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"You are the Dino Fury Power Rangers. Together you must defend the Earth against these evil Sporix."
―The Red Morphin Master after granting the team their powers[src]

"Valor, Honor, Strength and Pride! Knights Together, side by side!"
―The team Roll Call[src]

The Ancient Dino Fury Rangers were a select group of Knights of Rafkon who fought the Sporix during the Great Sporix Wars.


Designation Role Actor
Dino Fury Red Ranger Zayto Russell Curry
Dino Fury Blue Ranger Blue Rafkon Ranger TBA
Dino Fury Pink Ranger Pink Rafkon Ranger TBA
Dino Fury Green Ranger Green Rafkon Ranger TBA
Dino Fury Black Ranger Black Rafkon Ranger TBA
Dino Fury Gold Ranger Aiyon[1] Jordon Fite[2]

Team History

Knight of Rafkon

65 million years ago, the team were once part of the Knights of Rafkon, the main military force of the planet Rafkon, under the leadership of Zayto. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Destination Dinohenge With the forces of evil approaching the planet, the military council of Rafkon decided to create Sporix Beasts, particles with the power to manifest as evil monsters, in order to expand Rafkon's defenses. Just as the council activated the machine to create the Sporix machine, Aiyon attempted to destroy the Sporix machine for the sake of Rafkon, but was stopped by Zayto before he could succeed. Unfortunately, they soon realized that Aiyon was right when the released Sporix Beasts instead began attacking their homeworld. During the battle to defend their home, Zayto led the Knights of Rafkon against the evil beasts, although they were not strong enough. In the end, despite his best efforts, their homeworld ended up being destroyed by the same monsters their people created and unleashed upon, leaving only a few survivors. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ancient History (Dino Fury)

Sporix Wars

Main article: Great Sporix Wars

Ancient Dino Fury Rangers (powered-up)

As their planet was destroyed by the Sporix Beasts, the Knights of Rafkon chased them to Earth where the Sporix Beasts invaded as their new target. The Knights of Rafkon teamed up with the planet's dinosaurs to defend it and defeat the Sporix Beasts, but the monsters became stronger after every battle until they eventually acquired the ability to grow giant-sized, forcing the faction to retreat. Just when things started to look hopeless, they were contacted by the legendary Morphin Masters, who arrived to offer their help to the knights. Using the power of the Morphin Grid, the Morphin Masters turned their dinosaur allies which fought with them into statues and bonded their spirits to the knights, granting them the ability to morph into the Ancient Dino Fury Rangers. When Zayto asked how they could fight the Sporix Beasts if they were gigantic, the Masters granted them weapons and Zords to even the odds. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Destination Dinohenge

The Ancient Dino Fury Rangers perish on their final battle

One day, in what would be the climactic battle of the war on Earth, the Ancient Dino Fury Rangers argue about the growing strength of the Sporix Beasts, looking to try something different. Once reunited, the Ancient Dino Fury Rangers devised a plan to create a new Megazord using the energy of the Morphin Grid. During the Megazord battle, they launched a devastating final attack with their Megazord in order to defeat the remaining Sporix Beasts, only for it to cause a severe damage to the Megazord itself. After being warned that the Megazord was about to explode, Aiyon and Zayto were the only ones who managed to enter their stasis pods and escape the explosion. However, the other Ancient Dino Fury Rangers perished in the explosion. As Aiyon's pod got split from Zayto's and fell into the depths of the sea, it was thought that he too had perished. However, it was protected by the Green Morphin Master, who gave Aiyon a task and warning him that without him, Lord Zedd will reign again sometime after his defeat by Zordon's Energy Wave. On the other hand, Zayto landed safely, making him apparently the only survivor of the team. Left with Solon on their own, the two then locked the Sporix Beasts inside a chest and Zayto went to sleep inside his stasis pod until they needed him once more to finish what Aiyon first started. Also, many of the team's artifacts, including three from the Dino Fury Keys and several Zords, were lost or buried. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Destination Dinohenge Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ancient History (Dino Fury) Tvicon.png TV STORY-Waking Nightmares


65 million years later, after a mysterious warrior known as Void Knight discovered the remnants of the dinosaurs statues known as Dinohenge, seeking to use the locked Sporix's energy, Zayto was awakened from his stasis pod. The two newcomers, Ollie Akana and Amelia Jones, later inherited the Ancient Dino Fury Blue and Pink Rangers' powers and would take their former mantle with the modern Dino Fury Rangers as the new Dino Fury Blue and Pink Rangers. Due to the Sporix being freed from his containment and Void Knight seeking to acquire them, Zayto started leading a new team of Rangers in order to stop the mysterious warrior. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Destination Dinohenge

Void Knight plans to obtain the Nephrite Orb from the Pine Ridge Museum, sseeking to use the orb to install it on the chest of his new creation, Boomtower, and make him invincible. After an difficult struggle to obtain the Nephrite Orb, it is destroyed by being thrown by the Garcia siblings onto a nearby rock, revealing that it contained the long-lost Green and Black Dino Fury Keys. The Garcia siblings, Izzy and Javi, later inherited the Ancient Dino Fury Green and Black Rangers' powers and would take their former mantle with the modern Dino Fury Rangers as the new Dino Fury Green and Black Rangers during the Second Great Sporix War. Tvicon.png TV STORY-New Recruits Multiple Keys and Zords were later rediscovered.

Aiyon's and Zayto's nightmares taking form of the Ancient Dino Fury Rangers


The deceased Ancient Dino Fury Rangers were later seen by Zayto and Aiyon in nightmares spawned by the planet Nibyro, where Zayto and Aiyon went to find the Cosmic Raptor Zords that had ended up there after the First Great Sporix War. These nightmares acted hostile towards their surviving teammates, but uttering one sentence over and over again. After a while, Aiyon and Zayto realized that the sentences came from their nightmares from their last battle. After struggling so hard against their nightmares, Aiyon remembers that they are more than just bad memories, but are good ones too. Discovering a way to defeat them, Aiyon and Zayto de-morph and Aiyon cites the first part of the vow of Knights of Rafkon that they did right before their final battle. This method works as the nightmares cite the rest of the vow, joining hands together as on that occasion. This caused the nightmares to disappear and reform into an orb-like being called the Nibyro Guardian, who congratulates the two for passing his test and demonstrating their nobility, friendship, and teamwork. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Waking Nightmares



  • The Ancient Dino Fury Rangers are the first team of Ancient Rangers on Earth.
  • The Ancient Dino Fury Rangers are the earliest known Power Rangers in the prime universe.
  • The Ancient Dino Fury have some similarities as Cenozoic era Rangers from 2017 movie aside being predecessors to their modern successors:
    • A female member of a modern team whose both Sentai counterpart is a male and bears pre-historic Tiger motif, is an LGBT character.
    • Both original Red and Sixth Rangers survived in the present-day of modern world with two differences: Unlike two said Cenozoic era Rangers, Dino Fury’s Red Ranger did not lose his body, and its Sixth Ranger never betrayed the team.


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