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This article is about a/an set of evil Rangers in Power Rangers S.P.D.
Asquad zord

The A-Squad Rangers were the first team of S.P.D. Power Rangers. As such, they were known to the best-of-the-best of the academy. However, they went M.I.A. after they were sent off on a mission, thus leaving the protection of Earth to the B-Squad Rangers.


The A-Squad were the elite, albeit extremely arrogant and condescending Ranger team of Space Patrol Delta and the then-main defenders of Earth. During their early appearances in the series, they only appeared morphed and were sent out to face the newest threats to the planet's safety. However, A-Squad was actually corrupt; at first, Bridge Carson had sensed "something off" with their auras but didn't get the chance to find out what. In Confronted, A-Squad was sent to the Helix Nebula to defend it from Emperor Gruumm's forces. However, this was a trap and all contact with them was lost after it was made clear that they were being overwhelmed. They were considered Missing in Action.

Unknown to the other Rangers and their former superiors and colleagues, A-Squad survived and defected to Gruumm's side, wanting to be on "the winning team" (as stated by Charlie, the team's leader and Red Ranger in Endings). They bided their time, destroying the S.P.D. Gamma 4 base for unknown reasons which gave Dr. Katherine Manx and Commander Anubis "Doggie" Cruger some suspicions of who the attackers were after an interrupted distress call made by an S.P.D. personnel member startled them (confirmed at conventions and in interviews by the show's producers), before finally faking a crash-landing on Gamma Orion and sending an SOS signal to have B-Squad 'find' them alive. B-Squad soon became frustrated when Cruger abruptly dismissed them to debrief A-Squad and they realized that they were once again "the reserves, zord cleanup detail," as Jack Landors put it; after a year of being Earth's main line of defense, they were pushed aside.

However, A-Squad revealed their true allegiance and kidnapped Cruger, bringing him to Gruumm's spacecraft. Following this treachery, B-Squad battled A-Squad. Despite A-Squad initially having the upper hand in combat, B-Squad managed to beat them with a combination of smarter battle tactics and their S.W.A.T. Mode. Escalating the battle, A-Squad proceeded to unleash their own Megazord, which transformed from Broodwing's drilling vehicle. Another battle ensued, but when the Delta Base was taken by Broodwing's forces and transformed into the Delta Command Megazord to destroy Newtech City, the Omegamax Megazord was disabled and the Delta Squad Megazord was destroyed. After B-Squad recovered, they retrieved the S.W.A.T. Flyers from the secret underground Zord bay, which only Bridge had known about, and use them to form the S.W.A.T. Megazord to destroy A-Squad's Megazord, finally defeating them.

A-Squad was found guilty of treason, and got "demoted" by Jack, and they were imprisoned in the Containment Cards by B-Squad without a further fight. As a consequence of their corruption, and at the request of B-Squad (who felt that they were B-Squad rather than A-Squad), the A-Squad ranking was retired.

In the pages of Jetix Magazine, A-Squad makes an appearance in the S.P.D. comic strip, in the two-part "finale" of the strip "Invasion". Here, they are brainwashed by Gruumm as opposed to corrupted and turn on the S.P.D. defense armada orbiting Earth. They are arrested by B-Squad with the charges of treason and are never seen again. Their ranking is given to B-Squad for defeating Gruumm and Omni, however, they turn it down and remain the B-Squad instead.


The full capabilities of A-Squad are unknown, but they do have the ability to morph instantly without using any Morpher, and their Ranger suits are heavily armored, giving them greater endurance. Their primary weapons are large laser blasters labeled as being S.P.D. Enforcers, but they do not appear to have anything beyond that. Aside from the Delta Runners, they were shown piloting a Megazord that could transform into a drilling vehicle that belonged to Broodwing. It is presumed to be of S.P.D. origin, due to its cockpit design with various S.P.D. decals; however, its outward appearance when compared to all of the other S.P.D. Zords suggests it may have been modified heavily.

In terms of fighting ability, they are said to be "the best of the best", able to take down their counterparts easily, focusing on the heavy firepower armaments and strong defenses of their weapons; however, once B-Squad used S.W.A.T. Mode and had equal armor and weaponry compared to A-Squad, they were able to defeat them easily. It has been speculated that A-Squad underestimated B-Squad's skills and they were caught off-guard.


Color Role Actor
A-Squad Red Ranger Charlie Gina Varela
A-Squad Blue Ranger A-Squad Blue Ranger Nick Kemplen (voice)
A-Squad Green Ranger A-Squad Green Ranger D.J. Sena, Nick Kemplen (voice)
A-Squad Yellow Ranger A-Squad Yellow Ranger Greg Cooper (voice)
A-Squad Pink Ranger A-Squad Pink Ranger Motoko Nagino, Claire Dougan (voice)



The A-Squad suits were kitbashed together from various sources, most recognizably the re-molded helmets from Power Rangers in Space. The updated helmets featured silver around the visors with an S.P.D. logo above the visor and silver vents adorning the top and sides of the helmet. The Black Space Ranger's helmet was repainted green for this series. The actual suit also appears to be color-matched motocross padding with black spandex, the same or similar armor being sourced from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. The laser guns they carry appear to be modified airsoft or paintball guns.

There is also a slight similarity between the black suits of A-Squad and the S.W.A.T. Mode of B-Squad, as both are heavily armored suits with gear that give the Rangers large and powerful laser blasters.



  • The A-Squad Rangers are the first truly corrupt team of Rangers and Rangers in general (instead of being brainwashed into becoming evil, such as Tommy and Trent, manipulated like Ryan and the Thunder Rangers, or being created evil, such as the Psycho Rangers and the Cybervillains). They are the first Ranger team that became evil of their own choice, not because of creation, manipulation, or brainwashing. They are also the first team with a female Red Ranger.
  • While they do not have official names, Power Rangers fans have given the other four A-Squad Rangers ones: Rachel (the Pink Ranger), Cliff (the Green Ranger), Ivan (the Yellow Ranger), and Beevor (the Blue Ranger). At a convention, Bruce Kalish admitted that he liked those names, however, whether or not the names are canon has not been determined.
    • Malika Lim had intended to canonize the names during the A-Squad's appearance in Power Rangers Hyperforce but was unable to. It remains unknown if it was cut due to Time constraints or pressure from Saban Brands not to identify them by the fan names.
  • The armor and weaponry that comes with A-Squad's suits is reminiscent of B-Squad's S.W.A.T. Mode. This is likely their equivalent, which would explain how B-Squad could only defeat them after they went into S.W.A.T. Mode.
  • This is the second Ranger team that has both a Blue Ranger and a male Yellow Ranger on the same team, the first being the Alien Rangers.
  • The A-Squad Rangers helmets are similar to the Space Rangers helmets with a Green Space-like Ranger instead of a Black Ranger.
  • Like the Titanium Ranger and Spirit Rangers, the A-Squad Rangers are American-exclusive Power Rangers in the franchise.
    • Only A-Squad Red and Yellow Rangers are the first evil Rangers to have their similarity to their evil Sentai counterparts after the main event.
  • The A-Squad Rangers are similar to the Neo-Jetman from Choujin Sentai Jetman, being made up of unnamed, black colored (although the A-Squad Rangers have their own color designations and only one of them is named) and militarized Rangers who are considered superior to the show's main team, replacing them upon arrival, and being dissolved by the end of their screen time on their shows. However, they have key differences from each other:
    • The A-Squad Rangers were traitors of S.P.D. who killed their own and joined Gruumm to be on the "winning" team, while the Neo-Jetman stayed on the side of good, despite being antagonistic to the original Jetman team.
    • The A-Squad Rangers superseded the B-Squad Rangers when they came back to S.P.D., turning them into the reserve team, while the Neo-Jetman were made to take over for the Jetman.
    • The Neo-Jetman sacrificed their powers to restore the original Jetman while the A-Squad were arrested upon defeat, and were stripped of their powers.



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