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"Aw, dang it! This is so frustrating--! But I had some insurance this time. Time for Marrsk Beast Catcher Ligany! Ligany's a good attack monster."
Carantula before creating Catcher Ligany.[src]

Catcher Ligany (キャッチャーリガニー Kyatchā Riganī) is a claw crane-themed Ligany Type Jamen Beast of the Dark Empire Yodonheim. It was released by the invasion gate created from the dark energy gathered by Joystick Jamen.

Character History

Although Juru destroyed Joystick Jamen with the Kiramai Buster's Shining Kiramai Attack, the dark energy that he gathered was enough for Carantula to unleash a new Jamen Beast. He chose a Ligany type and sent it to Earth to steal human resolve. The Kiramagers, fresh off their battle with Joystick Jamen, summoned their Mashin and formed Kiramaizin. However, Tametomo noticed that it was moving very strangely (i.e. it was sliding to the right as its eyes flashed) only for it to slide forward and pick up building with its mandibles before throwing it at them although they obliterated it with the Ladder Arm. However, it then thrust a building which knocked them back despite blocking with the Jetter Sword and then sent a barrage of signs and rubble at it to take them down. After doing so, it picked Kiramaizin itself with its claws and threw it under a road bridge which it celebrated. However, Mashins Lifton, Rolland and Carry arrived despite earlier refusing to join the fight. Lifton, being a forklift, got under its feet and flipped Catcher Ligany down before Rolland flattened it and Carry tripped it up with some pipping. With the Jamen Beast down, Juru had the idea to create a new formation so they formed Kiramaizin Carry. Catcher Ligany went mad with rage so fired forth its catcher mandibles but the Carry Shield deflected it back at Catcher who stumbled back which destroyed them and rendered the Jamen Beast helpless. Shiguru then slashed it back with the Jetter Sword and they combined with Rolland to form Mashin Rolland which flattened out the monster. They then made one last formation, Kiramaizin Lifton which jabbed Catcher Ligany multiple times before going back to Kiramaizin's default mode and finishing Catcher Ligany off with the Kiramai Dynamic which obliterated the Jamen Beast instantly.


As with all Jamen Beasts, Catcher Ligany was a very unintelligent and feral monster who spoke only in roars, growls, and video game sound effects but was extremely violent. It did however display that it was like a grabber machine, picking up buildings and even Kiramaizin as if it was a game at a carnival.

Powers and abilities

  • Strength-Catcher Ligany was impressively strong, as it could effortlessly rip buildings from their foundations as well as thrust a building forward with enough force to knock back Kiramaizin despite it blocking. Its most impressive feat however was picking up and holding Kiramaizin with its cables.
  • Sliding-Catcher Ligany was able to slide along the streets like it was greased. This was done to emulate the jittery and awkward movement of a crane game.


  • Claw Machine Mandibles: Catcher Ligany possessed a pair of claws on the underside of its Jamen mask, which could extend from cables to grab, lift, and throw anything they reach.


  • Height: 43.7 m
  • Weight: 1982.0 tons
  • Length: 48.0 m
  • Dark Beast: Ligany
  • Jamen: Catcher


  • Catcher Ligany was the first Jamen Beast with the following factors:
    • It was the first Jamen Beast to be of the same species as a previous Jamen Beast (Rugger Ligany).
    • It was the first Sentai Monster since the Great Famous Pachinko Player from Gosei Sentai Dairanger to have an arcade game motif.
    • It was the first Jamen Beast to be a different color than its predecessor (in this case, Catcher Ligany is a darker green & brown than Rugger Ligany).


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