja Steel Rangers. Devon used this weapon during Evox Unleashed.

Thermo Blaster

PRBM-Thermo Blaster.png

The secondary Sidearm weapon originally used by the Lightspeed Rangers. Zoey used this weapon during Evox Unleashed.

Delta Enforcer

PRBM-Delta Enforcer.png

Main weapon originally used by the B-Squad Rangers (S.W.A.T. Mode) from the future. Ravi used this weapon during Evox Unleashed.


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