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Alien Rangers of Aquitar

"We Need Aquitar Ranger Power!"

"(Delphine): It's...Morphin Time! White Aquitar Ranger power!
(Aurico) Red Aquitar Ranger power!
Blue Aquitar Ranger power!
(Tideus) Yellow Aquitar Ranger power!
Corcus Black Aquitar Ranger power!
(Aurico): Rangers of Aquitar, full power!
(All): Power of Water, Power of Light, Powers unite!"
―Roll call.[src]

"Thanks to the Hydro power, Mission is accomplished!"
―Victory catchphrase.[src]

The Aquitar Rangers, sometimes referred to as the Aquitian Rangers or Alien Rangers on Earth, are a team of Power Rangers from the planet Aquitar who telepathically controlled the Battle Borgs in battle.


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White Ranger Morph

The Aquitian Rangers consist of Delphine, the leader; Aurico, the field commander; Cestro, the technical expert; Corcus the expert fighter, and Tideus the strongman. As they live underwater on their native planet, they are shown to constantly need to re-hydrate themselves while on Earth or risk death. Additionally, they are shown to have a heightened sensitivity to sound, as when the Command Center's alarm goes off, the Aquitian Rangers react in pain. The Aquitian Rangers were given their Power Coins and Battle Borgs by Ninjor, the guardian of the Temple of Power. Unlike other teams of Rangers, they do not have Morphers and instead transmorph simply with the use of their coins. It was never confirmed when exactly the Rangers gained their powers.

Mighty Morphin

The Alien Rangers are summoned to Earth by Zordon after the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are rendered powerless and transformed into children by Master Vile with his Orb of Doom. They are chosen after considering several candidates including Dex Stewart (rejected because he is busy fighting Count Dregon) and Ninjor (who they can't summon due to being de-powered). The Alien Rangers arrive on Earth in time to stop an attack by Professor Longnose and destroy him after which they remain on Earth as its guardians. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Alien Rangers of Aquitar

After the failure of the Slotsky monster and only Billy returns to his normal age, Lord Zedd hires the Barbaric Brothers to poison Angel Grove Lake and kill the Alien Rangers. However, Zordon creates a special device that purifies the water and the Shogun Megazord destroys the monsters. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Alien Trap

Eventually, Lord Zedd summons the Alien Rangers' archenemy; the Hydro Hog who drains both Angel Grove Lake and the Alien Rangers dry. However, the Rangers gather Aquitarian water and dehydrate the Alien Rangers who eventually kill thier archenemy for good with the Shogun MegaFalconzord. With the original Power Rangers returning with the Zeo Crystal shards which will return them to being adults, the Alien Rangers leave for Aquitar shortly before the destruction of the Command Center and are eventually replaced by the Zeo Rangers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Hogday Afternoon


Despite the death of the Hydro Hog, a new race of evil beings dubbed the Hydro Contaminators emerge on Aquitar to poison the water to create thier own paradise. Due to these creatures being stronger than the Hydro Hog, Cestro comes to Earth to ask for a weapon to combat these creatures. This leads to the creation of the Zeo Blaster which destroys a Hydro Contaminator which followed Cestro to Earth but Billy decides to leave with Cestro to find a way to combat the creatures. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Graduation Blues

Later on, the Aquitians sign a treaty with the Hydro Contaminators and become neighbors so they send Billy back to Earth. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mr. Billy's Wild Ride

Cestro and Delphine later appear when Trey of Triforia loses his Gold Ranger powers due to an attack by the Varox. They allow Trey to come to Aquitar to study how to restore his powers whilst former Red Ranger Jason Lee Scott becomes the Gold Ranger. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Golden Homecoming

Cestro and Delphine briefly return to Earth with thier friends Cestria to aid the Zeo Rangers in treating a rapidly ageing Billy. However, the Cog Changer and Impursonator monsters attack with an army of Cogs so they summon thier teammates who team up with the Zeo Rangers and are able to defeat the Impursonator with the Aquitar Ranger Blast. When the monsters grow, the Alien Rangers fight with Jason against the Cogs and thus the Battle Borgs aren't involved in the Zord fight. However, they are unable to cure Billy on Earth so he is taken to Aquitar to be treated under the youth-restoring Eternal Falls and he ultimately chooses to stay on the planet for good. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Rangers of Two Worlds

In Space

Alien Rangers Overun

During Dark Specter's invasion of the universe, the Aquitian Rangers battle Divatox's pirates on Gratha where they are defeated and captured due to being massively outnumbered. They are later saved by Zordon's Energy Wave which kills almost everyone in Divatox's organization whereas the pirate queen herself is purified. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Countdown to Destruction

Forever Red

Four years later, Aurico joins 9 other Veteran Red Rangers on the Moon where they battle the remnants of the Machine Empire to stop them from taking Serpentera and destroying Earth. After General Venjix is destroyed, Aurico returns to Aquitar. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Forever Red

Super Megaforce

The Alien Rangers as seen in Super Megaforce with RPM Rangers

The Alien Rangers return as part of the army of Legendary Rangers that help the Mega Rangers defeat the Armada once and for all, fighting in a huge battle against hundreds of X Borgs and dozens of Bruisers. Following the battle, they return to Aquitar.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Legendary Battle

Split History

Shattered Grid

When events set into motion by Lord Drakkon cause the timeline to split into pocket universe, each anchored on a powerset, the Aquitar Rangers are split off into their own pocket universe. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2018 Annual

Receiving Zordon's call through the Morphin Grid, the five Aquitar Rangers are amongst those who rally to his pocket dimension for the final stand against Lord Drakkon. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 29

After having their Power Coins reinforced by Doctor K, the Aquitar Rangers participate in an advance towards Drakkon's Tower on the Moon in the World of the Coinless, engaging a large army of Ranger Sentries, possibly using the Shogun Megazord. However, Serpentera attacks which leaves thier fate ambiguous. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 30

When the timeline is restored by the Heart of the Master, so are the Aquitar Rangers


Red Aquitar Ranger Aurico
White Aquitar Ranger Delphine
Blue Aquitar Ranger Cestro
Yellow Aquitar Ranger Tideus
Black Aquitar Ranger Corcus

Aquitar Rangers


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Morphing Devices



Legend:◆ piloted zord, ❖ aux zord; colors are in reference to the Rangers who pilot them, not the physical color of the Zords

Battle Borg System

Shogunzords System

Behind the Scenes



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  • The Rangers are called four separate names during their appearance. Aquitian Rangers, Rangers of Aquitar, Aquitar Rangers and Alien Rangers.
    • "Aquitian Rangers" is typically used as a reference to their race, as Delphine introduces herself as the leader of the Aquitian Rangers upon first communicating with human rangers. A celebration in their honor also had banners labeled "Aquitian Rangers."
    • "Aquitar Rangers" or "Rangers of Aquitar" are used to refer to their Ranger designations most of the time. These are what the Rangers use to refer to themselves when morphing.
    • "Alien Rangers" was first used by Zordon and Alpha 5 to refer to the non-human Rangers they were about to contact. In their first episode the Aquitar Rangers never referred to themselves as such, but in their second battle- a very public one, they introduced themselves as the "Alien Rangers of Aquitar".

Legend Ranger Devices

Super Megaforce Rangers as Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers

Super Megaforce/Aquitar Rangers Legendary Ranger Mode

Red Aquitar Ranger Troy Burrows
White Aquitar Ranger Emma Goodall
Blue Aquitar Ranger Noah Carver
Yellow Aquitar Ranger Gia Moran (female version)
Black Aquitar Ranger Jake Holling


  • Unlike the Power Rangers, the Aquitar Rangers did not require external devices to morph into their Ranger forms and instead morphed by crossing thier arms across thier chests. Although they were shown utilizing Power Coin-like medals to summon their Battle Borgs, the Coins were not used as part of their morphing sequence.
  • This is the only Power Rangers team from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers through Power Rangers Ninja Storm' not to be shown or acknowledged in Power Rangers Dino Thunder's "Legacy of Power."


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