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The Ancient Samurai

Several centuries ago, ancient Samurai Rangers defeated the Nighlok near The Tengen Gate. Using wooden brushes that channel symbol power, resembling those of the modern Samurai Rangers' predecessors they constantly battled the Nighlok.

In an effort to boost their Samurai abilities, the ancient Red Samurai Ranger attempted to create a Black Box which would have the ability to combine all the Samurai Rangers' powers into one. He was unable to complete it, likely as it took more symbol power than he could give. However, they managed to seal Master Xandred for years to come.

ancient samuraizer-like device

To this day Daisuke, guardian of the Tengen Gate, toasts to them in loving memory.

They are the first known team of Power Rangers in history.


Color Role Actor
Fire unnamed Samurai (ancestor of The Grand Shogun, Mr. Shiba, Lauren Shiba, and Jayden Shiba)
Water unnamed Samurai (ancestor of Kevin)
Sky unnamed Samurai (ancestor of Mia Watanabe)
Forest unnamed Samurai (ancestor of Mike)
Earth unnamed Samurai (ancestor of Emily)





  • Given the appearance of their surroundings and the fact that they were actual Samurai, it is possible that the Samurai Rangers existed in the 12th century (1101-1200), or some time a little later.
  • They are, so far, the only team to use the same actors as their Super Sentai counterparts, the first Shinkengers (likely due to their extremely brief appearance and the fact that they're both supposed to be Japanese. Also being that their faces are obscure, so even viewers can't tell the difference).
  • It's possible they were the first Power Rangers team to ever exist on Earth in the main universe.

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