Throughout Power Rangers, another of Super Sentai's traits has been adaptated just while Super Sentai introduces that trait from one year before onwards: the 6th Sentai Ranger and its Power Rangers counterpart, the 6th Ranger - therefore, each 6th Ranger and 6th Sentai Ranger needs to be equipped with their own Morpher and Changer. This category focuses on Morphers that belong to/relate to 6th Rangers

Starting from Tommy Oliver's very first Morpher, a golden coloration of the Power Morpher, this trend has continued on ever since. After the gold Power Morpher, no entirely different 6th Ranger Morphers are seen for a while until Zhane's Digimorpher from In Space - this Morpher is also the first 6th Ranger Morpher with a handheld phone design.

  • The second Magna Defender Mike Corbett's Magna Defender Morpher from Lost Galaxy is the first 6th Ranger Morpher to be wrist-worn (it should be noted that a Gold Zeonizer belonging to the Gold Zeo Ranger from Zeo, which was not seen on-screen (with Gold Zeo Ranger's Gold Staff replacing that Morpher) but released regardless of this as a toy, is, in reality, the first 6th Ranger Morpher of a wrist-worn design - another trait that the Gold Zeonizer shares with the Magna Defender Morpher is that both Morphers are also worn on both wrists as bracelet-type two-piece Morphers) - furthermore, Magna Defender is not a proper 6th Ranger in how he is named which means it is unknown if the Magna Defender Morpher can or can not be classified as a 6th Ranger Morpher. This Morpher, and therefore the powers given by the first Magna Defender, would be sacrificed when Mike holds a space rift in the Lost Galaxy open with the Defender Torozord so that Terra Venture may escape the galaxy, though the morpher and powers were restored between "Trakeena's Revenge and Legendary Battle.
  • Ryan Mitchell's Titanium Morpher from Lightspeed Rescue is the first 6th Ranger Morpher that is American in origin - it has no counterpart from Lightspeed Rescue's Super Sentai counterpart GoGoFive as GoGoFive has no 6th Sentai Ranger.
  • Eric Myers' Quantum Morpher from Time Force requires no act of pushing buttons or physically triggering the morph sequence in some way - the morph call, "Quantum Power", is simply spoken in to the Morpher as a vocal trigger to execute the morph. In Time Force's final battle stages, Eric would give this Morpher to Wesley Collins to command the Quantasaurus Rex.
  • Merrick Baliton's Lunar Caller from Wild Force is, via a special bracelet, wrist-worn only so that it is stored - it, in reality, has a hand-held mobile phone design.
  • Cameron Watanabe's Samurai Cyclone Morpher from Ninja Storm is the first Disney era 6th Ranger Morpher. This Morpher, when not in use, is reduced in size in to its 'Samurai Amulet' form, meaning it is neck-worn before morphing itself into its Morpher form - once its user is morphed, it stays morphed in Morpher size until the user de-morphs. It also interfaces with the Green Samurai Ranger's Samurai Star Chopper/Megazord by insterting the Morpher into the control system in the cockpit in a special Morpher slot. When Green Samurai Ranger wants to morph the Chopper into its Megazord form, he touches the Morpher in a way that the Power Disc resting inside the Morpher spins automatically.
  • Trent Fernandez-Mercer's Drago Morpher from Dino Thunder is a bracelet-like Morpher initially granted to him only when the White Dino Gem, at the time of possessing its evil coding, bonded with and corrupted him, causing him to attack Red, Blue, Yellow, and Black Dino Thunder Rangers. Due to a Jekyll and Hyde situation, the White Dino Gem constantly morphs Trent into the that Ranger's evil behavior while its evil coding was still present for a while. Later, Anton Mercer managed to destroy the evil encoding of the White Dino Gem by saving Trent's life. Trent is finally in control of his Dino Gem and joined the team to help the Rangers.
  • In S.P.D., although most of the series' Rangers' Morphers have a hand-held phone design, the Omega Morpher belonging to the Omega Ranger, Sam is the first Morpher in the season to be wrist-worn - the second S.P.D. wrist-worn Morpher is the Nova Morpher belonging to Nova Ranger.
  • In Mystic Force, Solaris Knight Daggeron's Solar Cell Morpher has a hand-held mobile phone design as evident by its key-pad having calling and call-canceling functions, but it is also a blend of a mobile phone and a ticket-punching grip - the special cards he has all have their powers be activated via the Morpher 'punching' the card he chooses, especially if that card is to morph.
  • In RPM, the 6th Ranger Morpher, the Sky Morpher, owned by Gem and Gemma has a mobile phone design but is also designed similar to trigger/control grips - this design as control grips is because the Morpher, like Green Samurai Ranger's Samurai Cyclone Morpher in the control systems of Samurai Star Chopper, is compatible with their Zords' control systems by acting as the steering grip. It also combines with the 6th Operators' Cloud Hatchets to form their own arsenal's only-known firing weapon, the Sky Shift Blazer. This Morpher is the last Disney era 6th Ranger Morpher overall before the Neo-Saban Era.
  • Antonio Garcia's Samurai Morpher from (Super) Samurai is the first Morpher in the post-Disney eras in which it bears an American design - though it is the Power Rangers counterpart of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger's 6th Sentai Ranger, Genta Umemori's Changer, the Sushi Changer, in how it is named in written layout, it is American in design via a special re-coloration of the Samuraizer.
  • The Robo Morpher, owned by Robo Knight from (Super) Megaforce uses the Power Cards in the style of the Cards sliding into the Morpher's screen section, Robo Knight entering the code that each of his own Power Cards bear, and then the Morpher being closed shut after its red button is pressed when the code is entered. Additionally, this Morpher, like the Gold and Silver RPM Operators' Sky Morpher with their Cloud Hatchets to form the Sky Shift Blazer, is the second Morpher overall to show the ability to connect with a weapon - the Robo Morpher, when combined with Robo Knight's Robo Blaster, becomes a special targeting system - this is only when Robo Knight uses his Knight Dyamic attack.
  • Orion's Legendary Silver Morpher from Super Megaforce uses the Power Keys through the Key being inserted into the Morpher's top section, the key on the Morpher's key-pad that matches the 6th Ranger Power Key he chooses being pressed and a special 'reader' coming down across the Key as if the Morpher were 'scanning' it.
  • Sir Ivan of Zandar's Gold Ptera Morpher from Dino (Super) Charge is the first New Saban Era 6th Ranger Morpher to be wrist-worn - it is also the first wrist-worn Morpher in general in which it bears a wrist-worn firing weapon design; every blast fired by the Morpher is launched via pulling a special pull-back trigger and releasing it at the desired time to fire - this pull-back-and-release trigger is also to be pulled and released in order to morph.
  • Levi Weston's Morpher from (Super) Ninja Steel is the second New Saban Era 6th Ranger Morpher to be American-original (and the 3rd 6th Ranger Morpher in history to be American-original after Ryan Mitchell's Titanium Morpher) as simply the Ninja Battle Morpher being reshaped into a six-sided star shape - this is because his Super Sentai counterpart Kinji Takigawa's Ninja StarBurger from Ninninger is designed as a burger where the Changer's key-pad has several functions; this design would not feel fitting for (Super) Ninja Steel's action theme. Levi would later use his own power-up Morpher known as the Superstar Blade from Super Ninja Steel from episode 13 (Prepare To Fail) until its last appearance in episode 18 (Magic Misfire).
  • The Striker Morpher from Beast Morphers owned by Nate Silva and Steel is the first Hasbro Era 6th Ranger Morpher to utilize a merger of a hand-held key-pad with a firing weapon in design and the fourth Morpher in general after Tommy Oliver's Brachio Morpher from Dino Thunder, the Magna Defender Morpher owned by Mike Corbett and the Turbo Morpher from Turbo in which it operates in a special way with a key. Its owners morph into their Ranger forms only by using their own Morph-X Keys with the Morpher to activate the Keys' morph purpose. It also morphs into a firing weapon configuration for attack uses and to morph. Like the Beast-X Morpher owned by Devon Daniels, Ravi Shaw and Zoey Reeves, it appears only when the owners tap their communicators.

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